12 Unique Anime Party Ideas (2024)


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Looking for unique anime party ideas? You’ve come to the right place. We have a list of clever decor items, recipes, and venue options that will ensure you’re throwing a party that will make any anime lover rejoice.

With Peerspace, the internet’s premier digital marketplace for hourly event rentals, you can rent out some sweet event venues by the hour that will bring your anime party to life. We’ll share a few that are ideal for any “One Piece” or “My Hero Academia” fan in your life. Get into your cosplay and let’s check out this list!

1. Capture your amazing style with a cosplay photoshoot

Creative studio equipped with multiple backdrops
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Does your perfect anime party include showcasing your favorite cosplay? With Peerspace, you can find hundreds of professional photo studios and outdoor photoshoot spaces that are a photographer’s dream.

If one background isn’t enough, hire a photographer for a location like this creative studio equipped with multiple backdrops. You’ll have such a wide variety of high-quality pictures in front of curated backgrounds and tons of natural light to enhance your costume. Your cosplay will have never looked better!

2. Dish out some sweet candy sushi

The Pink Kitchen 2.0
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Sushi is probably going to be a required dish at your party – turn your desserts into another fun type of it! Look at some of the adorable rice krispie sushi from Kara’s Party Ideas. There are so many different ways you can turn everyday candy into little sushi rolls, or you can cut up pinwheel pastries to also look like sweet little rolls.

3. Invite their favorite character with cutouts

Bright and Spacious Multi-Purpose Clubroom/ Game Room
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If you have a loved one who watches anime, you probably know who their favorite character is and how much they mean to them. Give the party the gift of their presence with something like these extra-large anime cutouts from Cam’s Cutouts on Etsy. Your guests will savor the opportunity to pose and take pictures with a life-sized version of your fav.

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4. Go all out with a party pack

Photoshoot Rooms in Dallas
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When you have a specific anime in mind as a theme you can really run with it. For just about every popular one there are bundles available like this multi-piece Dragon Ball Z birthday party set from Amazon. It has you covered with cutlery, cupcake toppers, banners, balloons, and more. These are an easy and affordable way to get a lot of decorations taken care of at once.

5. Watch your favorite anime on the big screen

Private Theater
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Did you know that with Peerspace you can rent entire movie theaters for parties and events? Showing a favorite anime show or movie on the big screen is one of those anime party ideas that will be a gift in itself. This luxury private movie theater in Los Altos Hills is an example of a spot where you can watch on a huge private screen and munch on all your favorite snacks. See what kind of private movie theaters are available in your area!

6. Show off ninja skills with a Naruto Pinata

12th Birthday Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Every party is even better when there’s a pinata to send candy flying everywhere! For one that gives that experience while giving you a chance to show off some ninja skills, check out this animate pinata from The PinataKing on Etsy. Depending on what theme you’re going for, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one similar to this for another show.

7. Try themed birthday games

half acre urban farm in seattle
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You can enjoy some fun anime party ideas that serve as variations of regular party games. Take for example this colorful bean bag toss game from Ali Express! It gives you the feeling that you’re a “Pokemon” trainer. You’re bound to find one similar to it for just about any show, or you can find locations that make custom orders.

8. Make a colorful splash with a photo backdrop

Graduation Photoshoot Ideas in Denver
Source: Peerspace

A photo backdrop can provide a great location at your party for people to take photos and congregate. You can find so many adorable ones out there like this “Sailor Moon” party bundle on Etsy that includes an adorable backdrop. You’ll be sure to see pics of it on everybody’s Insta after your awesome party!

9. Sing your heart out at anime karaoke

Anime Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

Part of the charm of anime for many people is the music that accompanies it. You probably can sing all the words to your favorite show’s theme, so why not have a karaoke party? Host your party at a venue already suited for karaoke like the Moonlight Lounge in Toronto. Peerspace gives you access to hundreds of venues across the globe just like this one with karaoke capabilities ready to go.

“Amazing place, Luan was super helpful and great to work with,” shares a Peerspace reviewer who booked Moonlight Lounge. “He helped make the day very special. The pictures do not do the place justice.”

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10. Don’t forget the snacks

atlanta japanese resturant
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Along with anime, you can always rely on Japanese snacks to satisfy! Make sure your party has plenty and that they’re displayed proudly. You can find things like this Asian snack box on Etsy. Or, if you have an international supermarket near you, there’s likely a selection of imported snacks there for you to sample.

Did you know what you cn also book Japanese restaurant venues through Peerspace that have the ambiance and delicious food availabe for you anime party. It’s true! One of our favorites is this Japanese restaurant in Midtown, Atlanta with lots of greenery and a zen mural. On the other coast, there’s also this Japanese-style sushi bar restaurant in Temple City, CA complete with paper lanterns, wooden accents, and noren curtains. Either is a fabulous option for anime party ideas, but if you don’t live near either spot, simply check out Peerspace and discover all of the Japanese restaurant spaces near you.

11. Share the theme with the right invites

austin tokyo mural home
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You’ll want all your guests to be prepared to enjoy all your anime party ideas with the right invitation. You can find customizable invitations like these cool Dragon Ball Z invites on Etsy. They can either be printed and sent out in the mail, or you can save yourself the postage and send them through email instead. Either way, your guests will be prepared and know key details – like if they should be wearing their cosplay!

12. Compliment the color scheme with a balloon arch

Cocomelon Party Ideas
Source: Peerspace

You should try to make sure your anime party has a cohesive color scheme. Whatever your favorite show is, it likely has a core color palette that you can base your decorations on. Once you know, you can get some really awesome additions to your party like this Demon Slayer-inspired balloon arch on Amazon. Having this colorful garland of balloons over the doorway to your party or as an added piece of decoration to your photo backdrop will help cement the theme and tie your party together.

Anime party ideas: conclusion

Authentic Mid Century japanese fusion home salt lake city rental
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We hope these anime party ideas have you ready and even more excited to share your anime love with your lucky party guests! Be sure to book the perfect party venue rental through Peerspace that brings your vision to life and that offers all the amazing must-haves any good themed party would need. And, most importantly, have fun!

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