10 Pokemon Party Ideas

On the lookout for Pokemon party ideas that will set your gathering apart? At Peerspace, we get it! After all, Pokemon is one of the biggest cross-generational franchises of our day. Every age group can find something about it to enjoy. Something about catching, training, and battling Pokemon with your friends never gets old — no matter how old you are.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 10 Pokemon party ideas that the whole family can get in on. We’ll also share Pokemon-perfect party venue ideas that will help bring your fete to life. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace know that setting is crucial to a party’s success and want to help you find the perfect venue for your Pokemon party!

But let’s get on to the list! Trainers at all stages of their Pokemon journey are sure to find something that catches their attention. So grab your Pokeballs and put on your trainer’s cap; it’s time to catch ‘em all! 

1. Head to Peerspace and book a venue 

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While taking things on the road can be fun, some trainers might want a more traditional party experience for their big Pokemon bash. If you need help finding the perfect venue for your dream Pokemon party, Peerspace has you covered.

As the largest online event marketplace in the world, we make it easy to find and book venues for all types of parties. Just choose your event type, city, and party date to bring up all the available listings in your area. Then browse all your options until you find one that makes you say, “I choose you.”

Here are a few of our favorite Pokemon party venue options:

  • This beautiful warehouse in Austin, TX (pictured above) that’s 2,500 square feet, with an open hall, two bars, a loft, two studios, and a large outdoor area
  • This huge flexible Soho loft in NYC, NY that’s 2,800 square feet, with modular furnishings, huge windows to let in lots of light, a kitchen, living area, and breakout space
  • This spacious Beltline studio and event space in Atlanta, GA that’s 1,100 square feet spread across two floors, with a full kitchen, lounge space, speakers, and colorful lighting
  • This West Loop industrial building in Chicago, IL that’s 2,000 square feet, has a rustic ambiance, and provides an open layout, a kitchen, and tables and chairs
  • This stunning indoor/outdoor event space in Los Angeles, CA that’s 2,000 square feet, with three entertainment areas including a loft, a lounge, and a furnished rooftop

These are just a few examples of the spacious and fun event venues that you could book on Peerspace that are perfect for a family-friendly Pokemon party! Each venue has its own dedicated listing that lets you learn all about the space. If you have any questions or requests, you can also directly message the space’s local host through the listing and start a conversation.

With Peerspace, throwing a themed party not only guarantees a wonderful time will be had by all your guests but that the planning process will be streamlined and super easy.

2. Take to the streets for a mobile Pokemon Go party

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For Pokemon party ideas that you can take on the go, take your team outside for a Pokemon Go-themed party. You can breathe in the fresh air and walk to your neighborhood’s Pokestops, catching Pokemon while battling your friends.

For an added challenge, have the whole group work together to also take over a local fitness class for your team! After you’ve claimed your victory, you can celebrate by having dinner with the whole party at your favorite restaurant. 

3. Face off with your guests in a Pokemon tournament

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For party hosts who love a little healthy competition, then our next Pokemon party idea is perfect for you. Have your guests bring their Nintendo Switches and host an elimination-style tournament in Pokemon Sword and Shield or any other Pokemon game you prefer.

To make things more interesting, try offering an epic prize for the winner, like a special piece of merch. A high-stakes winner-take-all tournament is an epic way to get the party going! 

Make it even more special by hosting your event at a Peerspace retreat venue, like this glam Moroccan retreat home in Las Vegas pictured above. It’s an exotic three-bedroom home with a kitchen, dining room, and game room. Plus, you can enjoy the spacious backyard complete with a fun pool.

Our fun 90s-themed party ideas for adults will have you and your friends reliving the era when you first encountered Pokemon!

4. Host a cosplay competition

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This one is for the convention goers. Encourage your guests to come dressed as their favorite Pokemon characters. Kids will relish the opportunity to put their Pikachu and Charizard Halloween costumes to good use. At the same time, adults will love having an excuse to dress up as their favorite gym leader or even as their avatar in the latest game.

The possibilities for impromptu photoshoots are adorable and endless. To encourage competition, transform the costume party into a costume contest and hand out prizes for the best cosplays.   

5. Pass out Pokeball cake pops 

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The trademark Pokeballs are one of the biggest identifying features of the franchise. Luckily, they’re also super easy to replicate in cake form with a little white chocolate and food coloring. Try whipping up some Pokeball-inspired cake pops and passing them out to your party guests. You can find plenty of tutorials on the internet for baking and decorating these miniature treats.

You can even bake them at a Peerspace-rented kitchen! These would be an adorable complement to a bigger cake decorated like a Masterball. 

6. Go on an easter-egg hunt for rare Pokemon

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Here’s a good one for the younger trainers at your party. Hide a batch of mini Pokemon figurines around a Peerspace outdoor party venue and challenge kids to find and catch them all. It’s just like hunting wild Pokemon in the games.

Don’t have any figurines? Then try painting small plastic capsules to resemble Pokeballs and hiding Pokemon-themed candy or gummies inside for an Easter egg hunt with a special Pokemon twist. 

7. Play “Guess that Pokemon” 

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No Pokemon party would be complete without playing one of Pokemon’s most iconic mini-games: Guess that Pokemon. Veterans of the original anime will relish the chance to test their skills here, while kids will love going toe-to-toe with the grown-ups.

Print out some pages with silhouettes of various Pokemon and have guests write out their guesses next to each silhouette. To up the difficulty, also try mixing in Pokemon from different generations. 

8. Cozy up and watch your favorite Pokemon movies  

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For those looking for more low-key Pokemon party ideas, hosting a movie watch-a-thon is a great way to pass the time. Have everyone pile up on the couch together and watch your favorite Pokemon movies from across the years. Kids will love getting to see some of the older classics for the first time, and adults will love the nostalgia rush. For added fun, try building a pillow or blanket fort and cuddling up with all your Pokemon plushies. Can you say cozy?

If you need more space for your group, rent a Peerspace movie theater for added adventure! One option is this downtown lounge with a private movie theater in Tacoma, WA.

A Peerspace reviewer referred to it as: “great and the same as in the photos, we had a great time. Alexa was an awesome host and had good vibes. It was a great place for any kind of get together. She answered any questions quickly.”

Next, check out our unique Mario birthday party ideas for more all-ages fun!

9. Play pin-the-tail on the Pikachu

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This Pokemon party idea is perfect for a young Pokemon trainer’s birthday party! To put a Pokemon-inspired twist on pin the tail on the donkey, replace the trademark equine with Pokemon’s official mascot: Pikachu. It’s easy to find free printables for this party game all over the internet. If you want to replace Pikachu with another Pokemon instead, like Charmander or Squirtle, try editing their tail out with your favorite photo-editing app and printing it out.

For extra variety, try putting several different Pokemon on the same wall. Players will have an extra challenge trying to match the tails to the correct Pokemon. 

10. Host a trading card tournament 

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Last but not least, our final Pokemon party idea is ideal for hardcore Pokemon TCG fans. The Pokemon trading card game is one of the most popular tabletop card games in the world. In fact, there are official tournaments in countries all over the world for all age groups. So why not stage one for yourself and your friends?

Host a special Peerspace convention venue, like this event space in Minneapolis that boasts a lounge, a speakeasy, a theater, and a game room! A Peerspace reviewer called it an: “Awesome location. Host was awesome and very helpful before the event. Will come back. Highly recommend”.

Then, have your guests bring their trading card decks and set up a tournament to determine who’s the very best — like no one ever was. You could also set up a Pokemon TCG card-swap event and trade cards with your friends. Booster packs make the perfect party favors in events like these!

Pokemon party ideas: conclusion

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We hope these Pokemon party ideas have inspired you and your guests to get out there and experience Pokemon in a whole new way! Start by booking an incredible Peerspace venue and then put these ideas into practice. We’re certain you and your fellow partygoers will never forget this epic gathering!

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