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The 11 Best Austin Fashion Photographers

Austin fashion photographers know how to keep Austin weird, and as the host of the world’s largest music festival, the Capitol City has seen more than its fair share of wild costumes and fashionable selfies. And while a search for #SXSW will bring up thousands of fairly good amateur photo shoots –– there’s nothing quite like seeing things through the eyes of talented image makers who know the ins and outs of this Texan hippie haven.

1. Vanessa Tellez

In both her professional and personal life, Vanessa Tellez finds joy in independence. Her extensive body of mesmerizing fashion photography highlights this fact –– with free-spirited location scouting and introspective, intimate portraits. Shallow depths of field and warm matte effects give Tellez’s photos a distinct quality that is made even more intriguing through her use of serene rim lighting. When she’s not shooting, Vanessa spends her time advocating for mental health awareness and helping young models build their first portfolios.

2. Romy Suskin

Romy Suskin combines traditional fashion photography with high end retouching to craft memorable images that translate beautifully into print campaigns. Metallic details and glossy highlights add to the timeless elegance of her acclaimed photos. While well versed in the art and techniques of studio photography, Suskin has also embraced natural shots and outdoor lighting throughout her career as one of Austin’s best fashion photographers.

3. Mark Guerra

Mark Guerra equally enjoys working on location and in the studio. His collaborations with local designers and hair and makeup artists have resulted in an impressive portfolio of striking and imaginative photos. Avant grade romanticism and effortlessness are common themes throughout his work, which he achieves through a mixture of intense colors and dramatic in-studio, single source lighting.

4. David Heisler

With a Bachelor of Science in Digital and Photographic Imaging, David Heisler has an exceptionally thorough knowledge and understanding of light. As former assistant to renowned celebrity photographer, Greg Gorman, he further developed his skills and artistic eye before branching out on his own. Along with his formal education, Heisler uses his outgoing and positive attitude to create a stress-free working environment for his clients –– resulting in photos that feel genuine yet polished.

5. Jay Brans

Jay Brans’ stunning photography benefits from her background in fine arts and visual design. Her unique creative approach is the result of her dedication to mindfulness through meditation, painting, and gardening. When she’s not shooting for publications like Vogue Italia, BeauNu, and Coco Magazine –– the photographer and makeup artist strives to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

6. Raphael Umscheid

As a photographer for Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, Playboy South Africa, and Volant magazine –– Raphael Umscheid specializes in spectacular editorials that are always worthy of publication. Clean backgrounds and subtle vignettes give his studio images an understated elegance. His use of hazy colors and immersive framing make his outdoor shots equally exquisite.

7. Kevin Hwang

Kevin Hwang’s film-like fashion portraits are centered around strange proportions and cinematic angles –– always with an element of movement. Warm overtones reminiscent of long summer days combine with deep matte shadows to create images that feel lush and magical. His unusual poses and framing add to the distinct look of his portfolio while showcasing luxurious styles and fabrics.

8. Jackie Lee Young

Jackie Lee Young is known for developing eye-catching photo series through her use of bold contrast and messy closeups. Her slightly underexposed photos give the look of retro film –– with grainy and desaturated colors. Vintage accessories and funky patterns add to Young’s exuberant, 1960’s retro images.

9. Ashlee Huff

The best fashion photographers know how to use their surroundings in new and surprising ways. Ashlee Huff embodies this talent with her series of stripped down productions in the heart of Austin, TX. Her artistic motto –– “make people feel like art” –– shines through in her impeccable images. Her use of silvery tones and subdued colors give the ethical brand advocate and dog lover her signature style.

10. Philip Edsel

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Laying low, prepping for that 2019 revamp.

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Philip Edsel is a creative director with a knack for capturing the essence of people in motion. His choice of perspectives adds a level of technical difficulty to his work that few are willing or able to achieve. With rich blacks, faded blues, and ample negative space; Edsel draws attention to his subject’s movements –– further increasing the surrealism of his angles and framework. He uses his experience as one of the city’s best fashion photographers as the inspiration for his podcast “Morning Thoughts”, which delves into the anxieties and joys of a career in photography.

11. Paige Newton

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Mighty good throwback circa 2013 🌈

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While some photographers thrive in solitude, Paige Newton’s approach is all about collaboration. As one of Austin’s best fashion photographers, Paige combines the talents of both her team and subjects –– adding a distinctive and personal element to each job she takes. Her fashion forward images feature edgy poses in gritty monochromes. Movement is essential to Newton’s style and can be seen throughout her work –– with wind-blown hair and billowing textiles. On her off days, the incredibly accessible image maker can be found chatting over drinks and coffee with her clients and collaborators.

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