11 Gorgeous Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Austin (2024)


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Looking for a few stunning indoor photoshoot locations in Austin, Texas? Then you’ve come to the right place. Austin is a hip and incredibly exciting city so it’s probably no surprise that you can find countless inspiring spaces to host your next indoor shoot. In fact, there are tons of compelling reasons to live and work there, as you probably already know if you’re looking for indoor photoshoot locations in Austin!

We’ve compiled a list of 11 such locations in indoor spaces, all of which are available for rent through Peerspace, the internet’s largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. With all the things that are so wonderful about Austin, it’s no surprise that there are so many fabulous places to snap photos, to boot. And when you use Peerspace, discovering and booking local hidden gem spaces is easy, fun, and definitely artistically rewarding.

Read on for our suggestions. If you don’t find the exact location you’re looking for, browsing the list below will help you get a better understanding of the numerous indoor photoshoot possibilities Austin has. Let’s get started!

1. Imagine the possibilities at a Hill Country home with a view

hill country home austin rental
Source: Peerspace

Just because your photoshoot is indoors doesn’t mean it can’t be improved by the beauty of the great outdoors, too! This world-class Hill Country home has unbelievable views, and there’s a reason big companies like GoDaddy, the Hollis Company, the Southern Loom, and more have chosen to use the space in the past for their photo features. The home’s stunning floor-to-ceiling windows mean that your indoor photos can easily include outdoor views without making them the centerpiece of the photoshoot.

If you decide you would like to step outside, there is an easy-to-access, 120-foot deck that runs the entire length of the house and gets you even closer to the action. And that’s not to mention how incredible the decor is here. It’s a complete winner, and we’ve listed it first because it’s one of our top indoor photoshoot locations in Austin, by far.

This gorgeous home also has hundreds and hundreds of glowing reviews from Peerspace renters! Here is one example to show you what we mean: “A Perfect Home and A Perfect Host! I had the best photo shoot – gorgeous views, excellent natural light, and so many spots to choose from for photos! The Host was wonderful to coordinate with and so helpful. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. 🙂 From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!!!”

2. Get creative in a centrally located photo studio

Daylight Studio for Rent austin
Source: Peerspace

There are plenty of more traditional photo studios (as opposed to homes or flexible multi-use creative spaces, for example) available for rent throughout Austin. One of our favorites is this centrally located photo studio.

It consists of two spaces and provides you with a hair and makeup area as well as a wardrobe steamer. With a 23-foot by 30-foot shooting area and 14-foot ceilings, this is a high-quality photo studio that gives you plenty of artistic options. The sky is pretty much the limit at this indoor photoshoot location in Austin since it’s a blank-slate with a professioanl vibe! 

And just check out this helpful Peerspace review from someone who booked this space for their production: “What a great spot and a great host! Meredith went out of her way to make sure we had a great shoot. I loved the studio layout, with plenty of open space to create our scene and stations for makeup and wardrobe. The garage door access also came in very handy for loading and unloading all my gear. I’m definitely make this a regular spot to do my shoots in the future.”

3. Get dramatic in a downtown rustic multi-use event space

team outing ideas austin
Source: Peerspace

If rusticity is what you’re seeking, this event space has it in spades. It’s a recently renovated former recording studio with plenty of space and an intimate feel. It’s also located right in downtown east Austin, which makes it enormously convenient in addition to being a highly atmospheric space for a photoshoot.

The beautiful red curtains, black leather sofas, and stunning lighting features give this space a sultry lounge vibe.

Check out what a business owner shared in their Peerspace review: “I loved this place! My photographer and I had so much fun shooting here! The sexy eclectic vibe gives many options for great shots! We used everything from the bathroom to the piano. Fun! Will book again!”

Prefer working in studio? Then you need to see our studio photoshoot ideas in Austin next!

4. Get inspired in this stylish and exotic condo in Riverside

Stylish, Globally-inspired Condo with Good Natural Light
Source: Peerspace

Here’s another top-notch indoor photoshoot location in Austin – this unbelievable globally-inspired condo in Austin’s Riverside neighborhood. The hosts describe it as being perfect for photo and video shoots, and we think they’re absolutely right!

The roughly 850-square-foot space is tasteful, private, and well-lit with plenty of large windows to let in natural sunshine. The host also offers professional lighting equipment, in case you think you need it for your shoot. We love all the condo’s furniture, decor, and especially its uniquely painted walls. The home’s pieces have been procured from the host’s global travels as well as from local vintage shops. It boasts two bedrooms, one of which you can see above, that we think would be awesome for chic boudoir photoshoots!

As a Peerspace reviewer shares: “Great space! Super cozy and clean, loved the layout of everything and Arnelle was super responsive.”

5. Push your creativity in this colorful retro disco loft

Colorful Retro Disco Loft
Source: Peerspace

Looking for indoor photoshoot locations in Austin that have a definite rock-and-roll vibe? Then you need to see this colorful retro disco loft in Barton Hills! It’s a 670-square-foot space with cute and kitschy 70s decor and a lofted bedroom. The space also boasts a balcony, a full-length French mirror, pale pink kitchen cabinets, a dark orange velvet sofa, and a glitzy disco ball. We think it’s a fun spot for vintage-inspired lifestyle shoots, especially since the playful vibes are strong here!

6. Create fairytale-worthy images in a modern English cottage in Garrison Park

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Austin
Source: Peerspace

Looking for indoor photoshoot locations in Austin that are cute, quaint, and undeniably charming? Then look no further – we’ve got you covered with this modern English cottage in South Austin.

This sweet space is a two-story family home with an open-concept floor plan, massive windows, and a cozy cottagecore aesthetic. This is the place to be if you’re planning a lifestyle shoot and want a hip boho cottage as your fabulous backdrop.

An executive producer who booked this sweet home for a shoot shared the following Peerspace review: “Anastasia was a great host and very responsive to all communication. House was clean and exactly as it appears in the pictures. Would book again.”

7. Bask in the light of a one-of-a-kind modern farmhouse in East Austin

one of a kind modern farmhouse in austin
Source: Peerspace

We adore this modern farmhouse home in East Austin, and we bet you will, too. It’s a world-class space that has been featured in publications like Dwell and in the Austin Modern Homes Tour. And that’s a pretty big deal as there is tons of great architecture in the Austin area.

The host describes the home as “one-of-a-kind,” with the exterior being untreated cedar and the inside featuring concrete floors and floor-to-ceiling steel windows that add up to a highly modern yet warmly rustic aesthetic

And just check out what a Peerspace user shared after their shoot here: “This house is absolutely stunning! Was perfect for a photo shoot with great natural light and multiple areas to create scenes in. The decor and attention to detail in every room were incredible – we barely used a lot of the props we brought. Would highly recommend this space and would definitely book again!”

8. Let your artistic vision shine in a yoga/dance studio space in the Mueller area

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Austin
Source: Peerspace

This yoga and dance studio is a great pick for photoshoots that need open space for dynamic movement. In fact, we can’t recommend it highly enough for this purpose. There are 1,000 square feet of dance space, plus a large white concrete wall that’s well suited to acting as a photoshoot backdrop. 

But don’t just take our word for it, check out this Peerspace review, too: Best dance studio in Austin! Owner was so accommodating to our shoot, gave us water, music system, and everything we needed. Let us stay late to finish more shots!”

9. Shoot content in a creative and spacious art studio in East Austin

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Austin
Source: Peerspace

Here’s a super cool space for your indoor photoshoot: this spacious art studio with soaring ceilings in East Austin! The 15- to 25-foot cathedral ceilings alone would make it a wonderful location for a photoshoot, but the overall unique vibe of this art studio space truly takes it to the next level. This venue’s host even offers you helpful add-on options, like catering and tables and chairs, in case you plan on shooting for the day.

This studio’s numerous Peerspace reviews rave about the venue and the helpful host! Here’s an example: “Eli was an excellent host and helped to provide everything we needed on the shoot day and days leading up to the shoot.”

Check out our outdoor photoshoot locations in Austin for even more inspiration!

10. Create stunning lifestyle images in an updated 1915 Craftsman home with a dreamy chef’s kitchen

craftmans home austin tx
Source: Peerspace

What really sets apart this 1915 Craftsman-style home from others on this list is the incredible – we’d go so far as to say world-class – chef’s kitchen! If you’re planning to do a cooking-focused photoshoot, this is definitely the place for you. Take a look at the photos of the kitchen to see how impressive it really is.

“Easy to access with convenient street parking,” shares a helpful Peerspace reviewer. “Plenty of space on the main floor for our photoshoot.”

11. Take music-themed shots at a modern recording studio near Domain North

Indoor Photoshoot Locations in Austin
Source: Peerspace

This modern recording studio space is the perfect fit for music-themed photoshoots. You can adjust the lighting depending on the mood you’re going for. Plus, you also have access to all the space’s music gear, including a soundproof booth, control table, keyboards, and vinyl records.

It’s no wonder one reviewer who used the space for a photoshoot commented: “Good vibes and energy. Would def book again”!

12. Get all your beauty shots at this Black female-owned bohemian studio

Black Female Owned Bohemian Eastside Studio
Source: Peerspace

There’s a lot to love about this Black female-owned bohemian Eastside studio. It’s a 1,000-square-foot open-concept loft space with super-high ceilings, eclectic decor, and gorgeous bohemian decor that includes plenty of lush plant life. The studio’s salon chairs, abundant natural light, and ornate mirrors also happen to make it the perfect spot for beauty-themed shoots.

Check out this helpful review from a Peerspace user who booked a production here: “This salon was perfect for our video shoot. Beautiful, hip space with great natural light. It is on the smaller side, but was able to accommodate a crew of 15 people. Minnie is a great host, laid-back and ready to answer any questions. Would recommend booking here!”

Indoor photoshoot locations in Austin: conclusion

Garden Meeting Space on East 6th austin texas rental
Source: Peerspace

Austin is one of the world’s greatest creative hubs with so many amazing spaces that it may seem difficult to find them. But as you can see, Peerspace is your gateway to creative gems in this city and in other cities across the globe.

This list is only a small sample of what’s out there, so start searching for yourself today! Since all spaces are operated by friendly local hosts, you can rely on them for their support during your booking. In fact, you can reach out to them with any questions or requests and they’ll be happy to oblige. No matter your style, budgetary needs, or location, let Peerspace connect you with venues that meet all your needs.

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