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14 Awesome Photoshoot Ideas in Seattle

Seattle continues to be a prominent creative hub on the West Coast. It’s the largest city in the state of Washington and affords plenty of noteworthy attractions for photographers and sightseers alike. Surrounded by beautiful landmarks, you’ll want to bring extra memory cards or rolls of film — if that’s your style — so you can capture all of the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. With that said, take a look at 14 awesome photoshoot ideas in Seattle.

1. Capture creative portraits in this Georgetown studio

photo studio seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Located in Georgetown, this bright studio space offers several lovely backdrops for your photography. There is a large greenery wall and a blank wall set up with paper backdrops. The venue has several lights with soft boxes available to use in the studio. This space is a solid choice, offering all the essentials needed to make your creative ideas come to life.

2. Stroll among the trees at Washington Park Arboretum

seattle Arboretum
Source: Pixabay

Washington Park is a public park mostly occupied by an arboretum. The area is particularly famed for a stretch of land filled with azaleas, which bloom in spring. Unlike most of the largely wild part of the park, this walkway is easy to access and popular with photographers. The arboretum is a wonderful place to simply absorb the beauty of the natural world, which we can sometimes forget about in an urban setting.

3. Take in a panoramic vista on this rooftop deck in Northeast Seattle

rooftop deck seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This is a great space to shoot rooftop portraits. Surrounded by incredible views of the city, this chic rooftop terrace has plenty of room to spread out. There are also lots of power outlets if you want to set up lighting equipment for nighttime shots.

4. Take a hike in Seward Park

Seward Park seattle
Source: Peerspace

Seward Park covers 300 acres of land and is located in southeastern part of the metropolis. The park is home to one of the last surviving old-growth forests in the city. The forest is a great place to take images that feel completely isolated from the influences of urban life. You’ll also have stunning views of Mt. Rainier from the park. If you want to shoot in a forested setting, this is probably the best place you can do it.

5. Cozy up in this market loft in Capitol Hill

loft space capitol hill seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

With dark wood and leather furniture, this space exudes a classy vibe. The ambiance is completed by the surrounding books and decorative globe bar caddy. This is a great spot for a moody fashion or product shoot. There are also a series of props available to complete whatever look you’re going for. This space is also inside an open-air market, so you can enjoy craft food and beverages while you soak up the place’s laid-back energy.

6. Travel to a bygone era in this historic Capitol Hill estate

historic house capitol hill seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

For photoshoots requiring plenty of space in an elegant setting, this historic home provides everything you need. Each of the large rooms is classically decorated, giving you plenty of room for lighting equipment or assistants. The exterior of the home also makes an excellent backdrop for portraits. Period-themed shoots will be perfect here, and you’ll love the vintage wallpaper.

7. Get away from it all at this rural Issaquah retreat

rural retreat issaquah seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Sometimes you just need to get away, but that doesn’t mean you should leave the camera at home. This is an excellent space for a photoshoot that feels disconnected from urban life. Inside the idyllic house, you’ll find brightly lit rooms with tasteful furniture. The grounds themselves are excellent for all kinds of outdoor work, and they feature a pond, wooden deck, and fire pit.

8. Take timeless portraits in this charming downtown venue

brick and wood space downtown seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Located in a building constructed in 1907, this airy space has plenty of charm and room for any photoshoot. Large windows provide ample natural light, and the classic staircase is a great place to pose models for a fashion shoot. Modern furniture and exposed brick complete the look of this venue. All in all, work produced in this venue will feel timeless.

9. Get your nostalgia on in this historic Greater Duwamish venue

retro space seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This rustic, 2,000-square-foot venue has everything you need for a great photoshoot. The entire space is decorated with vintage signs, furniture, and even a jukebox. Large wooden beams accent the space, and the antique bar makes a great backdrop. The kitchen is set up with appliances from the 1950s, and it gives the space an Americana vintage vibe.

10. Ride the wheel at Pier 57

seattle waterfront skyline
Source: Pixabay

The renovated Pier 57 is a great stop for photographers looking to capture local landmarks in their backdrops. The Seattle Great Wheel will look good in any photo. This is a vibrant and energetic part of town, so be prepared to work around crowds. Still, if you want a photo that’s instantly recognizable as being in Seattle, this location should be near the top of your list.

11. Shake a leg at this urban dance hall in Wallingford

urban dance hall seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

With 4,500 square feet of space, you’ll have more than enough room for a large production. This is an incredible dance studio that is brightly lit and eclectically decorated. The space overlooks Lake Union, and the exterior of the building is decorated with a mural that would make for a good additional backdrop. This place is full of color and life, which will be reflected in your work.

12. Raise a glass in this distillery barrel room in Central District

distillery seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

This large distillery room features a 17-foot ceiling and a wall of wooden barrels, plus distillery equipment and roll-up garage doors that lead to an outdoor deck. All of these features make excellent backdrops for your photos. The space can’t be booked until evening, so definitely bring your lighting kit. If you’re a lover of speakeasies, you’ll dig the atmosphere of this place.

13. Capture the majesty of nature at Snoqualmie Falls

snoqualmie falls seattle
Source: Pixabay

Just east of Seattle, you’ll find one of the Pacific Northwest’s most popular outdoor attractions. The massive Snoqualmie waterfall is stunning year-round, and is only 100-yard hike from the area’s parking lot. It’s relatively easy to get into an elevated shooting position where the falls are entirely captured in the background.

14. Take magazine-ready shots in this mid-century modern home in Rainier Valley

mid century home seattle rental
Source: Peerspace

Located in the Seward Park area, this mid-century modern home has great views of Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington. The open floor plan gives you plenty of space to spread out, while the very thoughtful and intentional styling makes every inch of this house photogenic. Wooden beams accent the ceilings of the living spaces, and a large pool gives you some additional options when shooting in nice weather.

Seattle’s home to many of the most creative minds on the West Coast. There’s a serious pulse here, a sense of wonder and enthusiasm that’s steadily growing.

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