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11 Best Baltimore Wedding Photographers

It’s no surprise the largest city in Maryland is filled with talented photographers. In fact, it’s almost difficult to hire a bad photographer in Baltimore. So, to make this list, we looked for people who are doing truly incredible work. It’s easy for wedding photography to become formulaic — the images could be good but missing an element of creativity. Each of these photographers, however, has a magical quality added to their work. Take a look at our list of the best Baltimore wedding photographers and see whose style best fits the vision of your wedding.

1. Anna Schmidt

Anna’s editorial style focuses on capturing the emotions of her subjects in a timeless fashion. She takes the time to meet and learn about her clients. In addition, she familiarizes herself with their interests and personalities to better inform her photography. Anna specializes in a story-focused style of photography, and her portfolio is filled with many beautifully composed candid moments.

2. Ashley Michelle

Ashley’s portfolio features vibrant and sharp images that focus on capturing the genuine emotional elements of a wedding. She works closely with a lighting assistant to make sure each of her images is perfectly lit, and her images are a testament to her mastery of this element of photography. Her evening and sunset images are especially striking, thanks to her off-camera lighting. This is a skill not all wedding photographers choose to employ — some work almost entirely with natural light, so there’s a stylistic choice here for couples to look into.

3. Carly Fuller

Carly is a lifestyle wedding photographer who boasts a style that’s balanced between traditional portraiture and pure documentary work. Armed with a BFA in photography and over a decade of experience, Carly brings plenty of skill and passion to each of the weddings she shoots. Whether it’s her exceptional portraits or the candid moments she’s able to capture, Carly’s work easily makes her one of the best Baltimore wedding photographers.

4. Lauren Nievod

Drawing inspiration from her own family, Lauren brings passion and a love of stories to each of her shoots. Like many of the best Baltimore wedding photographers, Lauren is especially attracted to the small, candid moments of genuine emotion that happen on a wedding day. She consistently captures these moments in a flattering way. Her images are bright, colorful, and detail-focused, giving her portfolio a sense of timeless beauty.

5. Living Radiant Photography

The team at Living Radiant is well-equipped to produce incredible photos of your wedding. Maggie and Patrick, the owners of Living Radiant, have over 150 weddings under their collective belts. Sarah, the associate team lead, has shot nearly 100. Their images emphasize sharp details and saturated colors. With a team this experienced, you’re guaranteed a great wedding package.

6. Love Life Images

Founded by Jennifer Domenick, Love Life Images comprises four exceptionally talented photographers. Their team brings experience and passion to each photoshoot, which makes working with them a lot of fun. Fundamentally, Love Life Images approaches photography as a medium for telling stories, highlighting each couples’ unique traits in order to deliver refined and elegant images.

7. Katie Merkle

Katie’s gallery consists of artistic, well-composed images that often focus on capturing the smaller, more subtle emotions that occur during a wedding. When it comes to heartwarming candid shots, Katie has proven incredibly capable of capturing those easy-to-miss, fleeting moments. She has a strong documentary style, preferring to be an observer on the big day and interrupt as little as possible. She has a real talent for finding the beauty in the small moments and making them look amazing in photos.

8. Photos by Kintz

Kolleen and Bobby Kintz approach photography with an eye for authentic moments and the day’s unfolding romance. Their goal is to capture all of the unforgettable moments at a wedding, both large and small. Their images are fun and energetic, creating a well-rounded story that commemorates the day.

9. Uri Arnson

Uri’s approach to photography is to treat each individual moment as a part of something much larger. By combining these seemingly separate experiences, he forms a more complete story than you would get from strictly traditional wedding photography. His wedding portraits are often dramatic with creatively lit scenes, while the candid moments are gentle and sweet.

10. Robyn Osten

Robyn’s work combines beautiful portraits, charming candid moments, and well-composed detail shots for a complete wedding day package. Few wedding photographers succeed as well as Robyn in all three of these categories. Look forward to images that help you to remember every experience of the day, as well as catch a glimpse of scenes you didn’t know were happening. She’s easily one of the most well-rounded Baltimore wedding photographers.

11. Dennis Drenner

With decades of experience, Dennis is a trained photojournalist who applies his impeccable skill and eye for storytelling to weddings. His documentary style is refined, and his ability to capture both the emotion and pomp of a big day makes his work unique in the wedding photography world. If you’re looking for someone who has perfected the documentary approach, Dennis is one of the top Baltimore wedding photographers you can choose.

You’re probably going to end up spending quite a lot of time working with your photographer. And, of course, you will revisit the photos for years and years. You can’t go wrong with anyone on our list of the best wedding photographers in Baltimore, but it’s well worth your time to dive into their portfolios and see what speaks to you. Read a little about styles of wedding photography, if you’re unfamiliar with the subject.

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