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The 11 Best Detroit Portrait Photographers

Detroit has seen some hard times in recent years, but this experience has only made it a city of resilience. In recent years, it has also become a hub of creativity — the low cost of living has drawn artists from all over the country to Detroit, including some of the best portrait photographers you could ever work with. Anyone can take a good enough picture these days, but you don’t want “good enough” — you want amazing. The photographers on this list are at the top of their game, and each has tons of talent and creativity. You can’t go wrong booking a session with any of them, and that’s what makes this the definitive list of the best portrait photographers in Detroit.

1. Adam Sparkes

Adam Sparkes began his photography career as a photojournalist. After he and his wife started a family, Adam shifted his work to portraiture. His documentary training is clearly seen in his work, as his portraits are often moment-focused. Not only do we see the subject, but a meaningful moment in their lives as well. This makes Adam’s work timeless, and it gives it an emotional quality that isn’t often seen in portrait photography.

His professional headshots also work to tell stories, as Adam frequently incorporates the subject’s environment to show us a piece of their lives. His documentary approach makes him one of the best portrait photographers in Detroit.

2. Robert DiTommaso Photography

Robert DiTommaso offers clients a full-service studio with an emphasis on telling stories. By focusing on capturing personalities as much as portraying individuals, Robert creates emotive portraits that make his subjects feel like real people. And, as a plus, his photoshoots are always enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for high school senior, family, newborn, or even pet portraits, you’ll be satisfied with Robert’s work. His eye for great light and saturated colors makes his images look excellent, giving them longevity.

3. Andy Greenwell Photography

Andy Greenwell has worked in the photography industry for over 25 years, and he absolutely has the experience to do the work you need. His portfolio is filled with excellent work spanning from headshots and fashion photography to corporate work and celebrities. In each genre, Andy delivers consistent results that demonstrate creativity and a mastery of lighting, making him one of the best portrait photographers in Detroit that you could work with.

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4. Scott Lawrence

Working on location or in his studio, Scott Lawrence has developed a great style of the professional headshot. Scott understands that people are often nervous having their photo taken, especially in an unfamiliar setting like a studio. As such, he’s got plenty of experience getting people relaxed and ready to look their best for portraits.

His mastery of studio lighting setups is clearly seen in his portfolio, and he’ll easily be able to deliver excellent headshots that will look stunning on a company website or LinkedIn profile. His headshot work is not excessively out-there as to be too quirky for most people, but they’ve got enough personality and character to be interesting — a great mix.

5. Joe Alisa Photography

A Detroit native, Joe Alisa is easily one of the best portrait photographers in Detroit. His editorial and fashion portraits are second to none, capturing plenty of expression from his models while also being technically flawless. His images are energetic and colorful, perfectly lit and immaculately  composed.

Joe also understands that great photography is often a team effort, and he works closely with his clients to bring their creative vision to life. If you’re looking for a portrait photographer who will produce outstanding, eye-catching work, Joe has the vision and skill to deliver an excellent product.

6. Mary DuPrie Studios

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Mary DuPrie’s photography is inspired first and foremost by her international travels and experiences teaching both the arts of photography and modeling. She knows that choosing the wrong photographer to bring your vision to life results in a waste of time and money and, therefore, she strives to put her experience to work making great work. Her images are always well-lit and composed with tasteful skill. And her versatility is evident in her portfolio — from headshots for actors to corporate portraits — Mary can do it all.

7. Matthew Lavere Photography

Matthew Lavere is a talented photographer who has mastered the art of the environmental portrait. His work is shot in an editorial style that retains a hip atmosphere, and his experience with commercial photography is extensive. All of his portraits go further than simply capturing an image of a subject in flattering light — they tell a person’s story.

These stories are where the true value of environmental portraiture reside, and Matthew’s work is a testament to his practiced eye and skill behind the camera. And with clients like Detroit Home Magazine, the Food Network, GMC, and Volkswagen, his reputation as a professional precedes him.

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8. Part of Life Photography

Jeanine Krupp and her company, Part of Life Photography, provides studio work and on-location photography throughout Detroit and the surrounding metro area. The studio’s team comprise experts in working with teens for senior portraits, as well as family sessions and corporate headshots.

They’re in the business of making memories as much as they are in producing excellent images, and their extensive galleries are a testament to this studio’s creative vision. They’ll take the time to get to know you in order to customize a session to fit your exact needs, all while providing nicely lit and creative images that you’ll love for years to come.

9. Timeless Images by Susan

Susan’s work specializes in high school senior portraits, glamour work, and headshots. She works both in her own studio and on location. Her approach to photo sessions is focused on keeping things relaxed and energetic — Susan knows that a comfortable subject is a good-looking subject. Drawing on her background in retail management, Susan has plenty of experience working with people and knows how to keep them relaxed. Her images are well-lit and classically composed, but more importantly, filled with personality in a way that sets them apart from the work of other portrait photographers.

10. Lemmonmade Photography

Stephanie Lemmon, the woman behind the camera of Lemmonmade Photography, knows that little moments make great images. Working on location in natural light, she specializes in highly stylized children’s portraiture, though her portfolio is by no means limited to just this work. In all of her images, she’s developed a unique style that can best be described as dreamy.

We’d go so far as to say it’s adjacent to fine-art photography. Soft and even light, shallow depth of field, and colors that are saturated but not overwhelming — these all work together to characterize her images. There’s a quality of wonder and curiosity to her images that you don’t usually see in the portrait world, and this ability to distinguish herself makes her one of the best portrait photographers in Detroit.

11. Silver Lights Photography

Rosy at Silver Lights Photography specializes in creating amazing high school senior portraits. She knows these students are entering an incredibly exciting time in their lives, so she strives to capture this imagery in her portraits. Working with each of her subjects, she learns their taste and how to best capture the version of themselves they want for this part of their lives.

Her sessions are energetic and highly personalized. And, on top of that, she executes her work perfectly — she perfectly composes her portraits, lights them brightly, and carefully chooses settings that never speak more loudly than the subject. This balanced approach creates quality work, making Rosy one of the best portrait photographers in Detroit for high school seniors.

The wide world of portraiture covers a broad swath of work, from corporate headshots to glossy magazine spreads, but these Detroit talents represent a range of professional backgrounds. Each of them has a strong grasp of the fundamentals of excellent photography, and any of them will produce work that will thrill you.

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