The 11 Best Fashion Photographers in New York City (2024)

Hoping to work with one of the best fashion photographers in New York City but aren’t sure where to start? We’re here to shine a light on amazing creatives who help make New York City one of the most artistic cities on Earth.

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Now onto our list. If you’re in the market for a new image-maker, don’t sleep on the best fashion photographers in New York City, AKA the City That Never Sleeps.

1. Max Papendieck captures authenticity with his camera

As one of the best fashion photographers in New York City today, Max Papendieck draws his inspiration from the city’s cinematic environment and fashion-forward population. His unique ability to tie in human emotion with clothing has led to a robust career.

In fact, Max’s images focus on free movement and genuine facial expressions, which is working well for him — very well. So much so that publications like Vogue, Elle, Porter Magazine, and V Magazine have featured his work.

Also, as a fan of fellow photographers and artists, this basketball-playing Aussie encourages other creatives to have faith, confidence, and patience.

2. Julia Sariy creates photographic masterpieces

Julia Sariy’s images have graced the pages of Vogue and Lucy’s Magazine. The Ukrainian photographer is based out of New York City and shoots out of her multifaceted studio in Brooklyn. In fact, Julia drew inspiration from her work as a photojournalist during New York Fashion Week.

Nowadays, Julia works to incorporate clean lines and quiet backgrounds while maintaining the integrity of her often avant-garde subject matter. Her work represents a refreshing voice in an often noisy photographic landscape.

This minimalist approach allows her to maintain the integrity and impact of her creative visions. And this ensures that each piece makes a bold statement while still adhering to an aesthetic of simplicity and elegance.

By stripping back unnecessary elements, Julia emphasizes the strength and originality of her subjects, making her work instantly recognizable and deeply impactful. Her client list includes Hoff, Vint & York, Brassy Bra, and Lera Official.

3. Joseph Chen aces fashion storytelling

One of the fastest rising and best fashion photographers in New York is Joseph Chen. He’s a risk-taker who uprooted his life in Asia and moved to Madrid before settling in NYC. And Chen brings his adventurous spirit and a strong sense of discipline to his work, which first gained recognition in the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts of Madrid.

Today, his use of heavy vignettes, broad and short side-lighting, as well as dark, subdued color schemes can be found on the pages of Elle, Asia’s Tatler, Lycra, Leica’s S Magazine, and the feeds of thousands of Instagram followers.

Along with still photography, Joseph also shoots fashion motion films filled with style, drama, and intrigue. His works are vivid narratives that capture the essence of fashion storytelling. Joseph’s keen eye for detail and his ability to convey emotion and create compelling content that engages and captivates his audience.

His motion films often feature dynamic compositions, dramatic lighting, and innovative camera techniques, all of which enhance the aesthetic allure and deepen the impact of the fashion narratives he crafts. Through his work, Joseph brings fashion to life, making each frame a testament to his artistic vision and technical expertise.

4. Victoria Saperstein constructs engaging visuals

Victoria Saperstein is a fashion and lifestyle photographer who loves sunny days and pushing her creative limits. Her chic, understated portraits are casually set in the city’s quiet corners. But when she does shoot in New York’s bustling streets, her photos still maintain an intimate quality and focus.

We love how her work almost seems to tame the wild city so you only notice the model and their style. On top of all that, Victoria is a marketing guru. She shares her expertise with her lucky clients when it comes to fashion, product, and personal branding spheres.

5. Anton Martynov produces compelling imagery

Anton Martynov achieves emotionally rich, visually striking fashion portraits with minimal equipment. His preference for single-source lighting allows him to create images that bring out the full spectrum of the expressive nature. Because of this, we see his subjects without sacrificing contrast or definition.

Anton even extends his minimalist approach to his other creative endeavors. In fact, he most recently challenged himself to create short films using only an iPhone X. Definitely not what you expect from one of the best fashion photographers in New York City. But it’s creative minds like his that break rules to create new, unexpected art.

6. Glen Luchford crafts eye-catching pictures

Glen Luchford is a British fashion photographer who currently calls Brooklyn, NYC, his home base. His decades of experience in the business shows through in all of his images. When we look at his images, we see unique compositions that are subdued in color but huge in impact.

These compositions skillfully draw the viewer’s eye, guiding it through a narrative crafted with meticulous care. The restraint in color enhances the emotional depth and sophistication of each image. And it allows the subtle details and textures to come to the forefront.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music and pop culture, including Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, and Rick Rubin. If you’re looking for the best fashion photographers in New York City that have an ultra-sharp editorial eye and unwavering standards, Glen is your guy.

7. Kamyiis McLean has unmatched creative vision

Born and raised in Jamaica, Kamyiis McLean is a New York City import who is making a huge impression on the high fashion scene. He has a classic avant-garde and editorial style that makes him a shoo-in for the title of one of the best fashion photographers in New York City.

On top of his skills as a photographer, Kamyiis also works as the creative director and stylist of many of his shoots! With a creative vision like his, we’re excited to see this talent progress over the years to come.

8. Sebastian Kim is dazzlingly bold

Sebastian Kim is a standout amongst all the best fashion photographers in NYC for his dazzlingly bold fashion editorials and seductive black-and-white headshots. Perhaps this diverse and intriguing skill set is due to his equally diverse and intriguing background.

Born in Vietnam, Sebastian was raised in France and Iran before landing in New York City. Oh, and did we mention he began his career assisting the one-and-only Richard Avedon? We especially love his collaboration with fashion brand Kith, in which we see renowned actors like Bobby Cannavale, Michael J. Fox, and Adrien Brody dressed to impress in front of Sebastian’s lens.

9. Eve J. Liu embodies photographic excellence

Photographers are nothing if not creatively diverse — and Eve J. Liu is no exception. Eve divides her time among her anthropology major, creative direction, styling, and high-end modeling. This diverse array of experiences enriches her perspective, enabling her to infuse her work with unique cultural and aesthetic insights.

And her varied experience has proven useful in producing stunning fashion images and emotive portraits alike. Whether it’s a meticulously styled fashion shoot or a deeply personal portrait, Eve’s comprehensive skill set drives her to produce work that is both stunning and profoundly meaningful.

Plus, Eve loves to help others convey their story through photographs — even if that means ditching her DSLR and experimenting with analog. She refers to herself as a cultural anthropologist, a problem solver, and a storyteller. So pretty much everything you may want in a fashion photographer!

10. Jodi Jones is a multihyphenate extraordinaire

Jodi Jones is not your average fashion photographer. The noted art director, producer, motion director, and two-time winner of the Silver Lions Award at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity is known for her partnerships with emerging designers in conjunction with luxury brands.

By staying on top of the ever-changing world of luxury and fashion, Jodi’s compelling imagery has helped to propel her clients ahead of their creative competition. In fact, she prides herself on being able to draw audiences into a brand’s “world.”

On top of that, she also loves sharing her expertise and regularly speaks on the subject at seminars and workshops. Jodi is also committed to working with brands that celebrate body positivity and realistic representation of natural beauty.

11. Anthony Parmelee makes irresistible visuals

Anthony Parmelee’s eye for delightful posing stems from his extensive travel to over 20 countries. Classic pop-art backgrounds and fish-out-of-water concepts have attracted the attention of brands like COVERGIRL and U.S. Polo Assn. to his bright body of work.

Additionally, his unique and modern editorial work can be seen on the pages of Vulkan and MOD. Anthony finds inspiration working with other creatives. He has a desire to deliver his best work, making him a great fashion photographer to partner with.

Bonus: Sheena of Unique Lapin Photography

Sheena of Unique Lapin Photography is a Brooklyn-based wedding photographer who takes some of the most fashion-forward wedding photos we’ve seen. While many wedding photographers focus on big moments — walking down the aisle, cutting the wedding cake, the first dance — Sheena focuses on the couple themselves with a documentary approach.

Her photography tells their unique story, highlighting intimate moments and subtle expressions that often go unnoticed. Sheena’s work emphasizes the personal connection and raw emotions shared between the couple, offering a more comprehensive and authentic narrative of their special day. This approach allows her to create a vivid, emotional memory book that the couple can cherish forever.

We don’t see tons of wedding guests partying on the dance floor, we see the couple looking ultra-chic, ultra-in-love, and ready to take on the world. If this is the future of wedding photography, or even certain genres of fashion photography, then we want in.

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