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The 11 Best Fashion Photographers in New York City

New York is a blur of 24/7 industry and culture. You want tacos at a little past midnight? You got it. Pizza at dawn? It’s yours. Captivating fashion photography? Make an appointment. NYC can’t always satisfy your every desire, but this restless metropolis sure knows how to foster independent, high-caliber creatives. So if you’re in the market for a new image-maker, don’t sleep on the best fashion photographers in New York City, AKA the City That Never Sleeps.

1. Max Papendieck

As one of the best fashion photographers today, Max Papendieck draws his inspiration from New York’s cinematic environment and fashion-forward population. His unique ability to tie in human emotion with clothing has led to a robust career. Max’s images focus on free movement and genuine facial expressions. Publications like Vogue, Elle, Porter Magazine, and V Magazine have featured his work. As a fan of fellow photographers and artists, this basketball-playing Aussie encourages other creatives to have faith, confidence, and patience.

2. Julia Sariy

Julia Sariy’s images have graced the pages of Vogue and Lucy’s Magazine. The Ukrainian photographer is based out of New York City, and shoots out of her multifaceted studio in Brooklyn. Drawing inspiration from her work as a photojournalist during New York Fashion Week, Julia strives to incorporate clean lines and unobtrusive backgrounds while maintaining the integrity of her often avant-garde subject matter.

3. Joseph Chen

One of the fastest rising and best fashion photographers in New York is Joseph Chen –– a risk-taker who uprooted his life in Asia and moved to Madrid before settling in NYC. Chen brings his adventurous spirit and strong sense of discipline to his work, which first gained recognition in the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts of Madrid. Today, his use of heavy vignettes, broad and short side-lighting, as well as dark, subdued color schemes can be found on the pages of Elle, Asia’s Tatler, Lycra, Leica’s S Magazine, and the feeds of thousands of Instagram followers.

4. Victoria Saperstein

Victoria Saperstein is a fashion and lifestyle photographer who loves sunny days and pushing her creative limits. Her chic, understated portraits are casually set in the city’s quiet corners. When she does shoot in New York’s bustling streets, her photos still maintain an intimate quality and focus.

5. Anton Martynov

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Anton Martynov achieves emotionally rich, visually striking fashion portraits with minimal equipment. His preference for single source lighting allows him to create images that bring out the full spectrum of the expressive nature of his subjects without sacrificing contrast or definition. Anton even extends his minimalist approach to his other creative endeavors –– most recently challenging himself to create short films using only an iPhone X.

6. Prince Love

When describing his work, Prince Love notes, “Light always plays a character in my pictures. But ultimately, what makes a stunning picture is the team that puts it together.” This is a sentiment that’s apparent through his portfolio of brightly colored and passionate collaborations with innovative makeup artists and stylists. Sharply angled positions and unique styling give Love’s work a mysterious edge –– a tone he’s worked hard to develop since his start as an assistant to some of the best fashion photographers in NYC.

7. Dasha Parker

Based in both Florida and New York, Dasha Parker brings a warm and breezy quality to her work in New York City. Marked by lively, colorful shots, and the use of naturally-occurring patterns and fluid movement, Parker’s work is more than recognizable –– it’s signature. Her penchant for fun and biographical portraits makes her fashion photography pop with personality while highlighting the lifestyle aspects of the garments she’s shooting.

8. Kristina Varaksina

Kristina Varaksina is both photographer and art director. The Russian-born New Yorker has an impressive portfolio of thought-provoking, eclectic images that incorporate retro style, boldness, and futuristic props. Her desire to draw out the internal reality of her subjects is evident by her collection of intriguing close-ups and conceptual productions. Kristina’s knack for surreal proportions and gravitational timing has caught the eye of clients such as Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan, Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, Elyse Maguire, Bonobos, and Ugg.

9. Eve J. Liu

Photographers are nothing if not creatively diverse –– and Eve J. Liu is no exception. Eve divides her time among her anthropology major, creative direction, styling, and high-end modeling. Her diverse experience has proven useful in producing hybrid images and emotive portraits. Eve loves to help others convey their story through photographs –– even if that means ditching her DSLR and experimenting with analog.

10. Jodi Jones

Jodi Jones is not your average fashion photographer. The noted art director, producer, motion director, and two-time winner of the Silver Lions Award at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity is known for her partnerships with emerging designers in conjunction with luxury brands. By staying abreast of the ever-changing world of luxury and fashion, Jodi’s compelling imagery has helped to propel her clients ahead of their creative competition. She prides herself on being able to draw audiences into a brand’s “world,” and regularly speaks on the subject at seminars and workshops.

11. Anthony Parmelee

Anthony Parmelee’s eye for inviting, yet awkward positioning stems from his extensive travel of over 20 countries. Classic pop-art backgrounds and fish-out-of-water concepts have attracted the attention of brands like COVERGIRL and U.S. Polo Assn. to his bright, barely-serious body of work. His unique and modern editorial work can be seen on the pages of Vulkan and MOD.

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