The 14 Best Los Angeles Boudoir Photographers

If you are looking for Los Angeles boudoir photographers who master this art and provide a great experience as well as stunning photos, read on. We’ve got you covered with our twelve favorite boudoir photographers in the City of Angels. 

After all, specific genres of photography are just as much about the experience as the final product. And boudoir photography is one of them. Capturing sexy, classic photos that leave the subject feeling amazing and empowered is an art form in itself.

And if you’re looking for the perfect space to shoot a boudoir session in Los Angeles, you’ve come to the right place for that, too! Peerspace is home to the largest selection of unique hourly venue rentals. Check out these photographers and then browse the Peerspace listings we also share to make your boudoir dreams come true!

1. Alloria Winter Photography

It is impossible to have been alive in the ’90s and aughts and missed the spectacle of Victoria’s Secret’s televised runway spectaculars — complete with angel wings. If you saw them and thought, “I wish that could be me,” good news, Alloria Winter is here to make your dreams come true.

Even better news, if you want dazzling maternity photos or a couples boudoir experience, she has you covered. She’s a conceptual artist, working with her clients to create something extraordinary. Suppose you’ve dreamed of being a sexy mermaid or a centerfold. In that case, Alloria’s personal blend of whimsy and sophistication is a once-in-a-lifetime treat, and we can’t recommend her highly enough.

We think Alloria’s vision, paired with this pink and luxurious life-sized dollhouse, would make for unforgettable results. It’s an amazingly curated 1,700-square-foot home in Mid-Wilshire with glamorous retro decor throughout.

2. Jennifer Montoya

Jennifer sets out to create something different for her clients, splitting her time between the equally vibrant Portland and Southern California. She works with her all-female staff to create a comfortable environment for those about to bear it all.

She thinks as much about the experience of an LA boudoir photography shoot as she does the photos. All that planning results in shots that are equal parts stylish and sexy. Personalized to each client — sometimes subtle, sometimes overtly sex kitten — Jennifer’s work emphasizes the inherent beauty of each person in front of her lens.

3. Boudoir Los Angeles

Marisa Leigh at Boudoir Los Angeles has a way of bringing out the bombshell sides of even the most camera-shy subjects. For her, an outstanding client experience is the most crucial aspect, and works with her more timid clients with ease that shows off her talent.

Her specialty is creating a safe container for women to freely express the sensual sides of themselves within. And she just so happens to take some gorgeous photos along the way! Equally comfortable creating outdoors or in-studio, her artistry is sure to impress you.

Are you booking your own session? We think Marisa’s style would absolutely stun in this 1960s retro loft in downtown LA. Between its avocado sofa, red and white egg chair, and multiple patterned wallpapers, you will have plenty to play with here.

4. Karen French Photography

With a name made for a Los Angeles boudoir photographer (by her own admission), Karen French’s work is consistently among the best of the best. With almost two decades of experience, Karen works with all body types with ease, using lighting and posing to highlight the beauty that each person possesses.

Speaking of beauty, her photography studio offers hair and makeup sessions as well, so you can have a complete pampering experience with your shoot. All of her shoots are entirely polished, marking her an excellent choice for when you want to truly indulge your sultry side. 

5. Caroline Malouf Photography

Caroline Malouf is the LA boudoir photographer for you if you want to look fashion-magazine-cover-model stunning. She is an artist, not simply documenting what is there but creating a mood in her work. You choose whether that mood is winking and playful or flat-out sexy. Her photos are elegantly simple — keeping the focus on form and light — the eye of a fine artist. Whether on location or in her well-appointed studio, you are basically guaranteed the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous photos of your life. 

You can recreate the look above in this sun-washed California bohemian pool oasis in West Hills. A Peerspace reviewer who booked it for a photoshoot shares: “Loved this place so much that I already rebooked 1 week later. Krista is amazing to deal with. I would 100% recommend!”

6. Heirlume Photography

Pamela and Loretta run Heirlume Photography, a popular LA studio that celebrates couples and families with their people-centric lifestyle photography. These photographer BFFs have the carefree style that epitomizes Southern California in everything they do. The perfect go-to for any event, they make the list of our Los Angeles boudoir photographers for their urban jungle photo studio.

Free-spirited and fresh, with an of-the-moment editing flair that is hard to resist, they are a great choice. This Los Angeles jungle studio is another amazing sultry studio that you can book through Peerspace if you choose to book this dynamic duo for your boudoir shoot.

7. Chris Koeppen Photography

Los Angeles cinematic boudoir photographer Chris Koeppen has a style all his own — a combination of editing effects, conceptual art, and a dash of playfulness. Think sci-fi settings or Renaissance painting style. If you want something different for your LA boudoir shoot, then look no further.

In fact, we think this European house in Studio City would make the perfect location for your baroque rococo boudoir session. Along with the elegant and eclectic European-styled interior, this home boasts a manicured front lawn and a backyard pool that includes a cabana area. Let Chris set up an amazing indoor and outdoor boudoir shoot for you that is both elegant and playful.

8. Sasser Still Boudoir

It takes more than a talented photographer to make beautiful images. It takes light. Michael Sasser is an LA boudoir photographer who knows how to work that crucial photographic element. And it surely doesn’t hurt that his studio is a unique, Bali-inspired space.

Built for both indoor and outdoor shoots, it is flooded with that famous California light, resulting in gorgeous shots every time. Choose Michael when you want a private home or garden shoot as your setting. His photo talents are a given. 

9. Cristen Geller

Cristen Geller always earns five-star ratings as a Los Angeles boudoir photographer across reviewing platforms. And scrolling through her photos, it’s no wonder why. Her work has a way of showing off the personalities of her subjects, in addition to making them look red-hot. Within her studio and loft space, she transforms people into fantasy versions of themselves.

In fact, her experience in portraiture shows in her posing, flattering every body type, and highlighting your best features. Treat yourself (or your partner) to a session, and you won’t regret it. As an added bonus, her fees are reasonable, so you can have that treat, whatever your price point.

10. Backroom Boudoir

Until 2015, when she left to pursue her passion for photography, Brynne Zaniboni had a day job at a nonprofit aimed at empowering women. She continues that work in her LA-based boudoir photography. Here is a lady who loves to lift up the women around her, and her efforts show in her photos.

Working out of her studio with professional hair and makeup artists, she helps women play up their most stunning visions of themselves. A welcome surprise and further proof that her mission is all about celebrating womanhood — she offers no-charge shoots to those facing breast cancer as a way to love your body through every phase. 

If you choose to work with Brynne, then why not book this Topanga cabin surrounded by nature? It’s a unique handcrafted cabin surrounded by 70 acres of lush forest. Her work combined with this stunning setting will leave you empowered and gifted with beautiful images.

11. John Warren Photography

With a mission to empower women and try to untangle body image issues, Warren and Shaiane are here for even the most body-shy among us. However, after years of being a top-rated wedding photographers, they decided to apply their talents to the world of boudoir photography.

Their experience shows in slickly produced shoots so that details become sexy vignettes, and each subject looks like a model. 

12. Unbuttoned Photography

Claire is a Los Angeles boudoir photographer on a mission to bring body positivity to everyone — regardless of age or size. She has 30 years of experience working with women to inform her work, ensuring that it is tastefully done and honors the subject’s desires.

In fact, she lets each client lead her sessions, ensuring that you feel in control while also having fun — a recipe for elegant and sexy work. Speaking of elegant and sexy, why not book your boudoir shoot at this feminine chic brick studio apartment in Los Feliz? Its boho furnishings and exposed brick wall provide the perfect backdrop for a shoot with Claire.

13. Alexandra Kacha

Over nearly two decades Los Angeles-based photographer Alexandra Kacha has refined their craft to be distinguishable as one that both draws from retro Playboy aesthetics while also cultivating a sense of contemporary empowerment. Their work focuses heavily on edgy boudoir, kink, and eroticism.

Alexandra is one of LA’s leading creative boudoir photographers capable of working with a diverse client base and body types. They’re also a master at posing, coaching, and direction while showcasing the client and subject. Alexandra’s purpose in life is to help you heal through your session and be seen. Bring out your dark side within these sessions for yourself, or a partner, or even bring them along.

And when you do, book this red romance lover’s burlesque lounge in DTLA to capture all of the magic. Its LED lighting, rouge velvet sofa, and erotic prints are the perfect match for Alexandra’s style.

14. Red Sash Photography

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, wanted, and sexy. Red Sash Photography is an LA-based boudoir studio that strives to empower women through unique and fearless photography and videography. Their boudoir sessions are just as much about building confidence as they are about having beautiful images captured for their clients. 

Red Sash Photography provides a comfortable space for women to have fun, be free, and explore without fear of judgment. And we think this urban downtown photo studio loft is the perfect setting for a Red Sash sesh. It’s a 1940s loft warehouse brimming with texture, lighting, and other vibe-worthy aspects.

Whether it’s boudoir photos or a sexy video, Red Sash Photography will make your boudoir experience not just amazing, but it will leave you with something you will love forever

Los Angeles boudoir photographers: conclusion

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Whatever your vision for your boudoir shoot, one of these fabulous photographers is going to delight. However, that’s not all we hope you’re learning today! In fact, if you are looking for a location that will wow you just as much as the work of these photographers, be sure to check out Peerspace.

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