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The 12 Best Phoenix Wedding Photographers

The natural beauty of the Phoenix area lends itself to breathtaking photography, especially when it comes to shots of outdoor weddings. The best Phoenix wedding photographers all possess the technical proficiency to deal with very bright sunlight, as well as a keen, artistic eye that assists in producing top-notch work. The playing field’s packed with amazing local talent, and we’ve put together a list of the most noteworthy photographers in the Phoenix area.

1. Pinkerton Photography

Kelsie Pinkerton creates the type of incredible images perfect for your Instagram feed. You’ll instantly notice the stylish colors, breezy aesthetic, authenticity, and true emotion. This is apparently reflective of Kelsie’s own personality — sweet, stylish, sensitive, and thrilled for each and every couple she photographs.

2. Daniel Kim Photography

Daniel Kim is a creative photographer who works alongside his talented wife. On wedding days, they look for bright sources of natural light and great angles to not only document every moment but also make distinctive compositions. You’ll love the way their photos perfectly capture the personality of each wedding, and you are sure to be awed by the duo’s bright and colorful style.

3. Desert Sage Photography

Sage Oexman of Desert Sage Photography describes herself as “very sensitive to color,” and she keeps things bright and vivid. Modern wedding photography trends skew towards less saturated colors and more highly stylized coloring, but Sage forges her own path. She prefers trying to keep things as true to life as possible. Don’t mistake that for a lack of style, though — she’s got a great eye for producing photos with plenty of character. If you like bold color with a “no filter” feel, check out her portfolio.

4. Rusty Metals Photography

Becca Gutierrez describes her style as raw and unique, and she likes to keep things natural. She says she’ll do anything to make couples laugh but “promises [she] won’t make you close your eyes and put your foreheads together.” Instead, she’s all about capturing the sweet moments that organically present themselves. Like most of the top Phoenix wedding photographers, she’s always looking for opportunities to incorporate Arizona’s drop-dead gorgeous landscape in the shoot — many of her photos are simply jaw-dropping.

5. Leslie D. Photography

Leslie specializes in elopements, as well as destination and traditional weddings. Her work is elegant and romantic, with the kind of whites, pinks, and greens that have taken Pinterest by storm. Her use of natural light and ability to create a softness and warm glow have helped cement her position among Phoenix’s best wedding photographers.

6. Cameron Clark

Cameron Clark’s photos are stylish and charming. She’s adept at capturing the personality of the venue, a skill that’s often overlooked. Cameron truly sets the stage, which helps convey the mood of the event. Her wide shots against the arresting backdrop of Arizona’s desert landscapes are some of the coolest in her impressive portfolio.

7. Elyse Hall Photography

Elyse Hall is a fine-art photographer with a big heart and a sensitive streak — you might catch her tearing up as the bride walks down the aisle. That’s how you know she wants to give you the most unforgettable photos she can produce. Her photos exhibit style and romance, a sweetness and timelessness that have delighted couples for years.

8. Andrew & Jade Photography

Andrew and Jade seek out real moments, genuine connections, and authentic love. Their true specialty is fine-art photography, which often lends itself to dramatic looks and intense gazes. As such, Andrew and Jade’s love for authenticity, coupled with technical control via directing and posing couples, results in stunning photos that nonetheless feel natural and unscripted.

9. La Bella Vita Photography

According to reviewers, Cheryl Clark of La Bella Vita is a firecracker personality with the ability to make people immediately feel like old friends. Her work feels like it’s shot with a real affection for the people pictured, from the couples themselves to their friends and family. Cheryl’s portfolio comprises crisp, timeless, and sweet images, the kind of wedding photography that never goes out of style.

10. Frances + Tony Photography & Films

Frances and Tony pride themselves on being particularly well-organized, which ensures you get all the pictures you deserve without cutting into your wedding’s timeline and stalling the momentum. That’s what separates the true professionals from the amateurs. Then, of course, there’s the work itself, which is passionate and even poignant. In addition, the team’s black-and-white work is particularly captivating.

11. Hailey Golich Photography

Hailey Golich spends most of her time outdoors, loves to travel, and has a truly adventurous spirit. As such, she’s an ideal photographer for couples that want to shoot engagement photos in dramatic natural locales. And, of course, there are plenty of those landscapes around Phoenix. Hailey’s at her very best when shooting outdoor weddings, where she can incorporate the beauty of the surroundings to complement the gorgeousness of the ceremony. 

12. Tiffany & Ryland Photography

Tiffany and Ryland are a true dynamic couple — you can find them sharing corny jokes you just can’t help but laugh at or brainstorming creative new photoshoot ideas. That same happy energy is obvious in their work. Tiffany and Ryland’s galleries are full of people smiling the biggest smiles of their lives, and those couples will be able to go back and remember that pure happiness for the rest of their lives.

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