The 16 Best Photography Blogs in 2024

When it comes to photography blogs, there are a lot of talented people. And so it stands to reason that there are also a lot of excellent publications out there. Whether you’re a professional looking to learn more or a novice photographer interested in getting started, there are so many places to devour tips, tricks, gear recommendations, industry news, and more.

We at Peerspace have gone ahead and compiled a non-exhaustive list of the best photography blogs out there. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we offer you access to stunning photography studios and other shoot locations in cities across the globe. So count on us the next time you’re looking for a hidden gem space in your city for a photoshoot, an event, a film shoot, a meeting, and more. But for now, let’s get to the list. We hope it guides you and makes your hunt for information a little less daunting.

1. Feature Shoot

Let’s kick things off by diving into the deep end. Feature Shoot celebrates photographers as artists, delving into photography’s rich history and culture through the lenses of both the past and the future. This blog also explores what happens when things and people are photographed and “seen.”

Feature Shoot divides its content into categories like Opportunities, Interviews, and Online Exhibitions, making it incredibly user-friendly. Consider it a digital coffee table book, and enjoy.

2. Colossal

Starting in 2010, Christopher Jobson has built Colossal into one of the largest visual art, design, and culture blogs on the internet. Featuring over 5,000 articles celebrating artists of all sorts, Colossal’s photography section alone is well worth a visit.

Scope out the Editor’s Picks: Photography section to get a better sense of what Colossal is all about. It’s gorgeous, inspiring, and continues with the sort of perspective-building you’d find in Feature Shoot.

3. Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis is the well-respected photographer, filmmaker, musician, and entrepreneur who co-founded Creative Live, an online network where professionals and creative novices can connect. He is also a self-help guru whose Instagram has netted more than 100k followers, thanks to his witticisms, life lessons, insights, and stunning photography and videography.

Chase is one of the most influential photographers of recent years and his blog serves to educate readers on photography tips and tricks, emerging trends, leading photographers, and more.

4. Women Photograph

The first thing you find when you research photography is that so many experts out there, cited and promoted, are white men. And while their work is stunning and their advice is invaluable, this blog promotes diversity and helps to broaden the field by showcasing the work of talented women.

With pages dedicated to grants, workshops, resources, and of course, incredible visuals, Women Photograph is a giant step towards inclusion and torch passing.

5. Ignant

Need a break from the wordy analysis? Photography is all about the pictures, after all, which is where Ignant comes into play. Serving as a beautiful, curated Instagram-esque feed, Ignant’s photography section primarily features imagery along with brief introductions to the featured artists.

You can learn a lot from merely absorbing what others see and then taking a walk outside with your new set of eyes.

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6. Creative Boom

Creative Boom is similar to the first few blogs on our list, showcasing and interviewing artists. However, it goes a step further, recommending gear and books and also offering career tips.

Its sections include Features, Publishing, Inspiration, Arts & Culture, and News, after all. Therefore, you won’t just get inspiration from perusing their content: you’ll even get an education on how to make it yourself.

7. The Phoblographer

As the self-proclaimed destination for “Psychology of Creative Photography,” Phoblographer may seem like just another cultural/analytical site. However, like Creative Bloom, this blog includes a lot of great gear reviews and is a place where photography aficionados can learn about the latest gadgets and gizmos enhancing the field.

So you not only enjoy seeing what your peers are doing, but you also end up learning about gear and dabbling with creative practices, too.

8. David duChemin

Many of the world’s most prominent photographers have eye-popping blogs. Too many to capture on a list of 15, that’s for sure. However, a list about photo blogs simply wouldn’t be complete without a nod to at least one of them.

Combining practical advice with personal reflections on his life, Canadian David duChemin writes books and leads workshops on photography. That is when he’s not having adventures on assignment somewhere far away. His blog reflects all of this work in a really inspiring way. You can also check out duChemin’s podcast A Beautiful Anarchy when you check out the site.

9. Indian Bloggers

photography blogs

Photography is an international art form, and it’s inspiring to see more of the world from other perspectives. Indian Bloggers is an example of this, showcasing a range of talented Indian photographers and links to their blogs, Twitter feeds, and websites.

10. The Strobist

When you check out the Strobist, it’s obvious from its simple layout that this blog has been around for a very long time. Luckily, with that longevity comes a whole lot of wisdom. The guy who started it, David Hobby, used to be a full-time staff photojournalist for The Baltimore Sun. His primary goal with The Strobist is to help people learn how to add light to their photos, and he does this with classes, books, gear reviews, interviews, and more.

Nowadays, Strobist is inactive in terms of new content, although the articles are in archive format. And thanks to its features on gear and technique, it is still an invaluable digital resource.

11. Photofocus

Looking for more education? Photofocus is full-on. With numerous contributors, subjects, gear reviews, podcasts, videos, tutorials, contests, and beyond, Photofocus may be the most comprehensive resource for photographers on the internet.

Its content includes product reviews, Q & As, stories, tutorials, and more. If you have got the photography bug, expect to spend a lot of time here.

12. Two Loves Studio

Here’s a fun one: a blog all about photographing food. Inspired by her photographer husband, Two Loves’ creator, who simply goes by her first name Rachel, quit her 9-5 job and began exploring her own passions.

Her work has manifested in this lovely space and has been featured in numerous magazines. Rachel’s eager to share her experiences with others, and her site features classes, blogs, podcasts, and more.

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13. Joy of Marketing

Sometimes you need a little advice on how to hack it as a successful photographer. Written by Sarah Petty, this content focuses primarily on how to build your photography business. However, you’ll also find marketing lessons here that are useful for studios as well as the event spaces that are renting to them. If you’re looking for practical information on pricing, dealing with clients, budgeting your finances, budgeting your time, and more, this is the blog to check out.

14. The Modern Tog

Like Sarah Petty’s blog, Jamie Swanson writes with a more personal perspective on creating a successful career in photography. She herself began her professional photography journey with weddings. From practical guides about dealing with finicky social media websites to sharing her opinions on the questions and fears all creative professionals face, Swanson writes like she’s there holding your hand as you embark on your photography career.

If you are a photographer showing your work in public, it’s useful to hear about promotion and career development from a gallery’s perspective.

While this blog’s focus isn’t solely on photography, the Agora Gallery in New York’s Chelsea district has produced hundreds of helpful articles over the past ten years. It delves into the different works and artists that have filtered through its walls.


Master your camera.. find inspiring photo projects… or learn photography fun facts. Expert Photography provides resources for photographers of all levels and interests. This is why they became the most-read photography education website. Their authors are excellent educators who’ve been there, done that and their articles are regularly updated so you can devour all there is to know about current photography industry, trends, software, and gear. Expert Photography also offers a personality test for photographers, called photoGRAPH. Are you an Expressionist, an Improviser, a Conductor, or maybe something else? You can take the test for free, find out more about yourself, and get personalized tips on how to improve your photography.

Bonus: Peerspace’s Photography resources blog

Not to toot our own horn, but Peerspace isn’t just about providing you with amazing venues that help you bring your creative vision to life. While that’s a big part of our passion, we’re also crazy about spreading our knowledge on all things photography. And that’s where our Photography resources blog comes in handy.

We add fresh and inspiring content to our blog daily, blogs that pertain to photographers, studios, equipment, and all the latest tips and trends in the industry. From fashion shoots to wedding portraits, and creative spaces in cities across the globe, count on Peerspace’s Photography resources to provide you with everything the modern photographer needs to get inspired and create amazing work.

Best photography blogs: conclusion

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Source: Peerspace

This is a relatively concise list of the best photography blogs. If it’s not long enough to satisfy your passion, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of others out there. They may be inspirational, personal, or practical.

Either way, it’s clear that photography is a dominant visual art form today. Almost every human in the world alive today has been photographed. And as long as there are celebrations and stories and products to share, it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

And remember, when you crave fresh digs to put your newly acquired photography tips into practice, book a venue on Peerspace. Whether you choose a fully-loaded professional studio or a mountainside yurt, we can promise you the experience will be rewarding (and a total blast!)

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