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The 12 Best Seattle Fashion Photographers

As the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and where the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana blossomed –– it’s no wonder the Emerald City is still brimming with creative talent. The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, along with Seattle’s vibrant music and art scenes, has continued to inspire new generations of creatives to pursue their passions. This bustling metropolis is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, attracting Fortune 500 companies, coffee lovers, and, of course, the best Seattle fashion photographers.

1. Patrick Tak

Patrick Tak’s lively and sophisticated portraits have appeared in Jute Magazine, Vogue Italia, Lucy’s Magazine, and Latest Magazine –– and for good reason. Patrick’s use of smokey earth tones, creamy pastels, and diffused light add an element of modern elegance. While his unusual placement of floral props and intriguing motion shots gives his work a fashion-forward edge. By collaborating with a variety of stylists and makeup artists, Tak is able to expand his horizons while maintaining his signature style.

2. Michelle Moore

An award-winning photographer, Michelle Moore creates chic and dreamy photos that focus on natural light, warm tones, and quiet reflection. Her stunning work has appeared in ads for brands like Amazon, Free People, Her work has made appearances in Inc. Magazine, Marie Claire, Seattle Magazine, and The Huffington Post. While Seattle-based, Moore regularly books destination photoshoots in exotic locations –– adding a broader perspective to the rest of her work.

3. Valentina Gonzalez

Originally from Chile, Valentina Gonzalez brings an international flare to her work with vibrant colors and sharp details. Her use of bold patterns and multicultural themes give her work a festive feel, along with the bright and authentic smiles of her subjects. Valentina’s portraits exude power and confidence, stemming from her work as a life coach and positive body-image coach.

4. Sarah Wolfe

With a quirky sense of humor and love of dogs, Sarah Wolfe creates refreshing and easygoing fashion portraits — and they often include cute dogs. Her hip and urban photos capture the grungy beauty of Seattle’s streets along with its more refined elements. Using natural light and shallow depths of field, Wolfe places emphasis on her subject while bringing out genuine human emotion through her upbeat personality.

5. Sissi Peng

As a non-native English speaker, Sissi Peng had doubts about starting a photography career in the US. Thankfully, Peng decided to share her talents with the world and work towards becoming one of Seattle’s best fashion photographers. Her hazy portraits capture the city’s natural beauty with soft, delicate shadows and muted undertones that give the look of weathered film.

6. Karla Melgarejo

Karla Melgarejo is a photographer and marketing strategist with a knack for creating bold and emotional imagery. Originally from Bolivia, Melgarejo moved to Seattle after launching and selling Bolivia’s first digital magazine. Her knowledge of digital strategy gives her the unique ability to craft images that work for her clients both strategically and visually. Her bright and relaxed photos have drawn the attention of Institute Magazine and Socialite Bolivia Magazine.

7. Jaelin Helm

As owner of Depaard (Dutch for “The Horse”) photography, Jaelin Helm uses saturated hues, smooth highlights, and symmetry to create his own brand of compelling photos. Golden overlays and crisp, graphic backgrounds help to highlight his subject’s style. Helm is also known for his experimental work with double exposures and harsh shadows.  

8. Elizabeth Zuluaga

Elizabeth Zuluaga’s vivacious personality shines through her work as one of Seattle’s best fashion photographers. Zuluaga strives to show her subjects an authentic side of themselves through her intimate portrait sessions. Her use of deep shadows and creamy highlights gives her fashion photography a nostalgic and moody quality that pairs well with her sense of visual humor.

9. Alex Lim

With bi-cultural Chinese and European heritage, Alex Lim finds beauty in ethnic ambiguity and non-mainstream aesthetics. His appreciation for uncommon things has guided his casting and locations decisions –– leading to spectacular images and original concepts. Throughout his work, Lim plays with size and scale –– whether it’s showcasing the grand beauty of nature or warping the viewers’ sense of proportion.

10. Laura Leigh Gedeon

Laura Leigh Gedeon’s passion for style and fashion can be seen in her fun and elegant fashion photography. With soft vignettes, matte shadows, and desaturated colors, Gedeon gives low-key, contemporary styles a luxury feel, while always obeying the rule of thirds. Her expert framing and use of natural light showcases her subject’s wardrobe within an overall visually appealing image –– something that sets her apart as one of the city’s best fashion photographers.

11. Dawndra Photography

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As one of Seattle’s best fashion photographers for the past 20 years, Dawndra’s photographs have captured the imagination with dark fantasy themes, haunting imagery, and surreal effects. Her ghostly renditions of traditional fashion portraits use heavy vignettes and lush post-production effects to achieve a grim and sinister tone. When she’s not out shooting in creepy locations, Dawndra can be found playing outside with her dog on the west side of Seattle, under the influence of obscene amounts of coffee.

12. J. Budden

Budden’s talent for photography came as a surprise, even to himself. The athletically inclined photographer first picked up a camera after taking an audio production class at a school of art. Today, Budden uses his proclivity for technology to capture high-quality photos in a variety of lighting situations. Whether he’s on the beach, in a field, or in the studio, Budden is able to insert urban sensibilities into his work.

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