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9 Best Washington DC Fashion Photographers

As a cultural center, Washington, DC, is filled with vibrant people from all over the world. It’s no surprise then that the city is also a hub for fashion. This wasn’t always the case, though — DC was once thought to be a drab city, where everyone dressed exclusively in blacks and grays. In recent years, however, the fashion scene has exploded, with hundreds of creatives and businesses showcasing their talents and work that’s full of personality. That personality matters in fashion photography.

In an industry where photographers are frequently chasing trends, DC is home to some incredible talent that is setting those trends. These photographers challenge convention to create something unique. To help you get to know the best photography talent in DC, we’ve curated a list of some of the photographers who are producing the strongest work. Enjoy our list of the best Washington, DC, fashion photographers.

1. Tim Coburn

Tim has developed a strong sense of his craft over his years as a photographer. He has mastered lighting techniques and has an eye for color, both of which make his fashion work eye-catching and memorable. Whether in the studio or on location, his fashion work is fresh and well-executed. His images are consistently impressive, and his portfolio proves he is a talented fashion photographer.

2. Laura Metzler

Laura has built a name for herself in the DC fashion scene. She’s worked with many designers and brands. Her fashion shots are marked by their clean aesthetic, with very little to distract from the clothing and model. This modern approach has grown increasingly popular recently, but Laura’s images feel unique when compared to others. She and her team are used to delivering high-quality and consistently good work.

3. Luis Aragon

Luis’s fashion photography is bright, edgy, and full of energy. His studio work is dynamic, and the locations he chooses for outdoor work never steal the show from the models or their outfits. His photography is vigorous, which makes his images stand out from others. There’s no doubt about it: Luis is easily one of the best Washington, DC, fashion photographers.

4. Ksenia Pro

Ksenia’s extensive background in fashion and portrait photography comes through in her portfolio. Her images are bright, and the colors often pop off the screen. She doesn’t shy away from directing models to be expressive, either. And her skills in editing are just as sharp — something her images testify to.

5. Roy Cox

Roy got started in photography in 2002 with no formal training and, in that time, he’s mastered the craft of fashion photography. He’s been published in hundreds of magazines and had his work appear on billboards. Each of his portraits exudes attitude and confidence, making his fashion work reach out and hold your attention.

6. Ann Little

Ann has developed a strong editorial style in her work and has an impressive list of clients. Her work in the studio is always impressive, thanks to her mastery of lighting and the gentle expressions of her models. Her use of dark color palettes results in a technique that creates mysterious and engaging images.

7. Isaiah Headen

Isaiah’s background in dance makes him an expert at understanding how to portray humans in images. His images frequently make use of dynamic posing, and the bright color palettes make his work hold the viewer’s attention. This creative approach to fashion work is noteworthy and makes Isaiah a great choice among Washington, DC, fashion photographers.

8. Elliott O’Donovan

Elliott was born in the DC area and has lived here ever since. He is driven to create meaningful images that tell a story as much as they grab attention. His portrait work often contains action, turning his models into fascinating characters and adding layers of complexity to his work.

9. Mike Morgan

Mike is a passionate photographer who seeks to have emotion in his images whenever possible. Our emotions ultimately contribute to our individuality, and Mike’s images are most successful when that sense of individuality comes through in the images. His work often goes beyond highlighting the model, making the environment of the portrait a part of the story. This gives his images a fresh and creative look.

People think “politics” when they think of DC, and they associate fashion with spots like Los Angeles and New York. But that’s not the world we live in anymore. Today, creativity has become much more democratized by the internet — even small brands with modest budgets can achieve massive reach, especially if there’s something special about what they create. Each of these Washington, DC, fashion photographers gets that. They’re on the forefront of that creative movement every day, getting out there and producing great work.

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