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What people say about film production locations on Peerspace

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  • Roman A.

    Space: Versatile Production Space with Bar/Cafe/Bedroom/Patio/Rooftop -- Props/Flats/Lights In...

    "...We really loved this location. I would would highly recommend this location to any Indy film..." 04/04/2016
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  • Jason D.

    Space: Modern California Kitchen & Dining Space in MDR

    "...that we had everything we needed. Even helped us secure a last min space within the same building. If you need a place to film anything food related, this is the spot. Load-in easy, load out easy. Set-dressing already there. Would DEF recommend MCK for anything..." 04/07/2018
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  • Rodney W.

    Space: Loft Photo Studio with industrial, dystopian, and steampunk sets

    "...The space is absolutely awesome. So much detail and character that looked fantastic on film. The owner was accommodating and professional. If I have a need I would use this space again..." 06/12/2017
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  • Craig J.

    Space: Sound Stage with Multiple Affordable Standing Sets

    "...Such a wonderful space, and such gracious, welcoming hosts. We look forward to filming here again..." 05/21/2018
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  • Victorious D.

    Space: Minimalist Luxury Apartment

    "...The spot was great. Great view, very quiet and the host was very friendly, attentive but not all over us. Perfect for filming..." 11/02/2017
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  • Richard V.

    Space: Industrial Warehouse with Dome Ceiling

    "...Not even downplaying, this location is amazing. One of the best locations ive filmed at in the Bay Area. Very easy to book. The owners Austin and Dominique are incredibly kind and willing to help out in any way possible. They're very quick about responding and answering any questions..." 01/30/2017