12 Best Washington DC Portrait Photographers

Throughout the years of divisive politics and controversy, Washington, DC, portrait photographers have understood the need for heartfelt and genuine photography –– and they’ve stepped up to the challenge. Talented and passionate image-makers continue to provide the district with beautiful portraits that capture the wide range of emotions experienced in the ever-changing nation’s capital. These fantastic Washington, DC, portrait photographers help us see the true beauty of this incredible city and its residents.

1. Brandon Scott Hunter

Brandon Scott Hunter’s work shows a dedication to both clients and his own aesthetic. As one of the most renowned Washington, DC, portrait photographers, Hunter regularly uses the city’s iconic monuments to add grandeur and symmetry to his portraits. His outdoor photos are stylistically cohesive with the images he crafts in studio –– making use of diffused directional lighting, creamy neutral tones, and deeply saturated gemstone colors.

2. Lauren Roche-Garland

Lauren Roche-Garland specializes in natural light newborn, maternity, and family portraiture. Her dreamy photography encapsulates the joyful and vulnerable qualities of embarking on new endeavors. She deftly balances a delicate mixture of golden-hour sunlight, pale highlights, and bright rim lighting. Roche-Garland’s emotional portraits reflect her desire to provide clients with timeless memories that will last for generations.

3. Marcus & Dilano

Marcus and Dilano’s clean studio portraits use soft butterfly and Rembrandt lighting –– along with unobtrusive backgrounds –– to bring out their subject’s best features. Their images are sharp, well-arranged, and distinguished –– giving their models the opportunity to emote with subtlety and relative comfort. The team’s body of work is an elegant example of modern-day studio portraiture, and it has been a featured subject on the Photowrk podcast.

4. Ksenia Pro

Ksenia Pro’s abbreviated last name is all the more fitting, thanks to her extensive portfolio of expertly crafted portraits. Originally from Russia, Ksenia settled in the Washington, DC, metro area to pursue a career in finance –– eventually finding her passion for photography to be more than a hobby. Her work focuses on empowering women through photography –– using clean lines of intersection along with skin-flattering lighting and color schemes to showcase her subject’s inner beauty.

5. Dani Lager

Being one of the younger D.C. portrait photographers, Dani Lager’s lifestyle-inspired portraits stem from a fundamental desire to capture life’s fleeting moments. As a participant of the 52 Framer project, Lager puts forth the effort to document her world each week. Her whimsical and free-spirited direction helps to draw out her subject’s natural reactions and movements, while her sense of symmetry adds a professional depth to her framing.

6. Arielle Lewis

With an affinity for futurism, Arielle Lewis creates striking images that appear effortlessly modern. Tight framing and expertly curated color schemes characterize Arielle’s intriguing portraits. Her work as a commercial photographer gives her portraits a sharp, editorial feel –– with glowing skin tones and golden highlights. Lewis divides her time between NYC and D.C. –– resulting in a well-rounded sense of urban sophistication and the photos to prove it.

7. Elliot Kremenski


As an avid nature photographer, Elliot Kremenski has a keen eye for stunning outdoor locations. Kremenski’s portraits rely on shallow depths of field and faded vignettes to bring attention to his subjects in the midst of Washington’s busy streets. His compositions obey the rule of thirds while maintaining an under-styled, natural quality.

8. Alyona Vogelmann

Whether she’s in the Arizonan desert, the Cuban coastline, or working from her D.C. home base –– Alyona Vogelmann carries her passion for “seeing a jewel in a woman” with her. Vogelmann’s desire to provide women with tangible validation of their beauty extends to her work with families and children. Throughout it all, she uses her expertise to shape how her subjects perceive themselves, promoting self-confidence in the face of harsh cultural standards.

9. Zaid Hamid

As one of the premier Washington, DC, portrait photographers, Zaid Hamid has had the opportunity to photograph President Obama, Martha Stewart, Dana Bash, and countless other grateful clients. His masterful command of studio lighting allows him to capture D.C.’s elite in a dignified manner –– both in studio and on location. Zaid’s lifelong burning desire to create has been the cornerstone of his continued success and artistic development, which he regularly nurtures through experimentation and rigorous practice.

10. Daniel Jacob (DJ) Corey

Daniel Jacob Carkuff-Corey –– AKA DJ Corey –– may not be an actual disc jockey, but he is a talented artist who plays to his audience. DJ Corey’s background as an actor and family man sets his portraits apart –– using diffused split lighting to channel a deeper perspective into his images. His headshots have helped to launch the careers of fellow actors and portray his corporate clients for the titans they are.

11. Chris Cherrie

Well equipped with a bachelor’s degree in digital art and design, Chris Cherrie brings a thorough technical knowledge to his portraiture. His fun and edgy images use harsh shadowing and high contrast to draw attention to his subject’s grittier qualities. From cherry blossom trees to subway systems, Chris Cherrie is able to bring forth his vision throughout the district’s many scenic backdrops.

12. Jefry Andres Wright

Originally from Costa Rica, Jefry Andres Wright brings his international perspective to the D.C. area through his thoughtful photographs. His desire to bring peace and unification to the world is reflected in his fine art portraiture. Using his experience as a NYC fashion photographer, Wright has learned to create remarkable images that capture a stunning and vulnerable side to D.C.’s less political residents.

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