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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Chicago

Aptly nicknamed the Windy City, Chicago boasts plenty of breathtaking Instagram-worthy locations ideal for wedding photography. While prominent attractions in Chicago, such as Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and Willis Tower, often take centerstage in pictures, if you venture beyond the tourist destinations, you’ll discover a remarkable number of low-key photo spots that need more love — wedding love, that is. For example, have you considered that perhaps the zoo or an old-fashioned ice cream truck could serve as an exceptional backdrop for your romantic photos? Well, both of these ideas have already become a reality, thanks to ingenious artists with an eye for the weird and wonderful. Without further ado, take a look at a selection of handpicked snapshots taken by the best wedding photographers in Chicago.

1. Eric Floberg

An artist with a filmmaker’s sensibilities, Eric Floberg excels at composing quirky yet sophisticated snapshots of spouses-to-be and bridal parties. Floberg pays careful attention to unique patterns created by shadows, lights, and reflections. At a certain angle, the sunshine can highlight the metal accents of a modern building to form an attractive design. In addition, Floberg has a talent for graphics, as he can superimpose silhouettes of loving couples against brilliant backgrounds, such as a starry night sky or an illuminated skyline.

2. Jake Poehls of JPP Studios

Award-winning wedding photographer Jake Poehls is the mastermind behind JPP Studios. His work has appeared in The Knot, HuffPost Weddings, and Style Me Pretty. Poehls shoots documentary-style wedding pictures that depict raw emotion and once-in-a-lifetime moments. Born and bred in Chicago, Poehls knows his way around the city — so he can effortlessly lead you to the most fanciful street art murals or an awe-inspiring spot on the beach.

3. Gerber + Scarpelli Weddings

Specializing in fine art wedding photography, the crew behind Gerber + Scarpelli Weddings blends elegance and whimsy to craft unforgettable snapshots. For example, past clients have posed in peculiar places like inside an ice cream truck or at the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo. The photographers also have experience shooting South Asian weddings, and they are able to take macro shots of henna tattoos and elaborate pieces of jewelry.

4. Found Light Studios

Found Light Studios comprises a group of passionate wedding photographers who take pride in capturing visually stimulating photos of couples in love. Their work largely features vibrant candid snapshots of subjects in a relaxed setting. According to the studio’s mission statement, they are committed to documenting your special day and will strive to “make sure that your experience is nothing short of perfection.”

5. Ann & Kam Photography

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This image of Katrina and her bridesmaids really makes me smile. First, it's just a lovely shot and my obsessive brain loves how beautiful those girls look – I couldn't have directed them into such a perfect arrangement if I had tried! More importantly, though, the story behind this moment just gave me so much respect and admiration for Katrina and her bridesmaids. Katrina got ready at her parents house in the suburbs, and just as we were planning on heading into the city for the wedding, a major transportation problem came up. Some people would stress out, get angry, or whatever, but not Katrina. She kept smiling and laughing, and we pragmatically took photos with her bridesmaids while we waited for the new transportation to arrive. Katrina's bridesmaids, for their part, stepped right up to solve the problem, get the day moving, and make sure Katrina had fun and looked beautiful. That is class, my friends, and that is a group of friends to be proud of. @carolinaherrera @fourthchurch @thedrakechicago @jennyyoochicago . . . . . #chicagoweddingphotographer #chicagowedding #chicagobride #chicagoweddingphoto #chicagoweddingphotography #chicagoweddings #strictlyweddings#fineartweddingphotography#soloverly#weddinginspiration #carolinaherrerabride#justmarried #chicagobride #brides #buzzfeed_weddings#weddingstyle #weddingphotojournalist#chicago #bridesrealwedding#realweddings#weddinginspiration #insta_Chicago #shesaidyes#freespiritedbrides#newyorkweddingphotographer#texasweddingphotographer#californiaweddingphotographer #documentaryweddings #documentaryweddinphotos #weddingreportagephotography

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Husband-and-wife photography duo Ann and Kam boast a keen sense of symmetry. Geometric patterns come to the forefront of their oeuvre, as the duo snapshots spouses-to-be in front of grand staircases, oversized windows, and perfectly landscaped gardens. Whether you prefer dim or natural lighting to establish mood, Ann and Kam can make your wedding photography dreams come true.

6. Jennifer Catherine Photography

An art school graduate, Jennifer Catherine is a professional storyteller who possesses a talent for framing aesthetically pleasing shots. The people highlighted in her wedding photography emanate pure joy, and the love portrayed in the pictures is almost palpable. Catherine takes advantage of natural light and rich colors to weave together a touching narrative.

7. Jill Tiongco Photography

The Jill Tiongco Photography website provides a glorious one-line summary of what their collective is all about: “Authentic, timeless, and romantic wedding photography is our jam.” The group’s portfolio showcases classic photographs of expressive subjects radiating a genuine passion for life and matrimony. It’s almost impossible to review the creative group’s work without having a wide grin spread across your face.

8. Jordan K. Fuller Photography

Jordan K. Fuller employs a fly-on-the-wall-style approach to her wedding photography, which allows her to capture unexpectedly intense and intimate moments. Vivid colors and defined lines make Fuller’s work stand out, as this seasoned photographer focuses on highlighting the couple, never letting them get lost in the wondrous backdrops.

9. Juancho + Johana

Juancho and Johana make up yet another husband-and-wife team of wedding photographers. The pair thoughtfully uses dramatic lighting to establish a dreamlike mood and dynamic vibe. By positioning the light source behind, next to, and in front of their subjects, the duo expertly manipulates the overall atmosphere to end up with an otherworldly final product — which is not surprising since several of Juancho and Johana’s shots resemble something straight out of an edgy sci-fi flick.

10. Zach Brake

Pro wedding photographer Zach Brake has a straightforward objective — he prides himself on “creating romantic art that will live through generations.” Brake experiments with lights and shadows, as well as positive and negative space, to craft provoking snapshots of spouses-to-be. Based on Brake’s portfolio, it’s clear he’s no stranger to using professional lighting equipment to devise profound visuals that tell a compelling story.

11. Emily Gualdoni Photography

An instinctive artist who can wear many hats, Emily Gualdoni dons her classic photojournalist cap when she strives to take flawless pictures of ecstatic couples and bridal parties. As part of her wedding photography philosophy, she aims to become acquainted with her clients — which involves actively listening to the questions and ideas of spouses-to-be — so she can successfully craft a personal and enduring experience. In addition, Gualdoni shoots boudoir photography.

12. Allison Kortokrax

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree under her belt, Allison Kortokrax is an expert at lending a refreshing perspective and twist to her artwork, especially when it comes to wedding photography. Kortokrax’s creativity even managed to catch the eye of PhotoVogue Italia, which has featured her work. Moreover, Heavy Feather Review and Los Angeles-based Cliché Magazine have showcased Kortokrax’s photography. As one of the best wedding photographers in Chicago, she uses bold colors and high-contrast lighting to her advantage, creating refined shots and a signature style.

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