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The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in Dallas

Tucked away in north Texas is the scenic, cosmopolitan city of Dallas. A dynamic hub of innovation and commerce, Dallas also boasts a thriving creative community of photographers, maybe of which specialize in weddings. For that reason, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of our selections for the best wedding photographers in Dallas. Enjoy!

1. Alba Rose Photography

A refined artist, Rosy is the mastermind behind Alba Rose Photography. She has a penchant for visual storytelling, and her passion resonates through her work. Her style of traditional wedding photography is bright, airy, and timeless. She expertly uses natural light and outdoorsy environments to highlight her clients in an elegant manner. According to Rosy herself, “Making real connections with my couples and bringing out the personalities in portraits is my specialty.”

2. Bianar Photography

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Their first wedding portrait.

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Bianar’s work summed up in a few words: moody, dramatic, and awe-inspiring. Using a refreshingly artistic eye, she manages to capture her clients among breathtaking surroundings, and the lighting just seems to cooperate no matter where she shoots. Moreover, inclement weather — that is, snow, sleet, or rain — won’t stop Bianar from taking the perfect picture of soon-to-be spouses.

3. Ellen Ashton Photography

Ellen Ashton’s classic wedding photography is nothing short of ethereal. Taking snapshots against stunning natural landscapes and lighting, she portrays her clients as joyous fairy-tale characters who have magically come to life. Her work boasts crisp lines and vivid colors, which sets her apart from other traditional photographers who rely on muted colors and a soft texture.

4. Infallible Proofs

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Ladies & gentlemen, the Michael’s!

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The artists behind Infallible Proofs Photography possess a unique talent of imbuing a sense of nostalgia into their clients’ wedding pictures. Perhaps it’s the warm tones, natural lighting, or simple surroundings in the photographs that lend sincerity and sentimentality. Using a photojournalist approach, the Infallible Proofs Photography team captures the beauty of each passing moment on their clients’ big day.

5. Yoohoo Photo

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New wedding highlight on our story!

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Behind Yoohoo Photo is a pair of passionate creatives named Jesse and Lindsay. The duo’s documentary-style wedding photography allows them to capture spontaneous shots of playfulness and genuine affection. Inspired by vintage-style film, Jesse and Lindsay turn their focus to dramatic lighting to achieve a product that has a timeless, cinematic quality. They also thoughtfully use positive and negative space to create harmonious images.

6. Cactus & Coast Photography

Cactus & Coast Photography consists of an unstoppable husband-and-wife team — Shelby and Jason. They pride themselves on capturing raw, authentic emotions and the unique, magnificent character that makes every couple special. Their work features wedding photography shots of spouses-to-be in a variety of intriguing environments, from an old-fashioned church to middle-of-nowhere grasslands. Online publications, including Cake and Lace, as well as Brides of North Texas, have recognized Shelby and Jason’s incredible photography.

7. GM Photography

It would not be surprising to learn that the artistic geniuses behind GM Photo are actually from another planet. Just take a glance at their otherworldly wedding photography, and you’ll become a believer (in extraterrestrial beings with next-level aesthetics). They also photograph quinceañeras, which result in photos that are equally visually inspiring. Dreamy, romantic, and completely absorbing, GM Photo’s work is out of this world.

8. Phive-14 Photography

Recognized by Essence magazine and WeddingWire, the fearless photographer behind Phive-14 Photography strives to be world-renowned as one of the best wedding photographers in Dallas. He has an impeccable skill of telling love stories through powerful images that exude a sensual yet relaxed vibe. While Phive-14 Photography has a preference for using natural lighting to illuminate clients, he is no stranger to setting up professional lighting equipment. With his artistic sensibilities and efficient method of working, he will make your wedding day a glorious occasion.

9. Hannah Hays Photography

Hannah Hays specializes in taking dynamic pictures of couples in love. Combining traditional wedding photography with a touch of whimsy and photojournalism, Hannah has established a signature style that has the ability to warm the heart of hopeless romantics everywhere. If you’re looking for a photographer whose work will make you genuinely smile and go, “Aww!” then check out Hannah’s portfolio.

10. Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson’s wedding photography boasts an undeniably indie-movie feel. Many of her snapshots resemble a well-framed and composed still from a carefully crafted film. Heather also experiments with light, negative/positive space, as well as artsy angles and patterns to produce a gorgeously dramatic atmosphere for her clients.

11. Taylor Salerno Photography

Upbeat and sentimental, Taylor Salerno is all about immortalizing beautiful moments of matrimony via her camera. “When you are walking down the aisle in front of all of your friends and family, and your fiancé sees you for the first time,” Taylor writes on her website, “I want you to look at this image and feel all the feels.” Her work emanates warm, earthy tones, which perfectly complements her laid-back, down-to-earth personality.

12. Laken Mackenzie

Laken Mackenzie is a storyteller and documentarian at heart, and this is plain as day if you take a look at her portfolio. With an appreciation for vintage stuff, she’s a pro at taking fun, candid shots of spouses-to-be, as well as finding locations where natural lighting can create an unforgettable mood. In addition, Laken takes advantage of rich, bold colors to forge a grand impression.

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