The 12 Best Wedding Photographers in San Francisco

Is there a city in California more iconic than San Francisco? Home to famed attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Alcatraz Island, the city offers many photogenic destinations that would be ideal for a wedding photo shoot. While these landmarks appear to proverbially overshadow the rest of San Francisco, you’d be surprised to learn that there are plenty of stunning yet overlooked spaces in the Bay Area. Be inspired by the best wedding photographers in San Francisco.

1. Apollo Fotografie

The creative crew behind Apollo Fotografie possesses a talent for creating timeless wedding photography. Primarily using natural light, the photographers deftly capture candid photos of upbeat couples and bridal party members who are at ease in an outdoor environment. The lovely team has enough skill and charisma that they can even compel a dog to grin for the camera (you can check their Instagram page for proof). If you leaf through the prints in Apollo Fotografie’s portfolio, you’ll instantly notice that all of their subjects exude delight and have a genuine smile.

2. Anna Wu Photography

While some traditional wedding photographers prefer flawless snapshots of their clients enjoying their special day, Anna Wu appreciates a different point of view — she believes imperfections are the stuff of beauty. Offering stunning visuals with a naturalistic atmosphere, Wu’s work highlights the wonder and joy of matrimony without relying on photomanipulation or airbrushing tools. This way, she lets authentic emotions work their magic in her artwork.

3. Joseph and Alex of IQphoto Studio

IQphoto Studio’s website sums it up best, “When you choose your wedding photographer, you are not just buying a service — you are investing in memories.” So true! Joseph and Alex are the duo behind the innovative studio, and they shoot multiple styles of wedding photography, which include documentary, traditional, and editorial. Whether you want spontaneous pictures of your bridal party or thoughtfully composed snapshots of the bride and groom, IQphoto Studio is all too familiar with crafting the perfect experience.

4. Sasha Yevelev

Wedding photographer Sasha Yevelev is a pro at highlighting renowned San Francisco landmarks in his work. Yevelev has skillfully depicted blissful couples posing near the mist-enveloped Golden Gate Bridge, as well as in front of the illuminated Cupid’s Span sculpture. There is a certain gracefulness present in Yevelev’s photographs — his subjects and backgrounds appear almost too lovely to be of this world.

5. Wild About You 

Wild About You is a studio consisting of artists Chris Anderson and Lily Chou, who are also known as Canderson and Tiger Lily, respectively. This duo’s wedding photography style combines high-contrast lighting with vibrant, bold colors to produce a finished product reminiscent of the theatre. If you’ve always wanted your wedding pictures to give off a Broadway-show vibe, then allow Tiger Lily and Canderson to serve as your ingenious photographers.

6. Gavin Farrington Photography

According to Gavin Farrington, “Your wedding photographs should be a reflection of who you are, the life you’ve built, and the people that you hold dearest.” Farrington takes his philosophy to heart, as he aims to capture intimate moments between lovers who share a profound connection. He wants nothing more than to expose real emotion and the essence of humanity through his work.

7. Larissa Cleveland

One of the best wedding photographers in San Francisco, Larissa Cleveland boasts an impressive list of accolades. Publications like The Knot, Brides magazine, The New York Times, and Huffington Post have all featured Cleveland’s work. It’s no wonder this talented photographer has garnered such critical acclaim, as her well-lit, artistic snapshots that portray love and union speak for themselves. Cleveland sets her subjects in airy outdoor environments to stir up a sense of wonder and adventure.

8. Alison and Adm

Employing a fly-on-the-wall-style of photography, Alison and Adm are a pair of trained photojournalists who have robust experience in the newsroom. They share a simple goal of wanting to capture sincerity and realness by way of candid shots. No matter if their subjects are expressing pure joy or surprise, this team of documentary wedding photographers won’t miss a beat.

9. Helena and Laurent

Documentary wedding photographers Helena and Laurent have a flair the dramatic. The two blend shadows and light within emotionally charged scenes to craft stories worthy of being featured in a modern art museum. There is a dreamy quality to the pair’s work, which manages to evoke inexplicable feelings of sentimentality. Whether shooting indoors or outdoors, Helena and Laurent are acutely aware of what they’re doing.

10. Bre Thurston

After spending half a decade working in publishing, Bre Thurston decided to step into the world of professional photography — which is where she found her passion! Illustrious print magazines, including People, The Knot, Vogue Brasil, and Cosmopolitan, have prominently featured Thurston’s photographs. Her work consists of dynamic and inclusive pictures of true love. She excels at taking well-framed snapshots of bridal parties and spouses-to-be when they’re at their most expressive.

11. Rachel Levine Photography

Specializing in city hall wedding photography, Rachel Levine has carved herself an impressive niche. While city hall may not be at the top of most couples’ lists of wedding destinations, Levine resourcefully transforms the space into an enchanting wonderland. There is an air of elegance and a hint of luxury that pervades her work, which might be enough to convince more spouses-to-be to choose city hall as the place for their marriage ceremony.

12. Irina Ventresca Photography

Irina Ventresca views wedding photography as “a true investment which will be passed on to your children and grandchildren, to be looked at for anniversaries to come.” With that philosophy in mind, Ventresca endeavors to immortalize fleeting moments in the form of photographs. She uses natural surroundings and lighting to hone her craft, imbuing a cinematic feel to her work. The snapshots in Ventresca’s portfolio prove that happy endings are possible after all.

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