The 10 Best Boudoir Photographers in Las Vegas

On the lookout for the best Las Vegas boudoir photographers to partner with on your upcoming shoot? Then you’re at the right place, as that’s exactly what we at Peerspace have for you ahead. The bright lights and endless nights of Las Vegas are the stuff of legend. The same goes for its colorful history and desert landscape, as well as its rugged swagger and sense of fun. There’s perhaps no city more suited to the adventurousness of boudoir photography.

These top Las Vegas boudoir photographers know how to make their clients look and feel incredible, and we’re over the moon to show you their work

1. Courtney Allison Boudoir

Courtney Allison is not only one of our favorite boudoir photographers in Las Vegas, but frankly in the country. She claims she’ll make you a “right swipe on Tinder”. However, she’ll do much more than that — she’ll make you into a work of art.

She’s an expert at taking advantage of soft natural lighting and traditional composition techniques. Expect stylishly understated tones, accentuated with the occasional burst of bold color.


Check out Kat Armendariz’s boudoir photography and tell us it doesn’t evoke glossy magazines, music photography, and cinematic glitz. If you check out her portfolio, you’ll see a dizzying range of portrait styles, but the one thing you can consistently say is that they’re never ever boring. So, get a little wild with it.

Brainstorm with Armendariz to explore your biggest, boldest ideas since the odds are good that she can turn your fantasy into a reality.

3. Kim of Dirt and Glitter Photo Design

Every good Las Vegas boudoir photographer (or any kind of photographer, really) knows how to use Las Vegas’s stunning natural landscapes as a backdrop. But for our money, we’ll take Kim Meza’s outdoor photos over just about anyone else’s. Her Pinterest-worthy photography harnesses golden light and lovely jewel tones — among many other tricks of the trade — to craft some truly gorgeous images.

She also shoots indoors, where the setting is so picture-perfect, it will be easy to bring out your inner goddess.

4. Cherie and Hedley of The Boudoir Café

Cherie Steinberg and Hedley Jones helm the Boudoir Café, which has become one of the most well-known boudoir studios in the United States. Looking at their work, it’s really no wonder why. Their crisp, attention-grabbing photos range from high-luxury fine art to the kind of Sin City heat that makes us blush. Take a look at their portfolio, and we promise you’ll be blown away.  

The team also works in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto, so if you’re in one of those other cities, it’s time to get excited!

5. Alyssa Lauren Photography

Alyssa Lauren is a reassuring figure, a combination coach and cheerleader who’s there to ensure that every client is comfortable and confident. After all, most of us don’t know how to pose without being directed, nor do we know exactly what to expect when we show up to get photographed.

Lauren’s photos are authentic and sultry, full of deep color palettes and the mysterious interplay between shadow and light. In other words, it’s what you’d hope from a boudoir shoot, when in the hands of one of the city’s finest.

6. Pam Fields Photography

On top of being an outstanding Las Vegas boudoir photographer, Pam Fields is the managing editor of RISE Magazine, an international photography publication. This makes sense when looking at her work, which would be at home in a fashion magazine editorial or splashed across a billboard.

She’s at home using both natural light and studio lights, as well as specializes in working with men and couples — something that can’t be said of every boudoir photographer. We can’t say enough good things about her work, from the pixel-perfect polish on every shot to the fresh new takes she’s constantly producing.

7. Gaby of Boudoir on Polaroid

Boudoir on Polaroid is a specialized and very fun service provided by the prolific photographer Gaby Jeter. Jeter’s work appears in GQ, Bon Appetit, and, to name but a few, and she brings that same A-game to every boudoir shoot.

So what’s the deal with her studio’s name? Rather than receiving digital files or ordering prints, clients take home physical Polaroids. Whether they’re playful and goofy or outright seductive, these make heart-stopping gifts — either for a special someone or for yourself.

8. Charise Harp Boudoir

Charise Harp’s sense of color and experimentation aren’t quite like anyone else’s, meaning she’ll be the perfect match for some clients. We love the way her photos integrate details like light leaks and double exposures, or how they may look faded and vintage or boldly saturated with wall-to-wall color. Her work is also playful, looking great while never taking itself too seriously.

Harp brings a great wealth of skill and creativity to the table, and we can’t wait to see what she does in years to come.

9. Bryan of Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

Bryan Kurz is the owner of Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir, and he’s all about the glamorous and fun-loving side of boudoir. Kurz has an experienced hand in commercial photography. He also shoots glamour photography, and his edits demonstrate that influence.

In addition, Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir shoots a significant amount of maternity photos, so they’re an ideal candidate for clients who want to give maternity boudoir a whirl.

10. Jennifer of J Renee Studios

Jennifer Renee shoots a fine-art boudoir that feels very documentary in nature. There’s an easygoing quality about her work, an authenticity that’s hard to come by. Her clients look drop-dead gorgeous, but they also look natural and real, as if they’re just lounging around their own homes on any average day (and happen to look like bombshells while doing it). Believe us when we say that capturing her clients’ true beauty and making it look effortless takes true skill.

Bonus: Terri of Grace in Lace Boudoir

Terri Zachea created Grace in Lace Boudoir to give Las Vegas women a place to explore their sensual side in a more elegant, laidback way. This is the studio to turn to if you’re new to boudoir or simply wish to have photos of yourself looking sultry without exposing every inch of skin. It’s seduction at its finest, and boudoir at its most classic. And there’s nothing wrong with either of those facts, if you ask us!

Peerspace is home to Las Vegas’s most sensational boudoir studios

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If this list were the Sexiest Cities in America, Las Vegas would certainly be on it. That makes it an ideal city to take the boudoir plunge in. Tap into that Las Vegas energy — the sense of freedom, of boldness — and do something exciting for yourself. You deserve it.

After choosing your favorite photographer from this list, come back here to Peerspace. After all, we are the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals. That means we have countless spaces that live up to Sin City’s reputation. Check us out and you’ll know what we mean!

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