The 11 Best Boudoir Photographers in Oakland, CA

Wondering who made Peerspace’s list of the best Oakland boudoir photographers? You may be if you’re looking to recognize a life milestone. Or maybe you’re just reminding yourself of your innate sexiness. Regardless of the reason, there are few better places than the Bay Area if you’re looking for a self-celebratory photoshoot!

Each of the top 11 Oakland boudoir photographers is the very best at what they do: revealing your unique radiance in a compassionate and beautiful fashion!

1. Jiyeon of Fem Boudoir

Jiyeon of Fem Boudoir provides an experience that deepens your connection with yourself. She started her boudoir journey just four years ago, yet Jiyeon was just as transformed by it as her subject was.

Having been on both sides of the camera, she also understands how intimidating it can be to open up in such an intimate way. As a result, each boudoir image shows authenticity in her subjects that reflects Jiyeon’s compassion and skill as a photographer!

2. Niki of Her Story Images

Niki of Her Story Images became a boudoir photographer after she was approached by a woman who loved her approach to portraiture. Niki helped this client celebrate where she was in life and discovered an entirely new world of photography in the process!

She now captures the sexy and sensuality inherent to all women. Niki also makes great use of the background, using textures, lines, and shapes in ways that highlight subjects and add context to her images.

3. Andrea Liora Studios

As a fine art, branding, maternity, and Oakland boudoir photographer, Andrea Liora helps California clients find and refine their images. Working from her Oakland studio, she uses ideal lighting and poses ranging from classic to dynamic in character.

Andrea’s art has a delightful subtlety thanks to her talent for directing light. Instead of relying on punchy color grades, her work explores shadow, illumination, and tonality with the human form as her canvas.

4. Chérie Amour

From Atlanta to Oakland, Chérie Amour is the boudoir studio of choice for women looking to see themselves in a fresh way. This team of boudoir photographers operates in dozens of cities across the country. Their approach and color grading talents can meet the needs of any vision you have for the session.

From bold flash to subdued natural light, monochrome or vivid color, Chérie Amour has the experience required for your dream boudoir photoshoot.

5. Jonathan Soltero

Creative director, designer, and photographer are just a few of the hats Jonathan Soltero wears with pride! His talents also happen to be very complementary and come together nicely in the world of boudoir photography.

This self-taught Oakland boudoir photographer helps women see themselves from the lights of a kind stranger. Someone who ignores what they consider to be flawed and uplifts them by showcasing their innate beauty and sexiness. This approach gives Jonathan’s photography a celebratory element thanks to the radiant confidence displayed by his models.

6. Lily Yip

Whether you’re looking to celebrate your entire family, yourself in an intimate setting, or a maternity, Lily Yip is here for you! She describes her approach as “soft and romantic!” It Is a delightful departure from the hard shadows and in-your-face compositions so common to boudoir. Lily’s style is minimalistic, with few distractions and an obvious subject.

Natural light floods the scene, highlighting the subtle tones of skin in an artistic way. Each scene has few to no distracting colors as well, giving her entire portfolio a delightful consistency.

7. Amani Wade

Amani Wade is an Oakland boudoir photographer whose work blends authentic expressions with the best guided posing techniques. Her styling is always gentle, ensuring we still get to see how you naturally relate to the environment and the camera. She helps create expressions that are captivating, thanks to their uniqueness inherent to you.

Amani’s talent for helping people feel at ease in such an intimate setting is incredible and a testament to her talents as a professional photographer!

8. Rachel Sima Castro

Dreamy and intimate are just a few of the words Rachel Sima Castro uses to describe her approach. We agree and love to see this fresh approach to the boudoir genre. Instead of dark and moody Rachel leaves her subjects well-lit and surrounded by soft, out-of-focus areas.

Rachel skillfully guides our attention using minimalistic compositions free of distraction. And her colors tend to be warm while remaining natural in hue.

9. Kimberly Tracy Photography

Celebrating you as someone worthy of love is the experience Kimberly Tracy offers her clients! Her boudoir images showcase your beauty in ways that highlight your uniqueness in a loving way. You’ll truly enjoy how informed Kimberly is about the healing power of boudoir.

Here is how she describes the experience: “Boudoir photography is more than just a photoshoot, it’s a powerful experience that will allow you to let go, enjoy some much needed “me time” and appreciate just how beautiful you are in this very moment!”

10. Brianna Noelle Boudoir

After being gifted a digital camera by her husband, Brianna Noelle realized what a gift photography was. The ability to tell stories about life and people is a wonderful thing.

And boudoir stories are some of her favorites to share! Brianna’s vision is one rich in contrast, where bright skin, dark hair, and textured backgrounds sing within the frame. Her use of eye contact is very intentional as well, striking precisely the right mood for viewers.

11. Kimberly MacDonald

Kimberly MacDonald is not only an Oakland boudoir photographer; she also crafts art with women throughout California! From Sonoma County all the way down to San Diego, she helps her clients celebrate their bodies in ways that are creative, even for boudoir art.

We especially enjoy her bridal boudoir, mixing the elegance of wedding finery with the passion of boudoir!

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