The 9 Best Boudoir Photographers in Toronto

There are a ton of talented Toronto boudoir photographers out there, but the following artists are the cream of the crop. With these artists, you’ll find out what sexy means for you — from flat-out glamorous, model-inspired editorial styles to simple vibes involving a T-shirt and undies in your home on a weekend morning.

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Many of our favorite boudoir photographers in Toronto focus as much on empowering their subjects as they are on the art of photography itself. On the other hand, others blend fashion styling into their shoots for a truly luxe experience. Whoever you choose, you can’t go wrong with any of these talented Toronto boudoir photographers!

1. Trevor Sherwin of Provocateur Images

Provocateur Images is an aptly named studio. After all, lead photographer Trevor Sherwin’s images are provocative in all the best ways. Titillating, playful, thoughtful, and artistic. Over a decade of experience in portraiture prepared Trevor for his career in boudoir photography, and his skill at making his subjects comfortable is evident in the photos.

Provocateur Images helps women, men, and couples discover or rediscover themselves in a way that just so happens to result in gorgeous photos. He and his team of stylists are sure to wow you! There’s a reason they’re billed as Toronto’s #1 luxury boudoir studio, after all.

As Trevor himself says about his charmed career: “Where else do you get to change how people see themselves? Nowhere! I’m also really lucky to work with some really awesome people too that help make Provocateur Images the most amazing boudoir experience!

2. Alishba Zarmeen of Dream Boudoir Photography

Bold, artistic, with just enough of a rebellious streak, Alishba Zarmeen is the leader of this all-female team of Toronto boudoir photographers. They are on a mission to bring a touch of glam alongside your empowerment during each shoot. Her client closet includes such fantastical items as giant angel wings, as well as all manner of floaty chiffon gowns and garter belts. Fully believing that boudoir is for every body, Alishba works with clients of all shapes and sizes.

On Dream Boudoir’s website, you can book a complementary consultation and learn all about what a boudoir experience with them entails. Her posing expertise and lighting will make you look like a model, even if you insist you aren’t one. In fact, her portfolio of joyous, sensuous women speaks for itself!

Just check out what one of their many thrilled clients has to say about her experience with Dream Boudoir Photography: “My experience was absolutely amazing, Alishba was able to take my vague ideas and turn them into a complete work of art! Her talent, kindness and compassion were so present in my session with her. My hair and makeup was so beautiful and simplistic. I was still able to ‘look like me’ while capturing my inner and outer beauty.

3. Samantha Kay Studios by Crave Boudoir

Samantha Kay believes in the transformative power of boudoir photography. She even has a before and after section on her website, so you can imagine your own transformation. You’ll also see that the women she works with are not professional models — they just look like it in their photos! Her hair and makeup team will glam you up, and she’ll direct your poses to accentuate your body in all the right ways.

Samantha’s artistry is evident — timeless black-and-white images enshrine your beauty in an iconic way. However, we also think her work is classy and understated — naturally sexy without being too much. She’s perfect for those who want to try boudoir but don’t want to be over the top. 

As Samantha herself shares about your journey at her studio: “Crave Boudoir specializes in minimalistic, black and white portraits for the modern woman. We strive to celebrate YOU as the focus, without any frills or distractions.” Sounds ideal to us!

We think Samantha and the team’s work would come alive in this modern daylight creative studio in Cabbagetown South. Its neutral decor and sunny ambiance are a perfect match for her classy style.

These creative, sensual boudoir photography ideas introduce you to the beauty of boudoir if you’re new to the genre!

4. Fanny and Juliette of Scandaleuse Photography

Combining mindset coaching and photos, the Toronto boudoir photographer team behind Scandaleuse Photography is here to make you feel as stunning as you look. Fanny and Juliette are equal parts confidence coaches and artists — an unstoppable combination. As coaches, they work with you to discover your inner confidence — which, of course, shines through as beauty in front of the camera.

The team shoots in several locations, both indoor and outdoor, and works with clients to produce stunning photos that are uniquely them. As a fully inclusive studio, they work with all humans and all bodies, which is all the more reason to love them. We love the team’s maxim: “we created Scandaleuse to offer a safe and empowering experience to help women let loose and feel free.And who doesn’t want that from their boudoir sesh?!

According to one of this duo’s pleased clients: “I recommend EVERYONE work with these amazing women. Especially if you are apprehensive, shy, nervous, have self esteem or body image issues, Scandaleuse will make you feel like the Queens (and Kings) that you are!

5. Lora Vertue of Kissed by Light Photo

Kissed by Light Photo was founded by Lora Vertue, who also serves as the creative director and photographer. It is an all-female team ready to ensure you’ll have the best experience possible. In fact, Lora’s mission is to give the busy modern woman some time to explore what being a woman means to her. She also creates the space to boost your confidence so you can be yourself.

As a Toronto boudoir photographer, she uses her years of working as a fashion and fine art photographer to provide you with editorial-style photos that are glamorous, elegant, and creative. 

And if all that wasn’t enough, check out what Kissed by Light says of their process. “Our all-female team is dedicated to creating a makeover day, specially tailored for each woman to enjoy and let her guard down. Our safe, welcoming, and beautiful environment pays an homage to the boudoir of times gone by, and through the power of photography, we strive to commemorate beauty, elegance, and timeless style.”

Bring Lora’s timeless, artistic style to life by hiring her and inviting her to this post-creative loft in Parkdale that is continually evolving with elegant art installations.

6. Boudoir by Verveine Studios

Tania Dee of Verveine Studios brings out the inner sexiness in everyday people. And the result is one truly compelling portfolio! Her work has a natural feeling to it — like she just happened to be photographing this person on their very best day. However, her posing is all professional polish. Blending fashion styling into her work, she makes every client look like they stepped out of a magazine.

Her style is especially perfect for couples and maternity shoots as the editorial vibe keeps your photo set sensual and celebratory without being overt. Hair and makeup services are also included, to further bring out your confidence.

In Tania’s own words: “It’s not about how you look, but rather how you feel about the way you look. Confidence is truly an amazing thing. [It] is what we all need. Confidence and self-acceptance and personality is what I bring out in the women I photograph. I need you to know that you are perfect right now. It is my job to find the model within you, that I know is there.”

7. Ella White Photography

A fine-art-style Toronto boudoir photographer, Ella White is committed to making you fall in love with yourself through photography. Her background in fashion photography is a huge addition to her passion for making women feel beautiful. How does she do it? With the very simple reason that she knows how to light, pose, and work with clients.

If you work with Ella, consider booking this bright and elegant high-ceiling loft in Rockcliffe-Smythe. Its rustic exposed brick walls and glamorous modern furnishings will make her style (and your bod!) look amazing.

Ella has a light, bright editing touch that is perfect for dreamy, artistic images. And, her minimal compositions keep the focus on your beautiful self. If you want to learn to love yourself in photos, working with her is a great start. In fact, it’s hard to find a single thing to dislike about her style!

As Ella herself says of her technique: “My approach to boudoir photography is very soft & romantic. During your session we will take the time to learn about your preferences, accentuating what you are most proud of, and working on any insecurities you may have.”

You’re close to finding the perfect photographer, now you just need some inspiration. Check out our boudoir photoshoot ideas in Toronto for all that and more!

8. Patricia of Cadeau Boudoir

Patricia is a body-positive photographer who embodies this ideal through her glorious images. At her photography outfit, Cadeau Boudoir, she loves facilitating women’s transformation while producing stunning images. In fact, her care for her subjects and love of the art are evident as she makes magic happen. Her photo experience makes a great gift for yourself or someone special, so celebrate yourself under her expert guidance! 

It’s clear that Patricia is all about empowerment. In her own words: “It’s my mission to help you see the sensual, gorgeous woman you already are. You’re perfect now. Let me show you.”

9. Nicole of Babesclub Boudoir

Serving the greater Durham region in addition to the Toronto area, Nicole helps women “reclaim their sexy”. And in fact, looking at her work, we’d say that’s exactly what she does! Sexy has different meanings for different people, and she works with you to find what it means for you. Not only that, but she manages to enhance it tenfold. Her photography talents and ability to put you at ease leave you with timeless images to marvel over for years. 

Why not book Nicole and hold your shoot at this bold colorful set with vintage furnishings in Dovercourt Village? In this lush, texture-filled space, she will bring your posing game to all new heights!

As one of her past clients points out, the boudoir experience can be transformative. “When it came time to view the pictures I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. That day was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time!!! I looked sexy, I looked confident and I literally wore a smile on my face for the entire week.”

Bonus: Anastasia of Olive Photography

Anastasia of Olive Photography is one of the most popular wedding and lifestyle photographers in Toronto. She also happens to be one of the most gifted boudoir photographers, too! What you won’t see pasted on her website or IG is scantily clad boudoir images of her clients. Why? She keeps that private, protecting you and your photos from prying eyes.

However, we can say that given her flair for vibrant, natural images, her boudoir style is surely similar. Contact Anastasia if you’re looking for elegant, artistic boudoir images that display the real you beautifully. Also, be sure to check out her website for her complete portfolio as well as for client testimonials that describe how wonderful working with her is!

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