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8 Best Places to Find Camera Equipment Rentals in Atlanta

At some point, the city of Atlanta went and transformed into the entertainment capital of the South. With a music scene, a movie scene, and a television scene, this place has truly got the star power. And when it comes to being creative in these industries, everyone knows that a great idea is great, but the real magic lies in the execution. And the execution relies largely on having the right gear. Therefore, we’ve compiled eight of the best options for camera equipment rentals in Atlanta, Georgia, and while this list is by no means exhaustive, but it should certainly save you time.

1. Professional Photo Resources

667 11th ST NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Calling all photographers: Professional Photo Resources has a pleasantly large collection of DSLR cameras from your most trusted brands — Canon, Nikon, and Sony — as well as plenty of more affordable options for amateurs. They do have a small selection of bonafide cinema-quality cameras, but their specialty is definitely in digital still photography. Their rental rates are very fair, though keep in mind that you will be required to put a hefty deposit down when you pick up your camera (and you should factor this into your decision). Additionally, you will be required to pre-pay for your rental, and if you need it longer, you’ll need to renew your rental for a specific number of days (rather than extending it indefinitely), and then you’ll have to pay for that renewal, again, upfront.

2. Aperturent

6065 Roswell Road NE #350 Atlanta, GA 30328

If you’re looking for camera equipment rentals in Atlanta, Georgia, consider Aperturent. They’re an online company with three offices in Dallas, D.C., and Atlanta. Atlanta’s Aperturent is known for its knowledgeable staff and lowest-in-the-area prices. Their video and photography offerings are diverse, but if you’re looking to shoot in 8k, you’ll need to look elsewhere. However, for all projects outside of a Hollywood feature, Aperturent has got you covered. Their lens offerings are also quite good, meaning no matter how you imagine the shot, you’ll be able to capture it with Aperturent’s rentals. Head over to their website to check out their equipment. Note: you place all orders through their website, and can either have your order delivered or pick it up at their office. They do require a deposit.

3. Keslow Camera

554 N Ave NW Suite A Atlanta, GA 30318

Whereas other businesses on this list cater to experts and amateurs alike, Keslow Camera is geared toward more of an industry crowd, with a wide array of top-of-the-line digital and film cameras kept in impeccable working condition by their team of technicians. They specialize in professional video equipment, not digital photography equipment. However, if you need the best gear — and there’s every chance you do since Atlanta has quickly become one of the entertainment capitals of the country — give Keslow a call. They’ll treat you special.

4. Full Frame Rentals

727 Channing Dr. NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Full Frame Rentals is that rare gem: a truly local place with high-end cinema gear offerings. They carry RED and Arri cameras and lenses, and this exclusive focus means you can talk shop with the experts to get exactly what you want for your motion picture or television project. Full Frame Rental’s founder worked on critically acclaimed blockbusters (think: “Saving Private Ryan,” “Munich,” and “Jurassic Park”), so they place a premium on excellent-quality gear. They also offer studio space rentals starting at $75 an hour, which includes a grip and electric package, to facilitate your work.

5. Shudder Studios

3095 Presidential Drive Suite F Atlanta, GA 30340

Shudder Studios is another equipment rentals company specializing in video cameras in Atlanta. They have the same top-of-the-line offerings of some of the other companies on this list, including Arri and RED cameras, a variety of monitors, lenses, grips, accessories. Shudder even rents out a Mac Pro with Final Cut or Adobe Premier to edit your film on. To rent with this vendor, you’ll first need to fill out a new client form (available on their website). And for your first rental, you’ll be asked to pay upfront.

6. PC&E Atlanta

2235 DeFoor Hills Rd. Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Shooting a music video or short film? PC&E has a variety of cameras for rent — everything from the Panasonic AG-AF100 to top-of-the-line Arri, RED, and Phantom cameras. They’ve also got an abundant selection of lighting and camera accessories, as well as three fully-functioning sound stages, along with accompanying makeup rooms, salon chairs, a shampoo sink, etc. In other words, this vendor means business. If you’ve got a big video project, they have the know-how to make sure you have everything you need to pull it off.

7. KitSplit 

KitSplit is a peer-to-peer camera equipment rental website that we’re pretty fond of, mainly because you can find equipment for as much as 50% off compared to some of the other guys. The individuals renting their equipment keep most of the money, and KitSplit takes a cut. The part about the whole deal that we really appreciate though is how simple and easy it is to insure the products you’re renting — which we absolutely recommend paying for. (This equipment is simply too expensive to be financially responsible for!) Give KitSplit a look. Order online, and they’ll connect you and the owner of the gear.

8. Peerspace

That’s right! Peerspace just may have the connects to get you both the perfect location and the right gear. Not everyone knows that our Peerspace hosts have the ability to rent a full array of gear along with their location —all through the Peerspace marketplace. Next time you’re scouting a location for a photo or video space, you might want to single out a space that also rents gear. This will save you the hassle of pickup and drop-off, guarantee you only pay for the time you use, and could also save you money.

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