The 9 Best Cityscape Photographers in Austin

Austin is one of America’s fastest growing cities, and for good reason. As well as plenty of companies setting their roots here, there’s a collaborative and almost community-close, artistic, and hippie vibe to its neighborhoods. These Austin cityscape photographers excel in capturing the live music capital of the world in all of its glory. Whether the vantage point is from the sky or from the street, you’re about to see Austin like you never have before.

1. Anna Reagan Chronister

Anna Reagan Chronister is a portrait photographer based in Houston, TX who frequently works in Austin. Although her portfolio is full of outstanding, humanistic portraits, a big part of her heart is reserved for landscape and street photography. When it comes to the city, whether she’s capturing her native Houston or Austin, you can see just how much she loves photographing those scenes. We love the way she captures the colors of the winter sky in this picture in particular.

2. Patrick Y Wong

It’s no surprise to us that a professional architectural photographer also winds up being one of our favorite Austin cityscape photographers, too. Patrick Y Wong captures powerful images of buildings and cities that inspire you to think more about artful composition, both photographically and architecturally Most of his pictures feel almost 3D, as if you’re looking at them straight on and could walk into them. It’s pretty magical.

3. Jake Rabin

Jake Rabin is a photographer of all trades — and a drummer. He takes everything from live concert photos to band and maternity projects. But it was actually his pictures of Austin that caught our eye. Jake plays around with color and saturation in post-production, not just bringing the city to life but offering a new and unique flavor. They have a cross-processed vibe we haven’t seen much in cityscape photography, but one we also can’t wait to see more of.

4. Victor Mata

Victor Mata is a professional photographer and the man behind VHM Photography. Specializing in everything from portraits, landscapes, night shots, and nature, he’s been taking pictures for over two decades. Over the years, he’s used many different types of cameras from film to digital, all of which you can see in his work. Whether he’s capturing stars and galaxies over Matagorda Bay, the golden hour over sunflower fields, or Texan skylines, there’s something inspiring for everyone.

5. David Aguilar

Drone pilots. Media agency owners. Austin cityscape photographers. Is there anything Texas doesn’t do best? David Aguilar is a photographer and video creator whose cityscapes were enough to make us go, “Holy sh—!” He shoots with a Sony A7iii and DJI Mavic Air and is another photographer fond of cross-processing. His pictures are moody and inviting; a snapshot of life in ATX through a dreamy, foreign lens. And we have no idea how he does it, but he does it so well.

6. Darroll Wright

Although he doesn’t consider himself a professional, aspiring hobby photographer Darroll Wright caught our attention via his Instagram. A lot of photographers these days seem afraid of color, but not Darroll. Whether he’s photographing animals, natural landscapes, or a city, he doesn’t shy away from bold and neon colors. His pictures are hyper-realistic at times and although it strays from the city theme, his shots of Lower Antelope Slot Canyon are also divine.

7. Rob Greebon

Oftentimes, the best person to capture the essence of a place is somebody who knows it inside and out. Fourth generation Texan Rob Greebon is an internationally-renowned landscape photographer from the Texas Hill Country. You might even have seen his work on Fine Art America already. As well as being honored by Kudela and Weinheimer Landscape and Architectures, his photos have been featured in dozens of travel magazines over the years. His love of Texas is evident in every snap, and his cityscapes are just as inspiring as any of his landscapes.

8. Anna Mallam

Award-winning Austin fine art photographer, Anna Mallam, is the brains and the lens behind Slow Fuse Photography. Anna is inspired by the natural fall of sunrise to sunset and the unique color palettes across urban and rural landscapes. As well as being one of the top Texas travel photographers on Instagram, she also has a PhD in Biophysics. From there, she gets her love of experimenting and believes photography to be the ultimate experimentational medium.

9. Brett Patzke

Brett Patzke is a travel photographer based out of Austin. He takes all kinds of portraits from wedding to senior, but also some of the most interesting city shots we’ve seen. It’s always hard to shoot at night, but Brett manages to capture the lights of the city, no matter the time of day or weather conditions. His street scenes capture the imagination, and although he’s relatively new to the city, he’s already getting the most beautiful shots.

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From landscapes to mountains to plains, Texas is one of the most diverse states in the country. True to the adage “everything is bigger in Texas,” there’s ample opportunity for adventurous photographers to go wild. And this is especially true in cities like Austin, where inspiration hides every unique building and culture-packed corner.

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