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8 Great Corporate Event Planners in Atlanta

What’s the purpose of a great corporate event? Each event has a stated purpose. For example, a trade show offers an opportunity to network and build word of mouth for new brands. An experiential event allows a brand to directly connect with members of its community and build local name recognition. There are events aimed at celebrating milestones, as well as the success of new products and leadership. But all of these events also have an unstated purpose — and that is to demonstrate the vitality, or abundant liveliness, of your brand. Every organization on this list understands this — and that’s what sets them apart from other corporate event planners in Atlanta. They’ve all played integral roles in introducing new brands to the world and helping established brands maintain their hard-earned customer relationships.

1. Peerspace

Are you tasked with planning a corporate event and assumed you’d have to outsource the work? Peerspace makes it easy (and budget-friendly) to manage the process yourself through one streamlined platform. As the largest online marketplace for meeting, production, and event spaces –– think: the Airbnb for event spaces –– Peerspace simplifies the process of planning your own corporate event. Browse through spaces by venue size, amenities, and location and find the perfect location for your corporate event. Then, message directly with your host about your event needs without complicating things by coordinating with a third-party. Once you’ve found the perfect venue, use Peerspace’s Concierge team to handle action items like catering, A/V equipment, and whatever else you need to make your event a success! It’s that easy.

2. Confero

Though many know him for his sophisticated wedding planning, Christopher Confero is also one of the best corporate event planners in Atlanta. With college degrees in marketing and PR, Confero has a gift for transforming spaces into dream worlds, and he throws the best parties in the South. So, if your corporate event is about publicity, Confero is the perfect strategic partner. Brand and product launches, fundraising events, cocktail parties, old-fashioned celebrations: Confero can do it all.

3. Bold Events

Bold Events has remained on the front lines as Atlanta’s grown into a corporate hotbed. All of those big companies need to throw parties and, for many of them, Bold Events is their trusted partner. They’ve worked with the likes of Coca-Cola, Google, and Delta Airlines — and appeared in numerous publications as among the best corporate event planners in Atlanta. Bold Events truly sets itself apart in its ability to provide a refined experience at any scale.

4. WM Events

William Fogler and the team at WM Events have a diverse skill set. Not only can they put on imaginative, crazy-fun corporate parties, but they’re known for their excellent customer service and ability to stay within budget. WM Events has worked with Microsoft, TAG Heuer, Kimberly-Clark, and many others. In addition, they’ve helped numerous companies build their brands. WM Events plans for everything and, with their large and professional team, nothing’s going to fall through the cracks.

5. TOAST Events

Numerous magazines, including Vogue, Southern Living, and Martha Stewart Weddings, have noted TOAST as among the best wedding planners in the country. The TOAST team also comprises incredible corporate event planners, and they harness their relationships in catering, entertainment, and party supplies to throw the most exciting corporate events — all without breaking the bank. In everything they do, TOAST seeks to delight their clients. So, if you want to throw an unforgettable corporate event, get in touch with the team at TOAST today.

6. KIS(cubed) Events

KIS(cubed) is a trusted corporate partner. Their fundraising events, trade shows, and conferences pretty much set the standard. In addition, they’re well-known for simplifying the process of event planning — as such, you’d only need to make a few decisions upfront, then you can sit back and relax. Like other event planners on this list, KIS(cubed) is able to produce a sophisticated evening for thousands of guests, an intimate gathering for a crowd of dozens, or even an all-out party. If you’re one of those “set it and forget it” types, KIS(cubed) is your ideal partner. Just tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll bring your vision to reality.

7. Lemiga Events

Lemiga Events is another corporate event planning outfit known best for its wedding-planning prowess. But when you think about it, planning a big wedding is on par with putting on a huge corporate event. Lemiga has a reputation for employing the same care, foresight, and sophisticated tastes in their corporate-event work as in their wedding planning. At Lemiga events, you can simply rest easy knowing everyone’s having a good time, with everything going according to plan. Like most corporate event planners worth their salt, the people at Lemiga are great at solving last-minute problems.

8. The Affinity Group

Every event the Affinity Group plans is from scratch. No cookie-cutter events, no shortcuts. Affinity Group is renowned among corporate event planners in Atlanta for its ability to design experiential events that help brands directly reach customers. They’ve designed chic fashion shows for new clothing lines, ultra-Instagrammable pop-up shops, trade shows, and legendary corporate parties. With Affinity Group, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. They’re extremely talented at understanding their client’s vision and bringing it to life. Plan an experiential event and get people talking about your brand.

If you want to throw an event that genuinely makes a difference –– and helps people remember your brand –– a smart corporate event planner can be a great investment. And, keep in mind, if you’re throwing a big party, event planners can help you spend your money efficiently, as they have established working relationships with vendors who may offer advantageous deals. In addition, corporate event planners are adept at maintaining a working budget even when planning and producing a complex event. Plus, on the day of your event, you’ll be glad to have one of the best corporate event planners in Atlanta right there with you, ready to solve problems before they become noticeable. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your event!

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