8 Great Corporate Event Planners in Dallas

Dallas has a booming business culture that’s growing each year. Some companies are happy to maintain the status quo in terms of corporate events, but that’s not you, is it? No, your company wants to raise the bar, and we applaud you for that. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled a list of the top corporate event planners in Dallas — these are the professionals who can elevate your event from mundane to epic.

1. Peerspace

Always check Peerspace first — the most exciting and creative venues in the Dallas–Fort Worth area are available on our marketplace. Many spaces offer catering and equipment rental services, making them viable one-stop shops for everything you need for an unforgettable corporate event. It’s easy to find a venue on Peerspace — you can search by the expected number of guests, budget, or design features. Then you can simply book through the site in an instant.

We also feature an amazing Concierge team that can help you find anything else you might need, from booking performers to renting sound and lighting equipment. If you want a budget-friendly approach and lots of creative control over your event, check Peerspace before going anywhere else.

2. Love Jones Designs

Love Jones Designs is powered by owner Miesha Jones, whose approach to corporate event planning is decidedly design-first. This is true of virtually all great corporate event planners — they don’t focus only on the nuts and bolts, but instead collaborate with clients to understand how they want guests to think and feel. Jones strives to bring imagination and fun to each event she helms, and she gets particularly excited when she spots an opportunity to subvert guests’ expectations.

3. Grit & Gold

Grit & Gold soaks up your tastes and vision, interpreting them beautifully and producing high-class experiences for discerning clientele. They take the idea of embodying grit to heart, working with determination towards constantly improving what they do, and that level of effort shines through in their execution. They specialize in destination events, but they also bring an added dose of sophistication and refinement to corporate events.

4. DFW Events

DFW Events has managed events of all sizes since the 1990s, so they’re perfectly capable of crafting a large-scale experience for your company. They describe themselves as “being in the business of executing the unimaginable and orchestrating the unforgettable.” So don’t be afraid to approach them with your most ambitious out-of-the-box vision — they’ll do the heavy lifting, and you can sit back and be a guest at your own event. Every year, they’re one of the most popular corporate event planners in Dallas — for good reason.

5. Lee Logan Events

Intimate and subdued? High-energy and fast-paced? It doesn’t matter what budget you’re expecting or what vibe you’re aiming for — Lee Logan can help bring it all together. Logan has experience in catering, restaurant management, and the tent and rental industry, leaving her particularly adept at interfacing with vendors and ensuring everything runs smoothly and within budget. Give her a sense of creative direction or let her suggest everything from the ground up — Lee Logan’s prepared to dazzle.

6. RS Event Productions

For corporate events, RS Event Productions focuses on your company’s existing corporate culture, then crafts an event that will perfectly fit your brand’s communal tastes and interests. Randi of RS Event Productions can transform any space into whatever you need it to be, and she prides herself on owning a list of connections with top-notch vendors. Given her background in TV production, it’s no wonder she understands memorable productions are much more than the sum of their parts.

7. Encore Live

Encore Live goes big, so if you’re looking for that, give them a call. Encore is keenly aware that modern people invest more in experiences than possessions, and that experiences change perception. Slogans, posters, and speeches only do so much — engaging the audience’s senses and putting them squarely in the middle of a designed experienced makes a stronger impact than anything else. To give you an idea of their visionary ambitions, they partnered with Pokémon for the launch of the mobile game Pokémon Go, devising a fleet of 20 full-sized Pikachu costumed characters. That Pikachu mob traveled the streets of New York City, visiting various landmarks and performing flash-mob-style dance routines.

8. Sullivan Group

Sullivan Group has been one of the top event planners in Dallas since 1989, and today they produce over 400 events annually. Still, each of those events feels completely custom, and nothing is ever cookie-cutter. They pride themselves on coming up with big ideas, then executing them effortlessly. Through a proprietary organization and pre-planning process, Sullivan Group maximizes memorability, so clients can squeeze the maximum amount of impact out of every event. Whether the goal is to raise money through a fundraiser or simply create celebratory smiles, they’ll help you to achieve the greatest ROI possible.

Live up to Texas’s reputation and dream big

Corporate events are an opportunity to reach people in new ways. Rather than delighting the public with a catchy commercial or the cleverness of a print ad, you have a chance to give them a memorable experience, and that’s the sort of thing that can stay with someone for a lifetime. Whether you’re trying to motivate your employees or gain new customers, an event can be an enormously valuable tool. Any of these corporate event planners in Dallas can help you turn your vision into a reality.

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