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The 11 Best Couple Photoshoot Ideas Near Washington, DC

It’s no surprise that our nation’s capital is full to the brim with outstanding, monumental landmarks. These spots alone make up many of the best couple photoshoot ideas near Washington, DC. And beyond these, the city’s bustling arts and culture scenes mean that there are also numerous private spaces and venues wonderfully suited to romantic photoshoots. Regardless of your aesthetic preference, you’re sure to find a place that appeals to your visual sensibilities among DC’s vast array of options.

1. Put your love on display at this distinctive gallery

art space and courtyard rental washington d.c.
Source: Peerspace

The owners of this contemporary gallery describe it as an “off-the-beaten-path DC experience,” so a photoshoot here will certainly stand out from the crowd. This scenic courtyard and gallery is a lively space devoted to showcasing and celebrating local artists and their art; it’s an important center of the neighborhood’s creative community. There are lots of options for your photoshoot, too: there’s the 3000-square-foot art gallery, as well as a beautiful courtyard, both of which draw inspiration from the aesthetics of New Orleans.

2. Find blooming cherry blossoms around DC’s Tidal Basin

cherry blossoms dc washington d.c.
Source: Pixabay

Washington, DC’s Tidal Basin is a human-created inlet near the Potomac River, in proximity to many of the city’s national monuments. But the area is especially renowned for its stunning lot of springtime cherry blossoms. Usually, the blooms emerge around the end of March or beginning of April, although it’s difficult to predict entirely when this will happen (it’s mainly determined by the weather). But if you’re able to get to the Tidal Basin during the roughly two-week period of bloom, you’ll enjoy one of the most otherworldly backdrops around. There’s even a three-week cultural festival throughout DC, known as the National Cherry Blossom Festival, in celebration of this stunning scenery.

3. Visit the iconic U.S. Capitol

United States Capitol dc washington d.c.
Source: Pixabay

When it comes to Washington, DC, there’s no more iconic image than that of the United States Capitol. If you and your beau are American history buffs or simply fans of a monumental view, this is the spot to snag a photo. The massive neoclassical dome is especially dramatic at night. This is by far one of the best couple photoshoot ideas near Washington, DC.

4. Explore the offerings of this cozy library

library washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

Those of a literary bent will take great pleasure in exploring this historic church library. Distinguished, yet cozy and constructed in the English Gothic style, the library is filled with warm natural light from its large windows. The space also includes a gorgeous brick fireplace along with plenty of books. One guest described this space and the larger church as “cinematic.”

5. Travel to DC’s Union Station for picture-perfect sights

union station washington dc
Source: Flickr / Phil Roeder

With its row of massive columns, hung with delicate lights and ending in a graceful archway, the vista pictured above is just one of countless beautiful spots throughout DC’s Union Station. This historic location represents the best that DC has to offer, as it’s illuminated with bright sunlight and bustling with energy.

6. Bask in the romance of this eclectic flower shop

flower shop dc washington d.c. rental
Source: Peerspace

Instead of buying your love a bouquet of flowers for your anniversary, why not go straight to the source and have a photoshoot together at this gorgeous flower shop? The delicate, earthy color palette and array of beautiful blooms truly compose the ideal backdrop. We think this hidden gem unquestionably makes for one of the best photoshoot ideas near Washington, DC.

7. Take artistic photos at this 4th-floor penthouse

penthouse loft washington dc rental
Source: Peerspace

Consider having your next photoshoot at this penthouse space. The green roof will make a naturalistic yet totally modern setting. And the soaring ceilings and huge windows will bathe your photos in abundant natural sunlight — absolutely crucial for getting the highest-quality photos. Most of all, you’re both bound to enjoy the rooftop’s expansive views.

8. Wander the grounds of the breathtaking Washington National Cathedral

washington d.c. national cathedral dc
Source: Pixabay

On the grounds of the Washington National Cathedral, paths wind their way through the gardens of herbs and roses that surround the stunning Neo-Gothic cathedral. The structure is absolutely monumental — the second-largest in the United States — and, of course, a gorgeous and romantic backdrop for any photoshoot. Important note: if you’re hiring a professional photographer, you’ll have to pay a fee to obtain a permit for still photography. And you won’t be able to take photos inside, as the interior “may only be used for photography to commemorate ceremonies or life events.”

9. Stand on the National Mall

national mall dc washington d.c.
Source: Pixabay

Here’s another of the best couple photoshoot ideas near Washington, DC: the National Mall. There’s a vast, reflective body of water as a backdrop for your romantic photoshoot. It’s an iconic DC location that’s definitely worth the visit.

10. Settle into your spot in the sky

sunny penthouse washington d.c. dc
Source: Peerspace

Above all else, what this amazing penthouse has going for it is perfect lighting: tons of natural sunlight in the apartment (which has floor-to-ceiling windows) and, of course, on the private rooftop terrace. This incredible light and the roof’s fantastic views are why the owners call it “a photographer’s dream.” Plus, the terrace is surrounded by lush green roof on both sides. The minimalist design of both the interior and exterior makes it an excellent neutral backdrop for a wide range of photographic aesthetics and styles.

11. Investigate the gardens of the U.S. National Arboretum

national arboretum columns washington d.c. dc
Source: Flickr / Nicolas Raymond

Find a wide variety of gardens at this attraction, including aquatic plants, native plant collections, the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum, as well as the National Capitol Columns. There’s something for every type of nature lover at the U.S. National Arboretum.

It’s safe to say that Washington, DC has it all: exciting cultural activities, entertainment, world-class restaurants, a diverse population, and mild weather, among other fabulous features. Not to mention, it’s absolutely steeped in history. All of these factors and more combine to make DC a wonderful place to live or visit. It’s an ideal locale for taking romantic couple photos of all kinds.

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