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8 Creative Ways to Use Peerspace at Your Next Conference

Peerspace offers a vast array of unique locations — from massive lofts and cozy bungalows to rooftop hideaways and entire hundred-year-old mansions — you’ll find incredible options no matter what vibe or aesthetic you’d prefer. When you’re planning a corporate conference, perhaps a standard conference space is the first idea to pop into mind. But why not get a little more creative? It’s worth incorporating out-of-the-box venues into your conference event planning. Here are eight examples of the numerous ways you can use Peerspace’s seemingly limitless marketplace to take your conference to the next level!

1. A company meeting in a loft warehouse

Picture this: a rapid exchange of ideas and inventive collaboration, fueled by the energy of a stunning meeting space. Exposed brick walls and soaring ceilings inset with windows and skylights pour abundant sunlight onto your meeting table — there’s your weekly infusion of vitamin D! A loft warehouse is the kind of expansive space that gives its inhabitants a feeling of boundless possibilities, a feature you can use to your advantage when you hold your next company meeting in one of Peerspace’s countless loft listings. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “company meeting,” but that’s why we think holding a meeting in a loft is such a fantastic idea. After all, new, unexpected environs often inspire innovative ideas.

2. A sponsored event on a chic rooftop with skyline views

Speaking of inspiration, there’s perhaps no view more inspiring than that of a city skyline. For those of us who live in big cities, it’s our clearest reminder of the awe-inspiring scale of our metropolitan homes. Put this inspiration to good use by hosting a sponsored event on one of your city’s cool rooftops. Most importantly, make sure it has a fabulous view.

3. A sales meeting at an art gallery

Just about every city’s Peerspace listings include at least a few art galleries in the mix, and they’re nearly always some of our favorite listings. There’s something about immersing yourself in art and spending a few hours soaking in creativity that’s conducive to our imaginations. That unadulterated ingenuity can be harnessed for cooperative brainstorming within the structure of a sales meeting. And if you use Peerspace’s Concierge to provide delicious food and drink to your participants, you’ve got all the right ingredients for your most productive sales meeting yet.

4. A hosted dinner at a fabulous historic mansion

Looking to take your event in a more sophisticated direction? There’s no better place for dining than at a majestic mansion. Such tasteful environs will significantly enhance the experience of your event’s thoughtfully crafted menus.

5. A product launch event in a huge loft

Holding your event in loft is especially ideal when you’re launching modern products — especially if you’re a startup tech company or a brand cultivating a more contemporary vibe. The clean and minimalist feel of such spaces nicely complements the items you’re working to highlight.

6. A team-building event at a cozy cabin

Team-building events are all about creating comfort and camaraderie among co-workers. Consider holding your next team-building session in a more personal location like a rustic cabin. It’s the perfect spot where your group can take to outdoor spaces for games and hikes.

7. A scavenger hunt in a massive, stately mansion

So we already mentioned mansions earlier in our list, but these homes just have so much to offer. Try a scavenger hunt event to add a splash of fun to your conference week! Just imagine it: spending a long evening hunting for themed items throughout every corner of a stately home’s many rooms and floors. It’s a great opportunity for bonding. And because navigating all the logistics of planning something like a scavenger hunt can be pretty overwhelming, consider enlisting the help of Peerspace’s Concierge for your scavenger hunt’s supply, catering, and decor needs.

8. Happy hour at a cool, historic speakeasy

Throughout the country, neighborhood bars are gathering places that often embody the spirit of their local environs. An atmospheric speakeasy with long and fascinating histories makes the whole experience of having a couple drinks that much more fun and mesmerizing. Take advantage of the incredible vibes you’ll find at such a place and host a laid-back happy hour as part of your conference. And be sure to provide plenty of delicious, thoughtfully crafted drinks! Peerspace lists tons of these kinds of spaces throughout the country, so you’ll find no shortage of possibilities.

This list names just a few of the many event types you can put a unique spin on. Book a venue from Peerspace at your next conference, and use our advanced search tool to browse your city’s listings. And if you’re in the process of planning a conference, we’re sure you’re juggling a million tasks and ideas, so consider using Peerspace’s Concierge. They’ll connect you with your area’s best vendors and save you some major added effort. Whether your event needs a catered lunch, furniture rental, bar services, or other key amenities, our Concierge team can satisfy just about any request — and often in only a few hours. Peerspace has all the services you need to make your conference events top-notch and totally memorable.

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