10 Dope Places to Take Pictures near Dallas

Dallas is widely known for its natural wonders. Whether it is the lakes or rivers, hiking trails, or natural landscapes —Dallas has it all. With a decent share of natural and architectural marvels embedded in this city, capturing its beauty in photographs is only fair. Luckily, we did the heavy lifting for you and compiled 10 dope places to take pictures near Dallas.

1. Creativity at its best at creative industrial studio

multi set creative space in dallas
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Located in the northwest of Dallas is a multifunctional studio. Like all the other studios, it provides an incredible set of services, including great lighting, delicate themes, and adorable furniture. What makes this studio special is its remarkable 10 sets of creative and small studios, with each studio representing a different yet equally classy theme. This 2002-square-feet studio can accommodate up to 38 people at once is truly a dope place to take pictures near Dallas. Learn more about it on its Peerspace listing!

2. Dive into the future at a retro futuristic loft

retro photo studio in dallas
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Three minutes south of downtown lies 1700-square-feet of fully customizable studio. With accommodation for up to 35 people, the full-wall glass windows and brownish-red bricks make it a fascinating spot for pictures. The studio’s furniture and sleek design give a glance at the future. The glass windows allow a decent amount of natural light to enter, which bounces off the hardwood floors creating a wholesome environment. Book it today on Peerspace!

3. Enter the magical realm at Magikal Wonderland

Extremely Unique Performance Space deep ellum dallas rental
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If you prefer unique backgrounds for your pictures with vibrant colors, this venue will not disappoint you. This 5000-square-feet studio with 13-foot high ceilings; is located in the historic Deep Ellum District. The theme they followed for the interior design is an “imagination running wild.” That is why the furniture, lighting, and setup give a “dream come true” thrill. Check out all of its unique photos on Peerspace.

4. Explore the class of simplicity at a natural light loft

pristine natural light loft
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Situated in the south of Dallas, this 1350-square-foot loft follows a modest white theme. The floor of this place is white, just like all the walls. Big glass windows add to the beauty of their design. Sufficient natural light enters the loft, and white walls and floor bounce it off to each corner to make the entire venue bright and shiny. The delicate furniture and diverse plants contribute to an excellent background making this Peerspace bookable location a dope place to take pictures near Dallas.

5. Luxurious Preston Hollow mansion

preston hollow mansion
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This mansion is standing on just about 12,000-square-feet! Located in Preston Hollow, this mansion has everything you may require for dope pictures. Beautifully designed gardens, one-of-a-kind architectural design, black and white premium interior design, stunning pool, appropriate lighting, and great furniture are some of its amenities. It even has some artistic sculptures. Each picture in this Peerspace bookable house would represent immense luxury.

6. Enjoy the multiple vibes at NEP Studios

dallas creative content studio
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By offering four outstanding installations with adorable backgrounds and strong lightings, NEP Studio is another dope place to take pictures near Dallas. One of their installations represents a black and white theme with a few more colors. Another one is a yellow box with ample lighting and unique textured walls. Moreover, they have a common area for relaxing between the shots. The common area is, in itself, a fascinating spot for pictures. Learn more about it on its Peerspace page!

7. Utilize the natural beauty at Cedar Ridge Preserve


Twenty minutes away from downtown Dallas is the Cedar Ridge Preserve. 755-feet elevation from the ground and remarkable perseverance of greenery make it a perfect spot for taking pictures. It spreads over 600 acres with 9 miles of trails, trees, gardens, and picnic spots. The presence of lakes and different species of animals make it an even more dope place to take pictures near Dallas.

8. The Trinity River

Next on the list is Texas’ longest river, The Trinity. Crystal clear water flowing under the blue sky, surrounded by diverse plantations, makes a dreamy spot for taking pictures. This 710-miles-long river leaves a person breathless at sunset. The sun converging with the river and multiple colored light rays bouncing off the water is a soothing scene to watch and, even more dazzling is capturing it into the camera. Trinity River corridor is another classy place to take some pictures.

9. Go funky at the Swanky Retro House

Swanky Retro House with lots of props and extras dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

All the colors you could think, are already utilized in this house. However, the way so many colors blend into the rooms is truly remarkable. Each room is significant in its own way. Located in Parkdale, this two-bedroom home has a poetic design, lots of wall art, the 70’s themed kitchen, and an all-pink room. The all-pink room is really unique; it features pink tiles, a pink bathtub, a pink fur carpet, and pink balloons. LED paneled ceiling and shiny gold reflective wallpapers make this house a dope place to take pictures near Dallas bookable on Peerspace.

10. Luxury boutique for women

Luxury Women's Boutique in Galleria Mall Area dallas rental
Source: Peerspace

Located in the Galleria Mall area, this boutique has front glass walls that ensure the entrance of a decent amount of natural light. Light bounces off the shiny white tiles making the whole boutique a treat for your eyes. What makes this boutique a dope place for pictures is the precisely designed interior. Candy bar area and flower wall area with ring light for photo ops in this boutique are some of the best spots to take pictures. Moreover, this Peerspace bookable boutique can accommodate up to 40 guests at once. The furniture choice shows that the designers knew what looks good in a photograph.

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