10 Dope Places to Take Pictures near Denver

If photography is your passion, then you might already know the importance of Denver. It is a city known for its unique and classy cultural attractions. More than 14,000 acres of Denver are covered with parks, making it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That’s not all to it; another appealing feature of this city is the easy access to the Rocky Mountains. Denver has inspired many authors and musicians in the past and any person who has visited it, to leave everything behind to enjoy its natural beauty. These features make it a great photoshoot location but to specify it more, here are 10 dope places to take pictures near Denver.

1. Enjoy the luxuries at a boudoir photography studio

Cherry Creek Luxury Boudoir Photography Studio denver rental
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This cute little studio is 500-square-feet, and due to the pandemic, may have restrictions on the number of visitors at a time. Located in Cherry Creek, the space has ample natural light. And anything that a girl might need for some stunning pictures is available here. Glossy wooden floors bounce the natural light off to each corner of the house. White walls, multiple chandeliers, and several artificial plants add up to a dreamy boudoir. It’s a perfect example of the power of simple and minimal design. And you can book it today on Peerspace!

2. Find the hidden gem in Denver

Hidden Gem in Denver rental
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 Fort Greene is a one-of-a-kind studio located in the River North Art District in Denver. At about 2,000-square-feet, this studio can accommodate 10 people at once. Following an antique theme, Fort Greene, as the name suggests, has green antiqued walls with vintage patterned wallpapers. Green couches and white marble tables combined with the unique walls create a wholesome atmosphere and a perfect picture spot. An 1800s bar occupies one of the walls. If you are more of a “disco” person, there’s a separate area available with brick walls, concrete flooring, and a forest green and white mural by Lucas Beaufort. These fascinating designs make Fort Greene a dope Peerspace location to take pictures near Denver.

3. Show your artistic skills at Uptown art gallery

Uptown Art Gallery with open floor plan denver rental
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It is a fact that every human being loves art. Even if you do not understand its meaning, simply staring at it is an excellent source of pleasure. Therefore, to raise the standards of your pictures, next on the list is Uptown Art Gallery. At This gallery can entertain up to 85 people and is located in the heart of Denver. With features like 14-foot ceilings, a staging area, dimmable lights, an open floor, and a remarkable contemporary art collection, this gallery is a top-notch spot to take pictures and that’s why it’s on a Peerspace list of 10 dope places to take pictures near Denver.

4. Fun pictures at a modern game room

sleek, contemporary game room
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The modern, sleek, designed game room is another dope place to take pictures near Denver. Located in the east end of the city, this room is 750-square-feet with space for 15 people. The room includes facilities like a pool table, casual yet stylish furniture, a wet bar, and adorable lighting. The wooden floor fits perfectly with brownish and white walls. If you require casual yet steamy pictures, this can be a perfect pick. Book it here on Peerspace today!

5. The adorable sky-lit atmosphere at Highlands Highlight Gallery

industrial gallery space in denver
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Located in the Sunnyside, Denver, this gallery stretches over 1700-square-feet. With high ceilings and two gorgeous skylights, it creates a perfect spot for pictures. The shiny cemented floor combines with two long white walls filled with art frames form a fascinating atmosphere. Windows at the ceiling illuminate the whole gallery for you to have bright pictures. Learn more about it on its Peerspace listing.

6. Get the skyline in your pictures at an urban rooftop loft

stylish rooftop venue
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This 1800-square-foot rooftop is situated in Five Points and has a capacity of 200 people. It facilitates both indoor and open-to-sky services. The mesmerizing view of the city with soothing sky makes it a dope place to take pictures near Denver. This rooftop is very popular with gatherings and parties because of its diverse facilities and an excellent photoshoot place available to book on Peerspace.

7. Go retro at an eccentric reading room

eclectic and retro reading room
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In Ballpark, Denver, a 100-year-old building provides a great picture spot in its unique reading room. It’s a cute little space of 250-square-feet with an eccentric theme that can accommodate up to six people. This place is an excellent example of “quality over quantity.” Despite being a small place, it features sizzling backgrounds with funky decor and historical wallpapers, making it a much better option than the venues with ample space but minor features. The historic wallpapers have been preserved in time to give a unique look. Learn more about it on its Peerspace page.

8. A trip to Union Station

Union Station is a very modern and sleekly designed station. It has an iconic architectural design and at its front is a fountain perfect for taking countless pictures. Moreover, the surroundings of the station are even more nifty, making it a dope place to take pictures near Denver. The alley between the Wynkoop and Wazee has a top-notch butterfly mural on its stylish red brick walls.

9. Art lover neighborhood RiNo

 RiNo seems to be a neighborhood specifically designed for art lovers. The reason is tons of murals on almost every wall around this neighborhood. These murals fill the neighborhood with colors, making it a beautiful place to live — or to take dope pictures. If you love to have murals in the background of your pictures, RiNo might be the best option.

10. City Park


The city park has a lot to offer, and the more facilities, the greater the picture spots. Zoo, museum, tennis courts, horseshoes, baseball, football fields, lakes, historical monuments, and picnic sites. All of these can be a dope place to take pictures near Denver. The lakes surrounded by beautiful trees under the clear sky are a treat to watch. Historic monuments can also serve as fascinating backgrounds. Hence, a city park is a place if you want many cool pictures in one trip.

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