10 Dreamy Outdoor Photoshoot Locations Near San Diego

What are some of the best outdoor photoshoot locations near San Diego? How much budget is required for an outdoor photoshoot? These questions are very common, and many people find it tiresome to look for the ideal locations for an outdoor photoshoot. However, Peerspace has got your back. Peerspace helps you find outdoor photoshoot locations near San Diego that suit you the best. If it’s the natural greenery you are seeking or the marvelous downtown, Peerspace offers you several options from which you can choose your favorite and get in touch with its owner right away. Here are the 10 dreamy outdoor photoshoot locations near San Diego that you can visit right now:

1. A touch of Mediterranean history

beautiful mediterranean style mansion
Source: Peerspace

Let’s start with our top choice of the best outdoor photoshoot locations near San Diego. This historic mansion is surrounded by two acres of garden. To think about such an astonishing view brings a sense of joy and the desire to have a photoshoot amid its lively trees. Moreover, this mansion is the best value for money option. Although it was constructed in 1895, the interior of this house surely deceives you with every modern facility available inside. It’s one of the most affordable yet dreamy outdoor photoshoot locations near San Diego on Peerspace.

2. A quirky color explosion

eclectic home with quirky backyard
Source: Peerspace

If you want an outdoor photoshoot location in San Diego that stands out, then look no further. This quirky and jolly house was constructed in 1906, and in 2020, it was transformed into “The Disco Church.” The “1986 Home of Year” by San Diego Home and Garden has everything to turn your photoshoot into dreamy. Even though plants surround it, this lively house still manages to grasp the most natural light with disco balls and variable color led lights in each room. With all these features, this one-of-a-kind house made it easily into the 10 dreamy outdoor photoshoots in San Diego available on Peerspace.

3. Straight outta the holiday brochure

Award Winning Mid-Century Modern with Dynamic Outdoor Spaces san diego rental
Source: Peerspace

If it’s an outdoor photoshoot we are talking about, there is no way we can ignore Gordon Magazine and San Diego home’s “Home of the Year 2009.” This marvelous structure is 3385-square-feet and on an acre of drought-tolerant trees. Dreamy natural beauty isn’t the only thing this house is rich in. It has also housed clients like Sony, Nintendo, and Nixon. With floor-to-roof glass windows in every room, this house makes sure to take your breath away whenever you lookout. The pool and fancy stairs accompanied by natural beauty and aureate lighting surely make it one of the best and most dreamy outdoor photoshoot locations near San Diego. Book it today on Peerspace!

4. The resort reaching for the stars

hayes house pool and lounge area
Source: Peerspace

This modern and beautiful Hayes House is another dreamy outdoor photoshoot location situated in the heart of San Diego. From the design to the luxurious facilities, every single feature is modern. This house offers a stunning open-sky area with a pool and a beautiful garden, decorated so that it is a treat for your eyes. All of these together form an unmatched Peerspace location for an outdoor photoshoot.

5. Desert mirage

gorgeous backyard with plants and canyon
Source: Peerspace

The next house on our list is the actual visual definition of greenery, perfect for a dreamy outdoor photoshoot location near San Diego. The perfect placement and sensible mix and match of different plants and trees take the beauty of this Peerspace location to a whole new level. Representing the charm of California, this house offers multiple outdoor photoshoot spots with each spot connecting you to the actual beauty of nature.

6. Between an ocean and a canyon

home with ocean and canyon views
Source: Peerspace

Maybe you want to have an outdoor photoshoot with the ocean in the background, or maybe it’s the canyons you want in your background. But this Peerspace venue offers both. This beautifully constructed house with plentiful plants and a unique garden has a view of the ocean on one side. That is not all to it; this house has a modern and exquisite interior with windows grasping natural light. If that’s not enough, this house has the view of canyons on its other side, so the location of this house cannot be any better, which makes it a dreamy outdoor photoshoot location in San Diego.

7. The devastatingly dulcet downtown

downtown rooftop venue with game room
Source: Peerspace

Can there be a dreamy outdoor photoshoot location in the urban downtown of San Diego? The next Peerspace location is the answer. Located just on the edge of downtown, this 8500-square-feet venue succeeds in providing a dazzling spot for an outdoor photoshoot. It allows you to capture both natural and urban marvels side by side. On top of this, there is an indoor game room and exquisite patio furniture. This venue can entertain up to 350 guests, making it a spacious and dreamy outdoor photoshoot location.

8. The pillars to your dream

stunning private villa in south mission hills
Source: Peerspace

If you believe that bright colors also brighten up the mood, look no further because this Peerspace location is ideal. Because of the ambient lighting and unique color scheme, this house will be the center of attention. It offers an unobstructed view of downtown with the appropriate touch of greenery, making it a dreamy outdoor photoshoot location in San Diego. It also offers extensive indoor space and multiple spots for a photoshoot, as well as a pool and modern furniture.

9. Mansion for the gods

mansion with pool and greenery
Source: Peerspace

This huge mansion is a perfect location for outdoor photoshoots in San Diego and has every possible luxury you could think of. At 10,000-square-feet, it has an extensive uncovered area that allows you to have a dreamy outdoor photoshoot. This architectural marvel offers an endless pool, delightful lighting, and a sauna. This mansion focuses on architectural beauty and natural beauty, with numerous types of plants on each side of the house for a pleasant atmosphere. Without any doubt, this is a dreamy outdoor photoshoot location. Book it here on Peerspace!

10. Endless patio

C- Lounge - A custom suburban outdoor living space chula vista san diego rental
Source: Peerspace

The place is specifically designed for the best outdoor photoshoot. With one restroom, everything else is outdoor with an endless patio and breathtaking design. Every spot has enough lighting to turn your every moment bright. The plants and evergreen grass further add to the delicacy of this location. It offers an outdoor kitchen, waterfall, full bar, multiple fireplaces, a koi pond, and a 55-inch LED TV with 18 speakers! With these features, this is surely a dreamy outdoor photoshoot location near San Diego. Learn more about it on Peerspace.

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