The 8 Best Editorial Photographers in Orange County, CA

As the art of visual storytelling, editorial photography is an extremely diverse category of work! It can include images that add context to magazine and newspaper articles, documentary wedding photography, and even portraits taken for life milestones. That’s why the work of the most talented Orange County editorial photographers is so exciting to explore! With each creative, you will get to see the kind of stories they favor, as well as how they are expressed via their unique perspective on life.

1. Sid Rane

Commercial and editorial photography deeply grounded in the fashion world is what Sid Rane is all about! While he is an engineer by trade, Sid has spent the past decade honing talents into becoming one of the top Orange County editorial photographers to work with!

He is the partner of choice for folks who want a creative that’s made crafting a personal vision the most important part of their journey. As Sid believes, “I would say, the strongest, most defining aspect of my aesthetic is that as a commercial fashion photographer, I was never comfortable in conforming to the conventional ‘rules’ of commercial fashion photography. And, I felt I’d rather make my own.”

2. Paul Bersebach

Given his 25 years as a photojournalist, Paul Bersebach definitely makes our list as a top Orange County editorial photographer! Originally from the Midwest, Paul has been a staff photographer with the Orange County Register for the past two decades. He also works as a freelancer, immersing himself in stories about sporting events, religious gatherings, protests, and other happenings in Southern California.

True to his photojournalistic roots, Paul’s images typically have very natural colors and illumination. Rather than punchy edits, he is laser-focused on the narrative at hand. He uses composition and timing to find moments in time that best express what’s unfolding in front of his camera. We love how each image transports us into the midst of people from all walks of life. From nonprofits to entrepreneurs, there are no stories that Paul won’t explore and capture!

3. Trynh Photo

Trynh Kraj’s love for photography goes way back, as far as age 7, in fact! While she ultimately started off with a career in the corporate world, eventually her childhood passion called her back. Trynh has become one of the most noteworthy Orange County editorial photographers thanks to her ability to use every element within the frame to enhance the story being told.

We see not only peak emotional moments in her work. But also lines, contrast, colors, and light that enhance the narrative being shared with viewers. Trynh’s style also has an elegant softness due to her intentional use of minimalistic compositions, blur, subdued color, and tasteful monochrome. It gives her work a polished, fine-art quality that proves you don’t need to choose between art and storytelling!

4. Peter Nguyen

Editorial wedding photography is a favorite of ours to explore, like that of Peter Nguyen! He is not only one of our top Orange County editorial photographers—Peter is also rated as one of the top 5% of wedding photographers in the entire country!

You may have seen his work published before in places like Smashing the Glass blog and Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine. Peter’s experience includes not only SoCal weddings but destination and travel weddings captured all over the world. There are few romantic stories that he does not already have experience telling.

5. Eva Lempert

Eva Lempert’s expertise as a family, branding, wedding, and event photographer often manifests into editorial partnerships with local publications. For example, Parenting Orange County magazine includes many of her images, with their focus on authentic connections between parents and their children.

Eva’s photography is heartfelt, with a love of contemporary color schemes that are always well matched to the subject. With her vibrant whites and bright highlights, Eva’s images bring the warmth of the Florida sun wherever viewers happen to be looking from! Check out her Instagram for more of her work.

6. Karen Reuter

Portraits that tell stories, amaze, invite inquiry, and express the unique beauty of her subjects are what Karen Reuter does best! From an editorial perspective, her work finds its way into publications for local partners like Heritage Oak Private Education. However, she also explores event and fine-art angles that simultaneously document while celebrating her subjects!

As Karen shares, “​​I’m not just a photographer. I am a portrait artist. I work to create stunning images that illuminate the beauty of my subjects. My work doesn’t end with the click of the shutter. I take my images to a superior level through expert, artistic retouching, which has taken me years to master.”

7. Heather Van Gaale

Sometimes the story behind an editorial session is less straightforward, and the story unfolds as you continue browsing, as much of the work of Heather Van Gaale demonstrates! From explorations of the feminine form to playing with the contrasts between shadow, light, and skin tones, the intentionality and fine art vision she shares in her portraits is second to none.

Among the most thoughtful Orange County editorial photographers, Heather uses both portrait and fashion-inspired approaches in her work. And if you are a fan of tasteful nudity from an artistic perspective, you will appreciate Heather’s approach to the genre!

8. Ketara of Studio Alani

As a documenter of people, places, and things, Ketara Alani’s portfolio is a wonderful exploration of the editorial, commercial, and lifestyle worlds of photography! Her partners include many local and national brands like CITI Private Banks and Fashion Island at Newport Beach.

Ketara’s images are warm in feel, with colors and contrast that are inviting without feeling overdone. Her colors and subjects bring us tableside to experience fine dining dishes of local brands, interior environments for new establishments, and otherwise getting the word out to what new brands and businesses are working on.

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