13 Elegant Bridal Brunch Ideas

Before the bride-to-be walks down the aisle, her bridal brunch is a time for her closest and dearest to rejoice. A classy bridal shower brunch is a chic update on this pre-wedding ritual that’s ideal for foodies. If you’ve been charged with organizing and hosting the event, you may be wondering about bridal brunch ideas. Fortunately, there are many ideas to make it a great success, and at the same time, these ideas are straightforward.

The secrets to a great bridal brunch are delectable cuisine and a beautiful setting. And let us begin by mentioning that, of course, there are many choices! Peerspace has you covered, whether you’re the bride searching for ideas or the mother of the bride or maid of honor organizing this adorable event. Let’s get to it!

1. Book a brunch venue on Peerspace

Bridal Brunch Ideas
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The first thing that should come to mind as you organize bridal brunch ideas is the venue. Peerspace has made this job very easy for you, offering you access to spectacular venues in your area, all available to rent by the hour.

So what types of venues can you book for your bridal brunch? Here are some of our faves:

As you can see, Peerspace can provide you with bridal brunch venues that will knock your bride-to-be’s socks off! You can book spaces that suit your style aesthetic and that have all the killer amenities you need, like city views, pools, grills, fun decor, you name it. Plus, the venue’s local host is always willing to go the extra mile to help you pull off the perfect event!

2. Throw a chic garden brunch

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With a stylish soirée in a groomed garden or greenhouse, you can instantly transfer your guests to the English countryside. Floral-print gowns, lavender-garnished drinks, and lots of flowers are on the menu sourced from local farms. A string quartet and traditional entertainment like archery will help to establish the tone further.

3. Nautical affair

bel air mansion with yacht design
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Incorporating navy blue colors, stripes, anchors, ship wheels, and various nautical accessories into a nautical bridal shower theme is simple, whether the bride and her shipmates are remaining dry onshore or going off on a boat. Make sure to include Bobby Darin’s song “Beyond the Sea” in your playlist as well.

Wait…who plans the bridal shower? Find out everything you need to know here!

4. Luau bridal brunch

miami tropical outdoor jungle escape
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It’s time to get out the hula dancers and celebrate with a luau. Even though this is a time-honored party and bridal brunch theme, it never fails to thrill guests, particularly in the hot and humid summer months in the Caribbean.

Prepare for the event by having guests dress in their finest flower patterns and bright colors, decorating the venue with tiki torches and orchids, and providing leis to all of your friends and family when they arrive. Polynesian staples such as kalua pig, poke bowls, pear slices, and tiki cocktails come to mind for cuisine and drinks.

5. Backyard bliss

Bridal Brunch Ideas

Your backyard is your paradise. Prepare an outside area for a casual bridal brunch by transforming it into a bright and comfortable environment. Incorporate colorful flower arrangements, twinkling lights, and classic picnic fare into your gathering. Furthermore, this is the ideal opportunity to give your garden a transformation.

Don’t have that snazzy of a yard yourself? Then check out our guide for finding a large backyard for events near you!

6. Grilled brunch

Downtown Rooftop Deck sf san francisco rental
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Cooking courses for bridal showers are nothing new but put a summery twist on the idea by organizing a grilling session instead. If you have run out of bridal brunch ideas, then this is where your new plan starts. Who says a guy needs to be the one to “man” the barbecue?

Invite a seasoned grilling professional to teach your guests how to sear, grill, and smoke their favorite meats and vegetables. If you prefer lighter food, you may substitute marinated salmon, fruit kabobs, and oysters for the red meat — all of which should be accompanied by your favorite beer or wine, of course.

7. Paris romance

charming french wine bar
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Why not gift your best gal pal with a shower that pays tribute to the city of light and love? Create decorations that include the Eiffel Tower and offer French wines, cheeses, and sweets to complement them. Play the music of Édith Piaf in the background for the finishing touch.

8. The summer solstice

Bridal Brunch Ideas
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The summer solstice is an astronomical event characterized by the Earth’s tilt toward the sun. The result is the “longest day of the year,” the day with the greatest number of hours of sunshine available on that particular day. Throw a party in honor of your closest star, complete with seasonal foods and beverages, as well as a brightly colored dress code.

Because the celebration is also dedicated to Mother Earth, consider incorporating an environmentally responsible theme into your celebration. Make use of reusable items such as rental glassware, dishes, and linens, and decorate with potted plants. As party favors, consider donating to a charity that supports the environment.

Book this sweetly pink sustainable event venue and private dining room in NYC for the occasion. The space is not only chic and eco-friendly, but it also offers a zero-waste coffee bar and tasty catering packages perfect for brunch!

9. A Gatsby bridal shower

FiDi Historic Jazz Main Bar Semi-Private sf san francisco rental
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Throw a bridal shower brunch fit for Daisy Buchanan, complete with flapper costumes and feathery headpieces. Serve traditional Prohibition cocktails such as sidecars and gin rickeys.

You can use feather boas, strings of pearls, and long cigarette holders to create sparkly hair bands and feather fascinators, which can be purchased or fashioned from a ribbon and a pin. Pants and braces are quite appropriate for females who are not too feminine! The bride may wear the same dress type as the rest of the guests but consider adding a lovely birdcage blusher veil for an additional touch to the attire.

Our epic roaring 20s party ideas help you pull off this suggestion with ease!

10. Shabby chic

rustic venue austin rental
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With gently faded décor, tea served in mason jars, hand-drawn signs, and baby’s breath centerpieces, you can create a charmingly rustic atmosphere for bridal brunch. You may add a personal touch with some handmade goodies. You can include the bridesmaids or the whole guest list by asking everyone to bring their favorite sweets to a potluck dessert table, similar to a wedding reception dessert buffet.

11. All white

Bridal Brunch Ideas
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Don’t find yourself getting along with different bridal brunch ideas. The big day when the bride will be dressed entirely in white is approaching fast. Get into the bridal mood with an all-white shower that would even make celebrities jealous of you.

Bring this idea to life by booking a lovely all-white venue on Peerspace, like this amazing Pilsen bright white event space in Chicago! Along with providing a gorgeous all-white space with high-end decor, it also offers you catering options, speakers, and a kitchen for all your brunch festivities.

12. Beach bonanza

Cape Cod Beach House with Panoramic Ocean Views san clemente rental
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A beach bridal shower is similar to a nautical bridal shower in that it includes coastal themes, but this one is all about sand and sunlight. Create a color scheme based on sand and aquamarine tones. Don’t forget to integrate seashells and starfish into your decor for this beach bridal brunch idea. 

13. Tea time

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Just skip the Mad Hatter theme for your tea party bridal shower in favor of a contemporary twist: a make-your-own herbal tea station. Guests can create loose-leaf tea blends by straining anything from black tea leaves to star anise and rose petals. Then, using hot water, brew the mixture, and bingo! It also works with iced teas, and we’re not opposed to a spiked version to kick things off.

Additionally, you may bring in an Ayurvedic expert or professional tea blender to assist in leading the class — you’ll discover what works and what doesn’t.

Bridal brunch ideas: conclusion

Bridal Brunch Ideas
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Putting together a bridal brunch may seem challenging at first. But hopefully by now, you’ve realized how easy Peerspace can make the process! Use our platform to find and book the perfect event space that suits your bride-to-be’s personal style. You can also ensure to book a space that includes all the amenities and services you want

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