The 9 Best Elopement Photographers in New Orleans

Looking for the top New Orleans elopement photographers? Then Peerspace has you covered! Given its long history and romantic qualities, there are few places in the country better suited for an elopement than New Orleans! From its scenic old buildings to the natural beauty surrounding the city, anyone looking for a photoshoot has an endless array of places to choose from.

And as you’re about to see, the top New Orleans elopement photographers we’ve curated for our list happen to be some of the best in the country at what they do!

1. Alyssa Fisher

Weddings and portraits are the specialties of Alyssa Fisher, New Orleans elopement photographer! By getting to know her subjects, their loves, and their vision for the session, Alyssa is able to craft images that convey a deeper feel for the unique qualities of her subjects.

The poses and instants captured by her are more reflective of how her couples naturally engage with one another. They also speak to Alyssa’s powerful talent for keeping her couples at ease and authentically expressive in front of her camera!

2. Sarah Becker

Having lived in NOLA for a decade now, Sarah Becker has come to appreciate the city for its romantic qualities. New Orleans makes the perfect backdrop for visiting or local couples to showcase their love in front of a camera lens! From downtown urban settings to historic country mansions, the setting of each elopement is dazzling and awe-inspiring to viewers like us.

Sarah is also one of the most talented visual storytellers we’ve come across. She uses both posed and documentary moments during her elopements to fully tell the story of each eloping couple. Moments of laughter, silliness, love, tears, and more all find their place in her portfolio.

3. Marcia of Elope To NOLA

Marcia of Elope To NOLA has one of the more unique journeys into the world of photography. Initially, she was not very attracted to the art form since her father and brother were photographers who often insisted on using her as a model.

But during her previous hotel sales management career, Marcia identified a gap in what services were available in the area. There were next to no photographers readily available for couples looking to elope or have a micro wedding. This was a space that Marcia realized she could fill, paving the way to her becoming a full-time New Orleans elopement photographer.

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4. Brei Olivier

The freedom to get married and celebrate in exactly the way you’ve always dreamed is what makes elopements special. And a look through the portfolio of Brei Olivier will convince you that she is a photographer who truly gets what makes eloping so magical.

Since no two couples are alike, why should their wedding be like anyone else’s? Brei even had an elopement wedding herself, so she totally gets why smaller and more adventurous ceremonies appeal to people!

5. Tyler Drude

Photography has been a part of Tyler Drude’s life since he was a small boy. No wonder he’s continued following his heart over the years to become a top New Orleans elopement photographer!

His images emphasize the romance, unique expression, and adventurous qualities of elopements. The locations and apparel couples choose to express their once-in-a-lifetime marriage help set the story for viewers. And Tyler has an expert’s eye for fine details like tattoos, glances, and other personal touches that give us a deep look into his subjects’ lives.

6. Mike Lirette

Weddings, elopements, and portraits are Mike Lirette’s specialties! However, his work is much more than pretty faces and posed moments. He continually looks out for the story behind the people — the places, family, friends, and moments that convey to us what makes each elopement unique.

Mike captures an excellent mix of both posed and candid moments to do so. He also varies his working distances and lens choices so you have a selection of images suitable for any use. From clean and traditional portrait shots to up close and personal shots captured alongside dancing subjects, there is no wedding that Mike isn’t an expert at capturing!

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7. Gabrielle Hail

Gabrielle Hail has been a part of hundreds of weddings in her years of working as a professional photographer. This experience has helped her develop her personal style, one that emphasizes the celebration, peak emotions, and connections made stronger that day.

She also has a talent for using dramatic lighting conditions to their utmost. Silhouettes, moody natural light, warm Golden Hour tonesโ€ฆGabrielle is a master of making light work for her and using it to accent the emotions of the moment!

8. Michael Caswell

With over 700 Louisiana and Mississippi weddings to his name and counting, Michael Caswell is a natural fit for our list of the best New Orleans elopement photographers. He started his brand back in 2005 and works full-time to capture both the highlights and in-between moments of each ceremony.

Mike’s style is vibrant in character, with rich colors and contrast. We also love his talent for capturing candid moments of expression between the newlyweds, family, and guests. Each one is an instant that might go unnoticed if not for him. And yet, it adds to the overall story of a wedding’s unfolding.

9. Jacqueline Dallimore

If you are a fan of outlets like ModWedding, Southern Bride, and Style Me Pretty, then you’ve likely already seen the work of Jacqueline Dallimore! Besides weddings and elopements, she also photographs portraits and is especially talented at children’s photography.

Best of all, Jacqueline sets herself apart even further thanks to her appreciation for both film and digital photography. Film has unique tonal qualities and the end result is quite different from the digital medium that has come to almost — but not entirely — replaced it. Both have their place in the photo album of a discerning couple!

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