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The 11 Best Wedding Photographers in New Orleans

New Orleans’s romance is as well-documented as its history. While the Big Easy has seen its share of sadness, the love of its residents is everlasting. Disney’s The Princess and the Frog was set in the city, as well as the classic Bette Davis romantic comedy, Jezebel. It’s a city of carnivals, Mardi Gras, of brass bands, quaint courtyards, and historical streets. Many couples have fallen in love in its quarters and even more have chosen to marry there. These select New Orleans wedding photographers are privy to this, creating their own romantic keepsakes for people in love.

1. David and Kirstin Hebert of DK Hebert Photography

Husband-and-wife photography team Kirstin and David Hebert boasts a dream life: they have their cameras and the love of their life, with 15 years of being each other’s other half. For David and Kirstin, photography is a way of breaking out of the box. Their fine art wedding sessions document every part of the couples’ wedding day, from friends and family rushing around to the couples getting dressed, as well as a toast at the end of the day. They specialize in stylish post-processing, producing dramatic and romantic posed portraits, and delivering an upscale and luxe product.

2. Hannah Mulligan

Full-time wedding photographer Hannah Mulligan is a Louisiana native. Based out of her home state, she shoots plenty of weddings and engagements in New Orleans. Although she’s wielded a camera for only a few years, her photographs are professional to the point of looking as though she’s been formally trained. Mulligan is a master at capturing the moment of a lifetime, and there’s a great sense of creativity to her work, which is hip and lovely, with an illustrative or lifestyle vibe.

3. Emily and Justin Martindale of Martindale Media Group

Owner and operators of Martindale Media Group, Emily and Justin Martindale do it all. They offer promotion for musicians, create poster designs, as well as produce photography and videography. Their wedding photographs are a testament to the team’s creativity. Emily in particular has shot weddings for more than a decade. She got her first film camera decades ago, and has been behind one lens or another ever since. For Emily, New Orleans is embroiled in her veins, as is her eye for photography. The soul of New Orleans looms large in the best of ways, and her stylish compositions are absolutely magazine- and Instagram-ready.

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4. Natalie Wilson of Lily Magnolia Rose Photography

Natalie Wilson’s approach as a New Orleans wedding photographer is journalistic. At times, she’ll shimmy along to music at the reception, but she’ll never thrust opinions on you in the planning stages or on the day. That being said, she knows all kinds of locations for your wedding or elopement shoot should you tap into that genius brain of hers. You’ll love her mix of candid shots and traditionally posed images, all of which feel authentic, as well as both classic and modern. When it comes to photography, she follows her heart. With her editing, she walks alongside it.

5. Beatriz and Josh McDonald

Meet the McDonalds: Beatriz and Josh, a husband-and-wife photography team from Louisiana. Each session is unique from the next, inspired by their subjects’ personalities, likes, and loves. With every shot they take, the McDonalds do their best to create a treasure that lasts, as with their couples’ love stories. Shooting in and around New Orleans, the pair is great at singling out the perfect locations for their shoots. It’s no wonder they’re among the top New Orleans wedding photographers.

6. Christi Childs Creative

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Christi Childs, the boss behind Christi Childs Creative, always wanted to be a photographer. It’s a dream she made happen and, 20 years on, is one she’s living. Christi has traveled all around the world, finished school, and is a mom of two who couldn’t be happier taking photographs. She runs her business out of her Baton Rouge home, capturing happy couples on the most important days of their lives. Her shoots focus on intimacy and the connection between couples, capturing the pure electricity of the wedding day.

7. Desiree and Hunter of The Rylands

The Rylands are Desiree and Hunter, two photographers with successful brands before they met, fell in love, married, and merged. Hunter and Desiree like capturing their subjects when they feel most comfortable. As a result, the pictures they take wind up as a candid testament to romance. Although the couple is based in New Orleans, they love a good adventure and are always set to hop on a plane. Since they’re both powerhouse photographers, this is a situation where clients get a true two-for-one deal.

8. Brielle Whitley and Michael Reuben of Whit and Reu

Intimacy is what drives Brielle Whitney and Michael Reuben. Intimate moments, intimate settings, and intimate relationships inspire both when it comes to their work. These two New Orleans wedding photographers are Louisiana natives. They’re full of Southern charm, which makes each of their subjects a part of the Whit and Reu family on their special days. Michael and Brielle eloped in the mountains, but whatever you’re looking for, big or small, they’re happy to dream alongside you. The pair love making their clients look glamorous, and they capture them in a traditional style, yet with a decidedly modern aesthetic.

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9. Melanie Lane Johnson of Lens of Lane

Each day, Melanie Lane Johnson is reminded that photography is her calling. Be it an engagement, elopement, or wedding photography, she and her husband Jeremiah are set on client satisfaction. If you’re looking for unique wedding photos, the two have shot weddings just about everywhere — lumberyards in front of piles of toppled trees, the red sands of Red Bluff, Spanish moss-covered willows. Any setting you want, Lens of Lane will make it happen. They’re at their best with their posed shots, framing up and directing couples into perfect works of art.

10. Conrad and Rossi at NOLA Hitched

As well as being New Orleans wedding photographers, Conrad and Rossi are: husband and wife, teenage sweethearts, and coffee addicts. The pair have shot more than 150 weddings in and around the historic streets of New Orleans, as well as numerous engagements. Having lived in the Big Easy their entire lives, no location is out of the running. And each wedding session with NOLA Hitched is uniquely New Orleans. Their sessions are a mix of dramatic, fine art-inspired compositions and lively, energetic journalistic-style coverage.

11. Gabrielle Hail

Mid-century modern design and her family are two things Gabrielle Hail loves besides photography. Living in the Deep South, she travels all around Louisiana capturing couples and their stories. A visual storyteller, Gabrielle offers wedding and lifestyle photography with a romantically photojournalistic appeal. Never content to just hang back or leap right in, she juggles both approaches during her sessions to capture every second of your day.

New Orleans is for lovers. For romantic wanderings and secret stories. These New Orleans wedding photographers each bring something different to the wedding table. All of them are impassioned, artistic, and trustworthy, and we hope you find your ideal match right here.

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