The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Dallas

D-Town and the larger metroplex is home to almost 7 million people. Last year, there were over 40,000 loving couples married in the area, and we can’t think of a better place for two people to embark on the rest of their lives together. With a metroplex of this size, and with so much romance in the air, it shouldn’t surprise you that Dallas — and the DFW area by extension — is home to so many talented wedding and engagement photographers. We’ve already told you about some of our favorite Dallas wedding photographers. Today, we’ve assembled a list of the best Dallas engagement photographers.

These shutterbugs all share a commitment to making connections with the couples they photograph, creating images destined to be lifelong treasures. We truly enjoyed putting this list together for you. There’s something uplifting looking through portfolios filled with so many laughing, smiling, joyous couples. We’re absolutely floating.

1. Jessica Quadra

Jessica Quadra’s greatest strength, at least in terms of her ability as a photographer, is capturing totally natural photographs. Her color, lighting, and textures all look true to life in a way that makes her photos seem totally classic. If you’ve read our other write-ups on photographers, you’ll know that we here at Peerspace are huge fans of photographers who take natural photos, avoiding highly filtered or edited photography and instead capturing the types of classic looks of the old age of film photography. And if you know that about us, you won’t be surprised at all to hear that we’re humongous fans of Jessica’s work.

2. Stephanie Rose

Dallas engagement photographer Stephanie Rose has her BFA in studio art and fine-art photography from the University of North Texas. Her clients say they’re thankful to have come across such an accommodating, kind photographer. The brides-to-be say Stephanie made them feel beautiful throughout the entire process, and when it was all said and done, turned their engagement photographs into works of art. And the grooms-to-be say Stephanie helped them relax, even those who normally feel pretty awkward when in front of the camera. We like Stephanie for her ability to take photos that overflow with joy and genuine emotion, and for her ability to take classic shots and put a refreshing spin on them so that they look totally modern and unique.

3. Monica Salazar

Monica Salazar is known for providing a stress-free experience for her clients. She’s a sought-after Dallas engagement photographer and wedding photographer, all because of her reputation for being a joy to work with (especially if you’re camera-shy!) and for being approachable, organized, and always able to turn in exceptional work, no matter the occasion. Our favorite thing about Monica’s work is her aptitude to capture the personalities of the brides- and grooms-to-be and to really build the photographs up from scratch around her clients themselves. This requires prodigious interpersonal and photographic skills, and we respect that.

4. Daniel Motta

Daniel Motta picked up a camera a little over a decade ago, and through hard work, focus, and effort, he turned himself into one of the very best Dallas engagement photographers. His work is deceptively simple: tightly focused, carefully composed, but rarely flashy, never relying on filters or extensive post-production editing. He makes the type of art you can immediately appreciate as skillful and gorgeous ⁠— the type you can spend time studying in order to realize how much more to them there really is than meets the eye. Daniel’s engagement clients trust him to paint them in the best light possible, to capture their love, and to preserve it so that one day their grandchildren will be able to appreciate it.

5. Kristen Dee Photography

Kristen Dee has been photographing weddings and engagements for nearly a decade. She’s got a fine-art background and is quite skilled in creating conceptually deep, natural-looking, and love-filled photographs. Her style is clean, evocative, sometimes ethereal, always bent toward exploring beauty and presenting a new vision of love to the world. Her clients love her enthusiasm for the art of photography and for gently walking her clients through the process of an exceptional photoshoot.

6. Emily Chappell

Emily Chappell got into photography to document the growth of her little family. But as happens with many people who get their first taste of photography, she quickly got hooked, and photography grew into a full-on obsession and career. Her photos are filled with personality, laughter, and the peace that emerges between two people when they truly know and trust each other. She’s an amazing artist with light, painting absolutely angelic portraits of Dallas couples.

7. Jennifer Crenshaw

Jennifer Crenshaw has built her dazzling reputation in Dallas for her ability to create deep connections with the couples she photographs. She’s also known for walking them through the process of taking amazing engagement and wedding photos. She and her team go the extra mile in everything they do. In addition to capturing some of the most stunning natural light photos around, Jennifer and her team make the most gorgeous handmade photo albums we’ve come across. They truly do everything to make your experience with them special.

8. Kortney Boyett

Kortney Boyett is a gifted wedding photographer. She’s compassionate, a great listener, and the epitome of wisdom and perspective. If you’d like to work with a Dallas engagement photographer who can also help you get started with the wedding-planning process, we can’t think of anyone better than Kortney. We’re huge fans of her work, which we’d describe as tasteful and classic. She has an eye for the little romantic details in couples’ relationships that others might overlook. And she builds these amazing, achingly romantic photos from these little details.

9. Paige Greener

Paige Greener has the most sentimental style of the Dallas engagement photographers on this list. We love the retro touches of her style and how she combines it with subtle touches of the futuristic to create a mood all her own. If you want a photographer who can encapsulate your lifestyle in your engagement photos, you’ll be 100% satisfied working with Paige.

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