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The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Los Angeles

Since the dawn of the Golden Age of Hollywood, Los Angeles has been one of the most romantically sought-after locations on Earth. From its high-rise buildings to golden beaches, Griffith Park and the observatory, as well as countless canyons and hikes, LA is where couples dream of having their engagement proposals. But sometimes you need someone to capture the romantic moment via picture. Take a look at our list of top-notch Los Angeles engagement photographers and feel inspired.

1. Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke is a British-born photographer who views every couple as unique. He knows they have different stories and ways in which those narratives play out. Fascinated by human connections and personal behaviors that distinguish us, Clarke creates stunning photos that come to life as if they’re storing the emotion and joy from your special day.

2. Jade Elora

Los Angeles engagement photographer Jade Elora’s goal is to make her subjects feel confident and comfortable. After all, it’s not easy getting your photograph taken, no matter how used to it you are. Elora specializes in engagement and wedding photographs, bringing them to light in her colorful signature style. She also loves taking pictures for couples who are alternative, creative, and non-traditional β€” anything but perfect in pastel.

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3. Jessica Schilling

Jessica Schilling is a documentary filmmaker and photographer who considers love the greatest adventure. Having started out as a film and TV editor, Schilling loves telling a story through pictures. She uses her background to order and reorder shots until they come together as a whole piece of art for you to look back on. Whether you’re looking for candid shots of a celebration filled with people or an intimate snapshot of you and your partner, Schilling can achieve either and all.

4. Rob Greer

Rob Greer is a Los Angeles portrait photographer known best for delivering quirky shots and stories nobody else can. His inspirations are in photojournalist Dorothea Lange and fashion photographer Richard Avedon. Greer delivers clean shots, free of background noise and distraction where the subject stands out against all manners of surroundings. He operates as a craftsman, offering technical precision and steady workmanship. And it’s this skill and reliability that earn him a place among the best Los Angeles engagement photographers.

5. Aaron Willcox

Aaron Willcox has one requirement from his clientele: they need to be deeply in love. Specializing in same-sex weddings around Los Angeles and beyond, Willcox will photograph anyone’s engagement or wedding as long as they fit that loving criteria. A multiple award-winner, Willcox goes along to the venues with couples and takes photographs as the day unfolds. He also keeps it moving β€” wherever the light goes, he’ll follow.

6. Caroline Tran

Caroline Tran is a storyteller who wants to share people’s stories through photography. Shooting weddings and engagements means she can be part of those intricate, special moments in a person’s life while also documenting everything from behind her lens. Her photography is a mixture of scenery, props, and candid photojournalism. Looking at her engagement photographs actually makes you feel like you’re part of that moment β€” even if you weren’t there.

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7. Montana Dennis

Have you ever thought about having your engagement photographs taken through a car window? If not, seeing Montana Dennis’s work might change your mind. His photographs are unlike any others, utilizing light and landscape in ways that are at once both natural and supernatural. From couples walking across the Californian desert to Santa Barbara beach picnics, Dennis can capture the moments we forget β€” every little gesture, every little second.

8. Carsten Schertzer of Ilumina Studios

Carsten Schertzer, the man behind Ilumina Studios, has an incredible story to tell. Passionate about photography since he was 11, Schertzer fell on hard luck after dropping out of high school. He found himself living on the streets, as well as sleeping on public benches or friends’ couches. However, he still had a dream to be a professional skateboard photographer. These days, he’s an award-winning wedding photographer in love with love and capturing that which belongs between those he’s photographing. Though based in LA, Schertzer loves to travel and has captured engagements everywhere from in front of the Sydney Opera House to the back of a Beijing taxi.

9. Joanne Leung

Engineer-turned-wedding-and-engagement-photographer Joanne Leung considers herself a fly on the wall. For couples who want their wedding documented without having to worry about where the camera is, Leung’s approach is ideal. Mixing photojournalistic tendencies with traditional lighting and a nice dose of spontaneity, Leung boasts an attention to detail that’s stunningly noticeable in her shots.

In a city big on oversized personalities, huge stories, and dazzling lights, there’s always another photo to be taken and love story to be told. The best Los Angeles engagement photographers bring a little something special out of the couples they work with, allowing inspiration to bubble to the surface, and then seizing upon it. The results are awe-inspiring.

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