The 11 Best Engagement Photographers in Toronto

Hoping to work with one of the best Toronto engagement photographers but aren’t sure where to start? Then this article is for you! At a wedding, the champagne is flowing, cheeks are flushed, romance is in the air… every bride dreams of her big day. The buildup to the wedding day is just as important as the event itself, which is why couples spend top dollar hiring the finest photographer to capture that special moment of love, tenderness, and promise that is the engagement.

If you’re about to pop the question and need a creative to commemorate the moment, then you’ve come to the right place. At Peerspace, we not only provide you access to the most amazing creative spaces in Toronto, but we also shine a light on the city’s most impressive photographers that you need to know. So to make your search a little easier, we’ve scouted out top-tier Toronto engagement photographers working today. Let’s check out their work!

1. Jessilynn Wong Photography

Jessilynn Wong captures the very essence of that warm fuzzy wedding feeling in the inviting, warm colorscapes of her photographs. Her work is soft and intimate, reminiscent of a mystical fairy tale. She describes her style as “candid, warm, romantic, and fun,” and she hits the mark every time.

In fact, Jessilynn’s artistic eye stands out in creative framing that sets her work apart from the rest. She frames each photograph against a beautiful backdrop of woodland forests, manicured gardens, and romantic beachfronts with the Toronto skyline in the distance.

2. Tara Weddings

The talented Toronto engagement photographers at Tara Weddings cater to clients from diverse backgrounds, including Chinese, Korean, Indian, Sikh, and Greek.

One of the things we love about their style is the elegant close-ups, which capture the personality of the subject without any sort of awkwardness or staging. It’s clear that their chic yet comfortable style keeps everyone smiling from ear to ear. Soft, muted tones and effortless grace also keep us coming back for more.

3. Melissa Sung

Melissa Sung’s expert incorporation of natural light into her photographs makes them feel like a painting. It’s an effect that captures the imagination and makes each picture beg to be hung in a handsome wooden frame. She also shoots weddings, so her beautiful photographs follow the bride through engagement and into the next chapter of her life.

As Sung explains on her website, her work “captures the simple moments that are often overlooked—the way he pulls her closer when the embrace, or how she crinkles her nose every time he makes her laugh.” We also think her work boldly captures the inner song of the heart.

4. Jess Craven of Daring Wanderer

Combining storytelling with engagement photography, Jess Craven crafts extraordinary photographs all around Canada. In doing so, she shares breathtaking vistas of mountains against aqua-blue lakes or a single shaft of light creeping through towering pines like a romantic fairy tale of forbidden love.

Couples looking for something out of the ordinary will find Craven’s photos tantalizing in their matchless allure. It’s truly a unique documentation of the couple’s love story.

5. Frances Morency

Unposed, documentary, modern, lifestyle — these are all the words Frances Morency uses to describe her photography. And to us, it’s also graceful and inspiring on top of all these. “You need a photographer you can trust,” Morency explains on her website, and it’s true.

These are intimate moments, and it’s clear through the tender smiles and open body language of her clients that trust is the easily forged on her shoots. We especially like the brushed pink overtones of Morency’s photographs, adding a flush of romance and passion to this special day.

6. Agnes Wywrot of Northern Wildflower

Agnes Wywrot has a natural eye for colors and composition, with a nuanced elegance that makes her one of the top Toronto engagement photographers currently on the scene. Each couple is clearly unique and special in Wywrot’s photos, overflowing with personality and charm.

We love the candid moments that she captures, the tender unaware moments that pass between two lovers. Wywrot travels around the world photographing weddings and engagements. In her free time, she enjoys practicing latte art and collecting coffee mugs.

7. Sarah Martin Photoartistry

The rich tones of Sarah Martin’s work immediately set her apart from the crowd, with a deep, soulful intensity that feels cinematic and poetic. “I love the real and raw moments between two humans,” says Martin on her website, “the nitty gritty reality that is love.”

Fields of wildflowers and evergreen forests are common backdrops to Martin’s photographs. We love how these showcase the beauty of nature in complement to the beauty of love.

8. Aunushan Ambigaipagan of Digital Plus Photography

The photographs by Aunushan Ambigaipagan of Digital Plus are alive with color and emotion. They’re also brilliantly stylish and ultra-hip, as full of feeling as the couples being photographed. Every type of photography is explored, from lush landscapes to personal closeups, and even some artistic double exposure, with the reaching branches of trees like an alive, growing love.

We especially appreciate the little stories Ambigaipagan tells regarding each photo. Like running around the city to get exquisite photographs of the giggling, dancing couple against different, distinct backdrops

9. Chelsea Abram Photography

We love the powerful sprinkling of black and white in Chelsea Abrams’s photography. Though in her mid-20s, she shows an impressive, mature style that feels more like someone who has experienced a lifetime of love, hope, and honest reflection.

Alongside the formal, Abrams also captures a delightful sense of humor in her pictures, bringing the personality of each couple to the forefront. Full of smiling faces and affectionate moments, it’s easy to get lost scrolling through Abrams’s photos for a long time, just enjoying the overflow of love and happiness in each frame.

10. Everlasting Moments

While there are plenty of serious, passionate photos in the repertoire of Everlasting Moments, we are especially drawn to the playful, silly moments that they capture in between. After all, these are the photos the bride and groom will cherish in the golden years to come.

Along with the usual warm tones which are the hallmark of engagement photos, we are drawn to the amazing use of blue here. It manages to turn the color’s characteristic coolness into a whimsical, playful fairy tale atmosphere.

11. Kristin Sinclair Photography

Kristin Sinclair is more than a photographer, she truly paints with light. The stunning natural atmospheres that Sinclair incorporates into her work turns every photo session into a magical experience. Her work includes engagements, family shoots, newborn portraits, and maternity, with breathtaking backgrounds full of lavender fields, wildflowers, romantic pinewoods, and sandy beaches.

Stormy weather is not an issue for Sinclair, as some of her most powerful photographs feature the undulating blue and gray of rumbling nature. Any couple who books a session with Sinclair is sure to come away with a masterpiece.

Bonus: Fox Photography

Fox Photography is a Toronto-based wedding photography outfit helmed by married duo Michelle and Dan Fox. We are crazy about their adventurous, documentary-style outdoor shoots that capture their couples looking their most natural and in-love. Maybe this is one of the perks that comes with hiring a married couple who just also happen to be worldly artists. They can take their own experiences and guide you in a way that keeps you looking authentic while using their expertise to craft shots that also look incredible.

It’s a win-win situation for couples looking to work with artists who still want your input and who desire to create your dream engagement and wedding shoots.

Toronto engagement photographers: conclusion

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Source: Peerspace

When we hire a photographer to document our engagement, we are inviting a stranger into one of the most intimate moments of our lives, and it’s important to find someone whom can we can trust. In these tender occasions, the professionals conjure the feeling of authenticity, which turns a simple photograph into a treasured memory.

As we consider who best fits our personal style as a couple, we can be certain that these top Toronto engagement photographers will bring nothing but delight to our lives. Also, remember that location plays a huge role in the lasting memory of your engagement shoot. Rely on Peerspace to help you discover and book sensational spaces in any corner of Toronto for all your creative needs.

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