The 9 Best Engagement Photographers in Virginia Beach

Hoping to work with one of the best Virginia Beach engagement photographers but aren’t sure where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place since that’s what we at Peerspace share with you ahead!

As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, we at Peerspace know what an amazing combination the right photographer and the right venue can mean for your engagement shoot. We’re happy to help you find both, starting with our list below of Virginia Beach’s finest shutterbugs. Peruse this list and then check out our platform to discover some of the most stunning photoshoot locations, indoors and out.

A skilled photographer can preserve your memories of irreplaceable moments. When it comes to significant life milestones, an engagement is definitely up there, so it helps to have an adept shutterbug on hand to capture all of the joy and excitement. All of these Virginia Beach engagement photographers are artists, as well as professionals. When you work with them, quality pics are basically guaranteed.

1. Molly Lichten Photography

Splitting her time between Virginia Beach and Los Angeles means lucky residents of two states get to take advantage of Molly’s amazing talent. Combining elements of fine art and fashion photography into her wedding work ensures that the couples Molly works with look absolutely breathtaking!

She tends towards fine art compositions — either a wide view of a scene with the couple artistically placed or a close-up of the connection her subjects share. She does it all without a lot of distracting background elements. Every one of her photos is a stand-alone shot and that’s why we love her — her talent for telling a story is a rare one. 

2. Audrey Rose Photography

With her self-confessed love of southern elegance and the married life, Audrey is the engagement photographer to choose when you want your wild love documented in a series of vibrant photos. Looking through her portfolio is like getting a peek into the authentic emotions of her subjects — true tenderness and love are on display. This makes sense, as Audrey is both easy to work with and a great artist.

Many of her portraits have a free-spirited vibe to them, so if you fancy running down the beach, hair swinging in the sunlight, with the love of your life, let her immortalize the moment. Without a doubt, you’ll treasure Audrey’s photographs for the rest of your life.

3. Lia Everette Photography

Serving all of Virginia with her joyful, boho-inspired photography, Lia Everette is an engaged couple’s dream. Her work is playful, adding new elements like smoke into her work for photos that are cutting-edge yet timeless. Many of her images exude a moody vibe — perfect for highlighting the artistic, unconventional couples she loves to work with.

Lia represents the landscapes found around Virginia well in her work, making her a true locals’ delight. This style also gives a sense of place to your engagement or elopement photos. When you want a big dash of authenticity with your art, Lia is the one to work with. 

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4. Mackenzie Alexa Photography

An ultra-hip, editorial style lands Mackenzie solidly on this list. Her photos are intimate, yet polished, peeking into the love people share. Her years of living in Italy refined her artistic senses, and she often incorporates the landscape into her couples’ shoots.

Mackenzie’s images are full of soft and beautiful light, ebullient moments, and an effortless coolness. If you are passionately in love, perhaps a bit stylish, and need a gifted photographer to match, then reach out to Mackenzie. She also works in Orlando and Chattanooga, for couples in those locations who love her work.

5. David Champagne Photography

David Champagne is one of the most acclaimed Virginia Beach wedding and engagement photographers. After all, he’s the winner of WeddingWire’s Couples Choice Award for multiple years, The Knot‘s Hall of Fame Best of Weddings winner, and boasts over 350 weddings under his belt.

David’s style is highly technical, so when you want a magazine art shot for your engagement photos, he’s the best choice. From cool flash techniques to incredible framing using architectural elements, his skills are finely honed.

6. Lyndsay Curtis Photography

A thoughtful photographer with a serious case of wanderlust, Lyndsay is down to travel to wherever your story takes you. Her love of the whimsical is evident in the fact she adores Walt Disney World, and her playfulness transfers into her artistic style, too — fun angles and cheerful moments aplenty.

We appreciate the elegance that Lyndsay infuses into her compositions. They’re simple and refined while telling a complete story. In fact, it is perfectly suited for photographing the colors of the sand and sea here.

7. Amanda Robbins Photo

Full of glowing brides and enhanced by her high-key style, Amanda’s portfolio is simply breathtaking. Her airy shots make her one of our favorite Virginia Beach engagement photographers — all that brightness is perfect for highlighting the sand and sea — but, fortunately for the landlocked, she serves all of Virginia.

We find her close crops particularly charming as they put the focus on the tenderness between her couples. When you want to work with a professional with a light touch and an eye for the real moments, work with Amanda. 

8. Anna Kratoville Photography

With a penchant for beautiful sunlight, Anna’s perpetually inspired to get out and produce jaw-dropping photographs. Her impressive portfolio is packed with carefully composed images that are often deeply shadowed, giving a film flair to her portfolio. We also love how her work also provides just enough nostalgia to tug the heartstrings.

Detailed, dimensional, and emotional, Anna is the creative to collaborate with whenever — and wherever — you have a chance. 

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9. Will Hawkins Photography

Award-winning photographer Will Hawkins is one powerhouse creative. Drawing from his years of experience across many genres of photography, he produces technically perfect photographs, which is probably why his work has appeared on the covers of multiple magazines.

Will also boasts a polished editorial eye, making him one of the area’s best commercial photographers. It’s this talent that helps him tell the complete story of an engagement or wedding in his series of profoundly emotional photographs.

Bonus: Vinluan Photography

Vinluan Photography is helmed by Jake and Jen, a married couple who quickly became one of the most popular wedding photography duos in the state of Virginia. They opened shop in 2012, went full-time in 2014, and since then, have served more than 200 couples.

What you’ll notice in the Vinluan’s portfolio is how genuinely happy each of their couples looks. Though they are celebrating some of life’s biggest moments, either their engagement or their wedding, they look carefree, naturally-lit and excited about the next stage of their journey. This is a testament to the power of having great photographers by your side to document your engagement and subsequent wedding. They are able to put you at ease, coax out your true personality, and deliver stunning images that reflect the real you. Run out and hire Vinluan Photography is this sounds as dreamy to you as it does us!

Virginia Beach engagement photographers: conclusion

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We were blown away by the skills and dedication of these top Virginia Beach engagement photographers and imagine you feel similarly/ Pick your favorite(s) and then reach out and start a dialogue to see if you vibe well.

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