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8 Unique Event Decoration Ideas

Often, the venue is what makes the event. Peerspace streamlines the venue booking process for everything from photoshoots to birthday parties. You can rent spaces of any size and style to effortlessly make your event decoration ideas come to life. For example, need a cozy cafe for a Sunday brunch or a rustic industrial warehouse for a dinner party? They’re on Peerspace, available to rent by the hour. No matter your event vision or budget, you can find a place to host it. Once you’ve selected your venue, it’s time to work on the minutiae.

A successful, memorable event demands a great atmosphere, courtesy of the right decor. Create an immersive experience by decorating your home or venue with incredible attention to detail. Like your event space, most decor is rentable. It’s an eco-friendly solution that’s easy on your budget. If you’re new to event planning and design, it can be a challenge to know where to start when it comes to decor.

The event styling landscape has changed so much since the days when decorating just meant hanging streamers and tying balloons to the backs of chairs. Pinterest can help you keep up with the latest event design trends, but to start, we’ve highlighted some event decoration ideas that will take your event from meh to wow.

1. Put up a festive flower wall

Flower walls are becoming increasingly popular simply because they are so Instagram-worthy! They are pretty to look at on their own and make a perfect photo backdrop. They are especially ideal for events you want to publicize on social media. Flower walls can be adapted for different themes depending on the flowers and other plants you choose. Your wall can be tropical, wintery, or autumn-inspired. You can find them online on Etsy and other event supply stores. Or, make your own with artificial flowers from your local craft store or even the Dollar Tree.

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2. Shout it with neon signs

Neon signs aren’t just for restaurants and shops anymore. You can brighten any event with a custom sign that fits the occasion or theme. Instagrammable, vibrant, and eye-catching, these retro signs can display cheeky sayings, couples’ names for weddings, or anything you want! Sites like Sketch and Etch sell custom neon signs in almost any color and font you desire. These conversation-starting signs make perfect photo backdrops and double as extra lighting.

3. Display a delicious donut wall

Dessert walls aren’t only decorative, they take the place of a dessert table, eliminating the need for servers to bring out desserts. With a donut wall, you can cater to a wide variety of tastes by buying several different flavors (usually event designers go for colors that coordinate well together) and varieties like vegan and/or gluten-free donuts. You can buy a pre-made wall and decorate it with signage that fits your event, or create your own wall using a wood panel and pegs.

4. Cover the walls with projections

Projections are a high-tech, modern event decor solution that is eco-friendly and perfect for small spaces. Anything is possible with projections, so you can decorate for any theme, color scheme, or occasion. You can rent a projector or buy devices that project certain patterns (usually found near the Christmas lights section of a department store). This is one of the easiest event decoration ideas and can be highly affordable if you shop with a plan in mind.

5. Arrange conversation pieces of furniture

Sometimes a few statement pieces of furniture are all you need to transform an event space. You can often rent furniture for a day from event rental companies, or pick up some pieces at a thrift store and then re-donate them later. Benches, chairs, and end tables are all functional pieces that can take your event atmosphere to the next level. Using furniture as your main source of decor is especially smart for events with a vintage or rustic theme, as well as weddings and promotional events that you want people to post about on social media.

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6. Light up the room

The right lights can change everything. Set the tone of your event with lighting that helps create the proper ambiance. Use anything and everything from string lights and tabletop candles to hanging lanterns, tube lights, and chandeliers. Lights come in all shapes and colors, making them a versatile event decoration idea.

7.  Set the table with centerpieces

For events where a meal is the main focus, the tablescape should be your first priority in terms of decorating. Centerpieces can be large props, confetti, flowers, pinecones, objects (like sticks or round filler pieces in a vase), candles, cake stands, candelabras, old books, glass domes, or figurines. There’s a lot of room for creativity with your centerpieces. If it looks good in the middle of your table, it can be a centerpiece. Complement your centerpieces with placemats, a tablecloth, chargers, napkin rings, cloth napkins, fancy utensils, and beautiful dishes. Pinterest is an amazing resource for tablescape inspiration. You can find ideas for just about any theme that can be adapted for weddings, dinner parties, and more.

8. Party in a unique venue

With the right venue, you may not even need many decorations. Sometimes the venue is beautiful enough on its own. On Peerspace, you can find a venue that fits your occasion and event theme. A historic lounge, theater, studio, art gallery, or even a mansion — any of these places can be the backdrop of your next event when you search for a venue on Peerspace. You can even adjust your search settings to find places with fireplaces, gazebos, and exposed brick. Audio-visual, catering, bar services, and other amenities are also available via the Peerspace Concierge service. If you want to make it happen, we can help — all in a beautiful space.

So much goes into making an event run smoothly, and event decorations are often low on the list of priorities. But even the most exciting event can fall flat if the space looks dull. So once you’ve got the invites, catering, venue, and agenda, you need to add the finishing touches to your event with these unique event decoration ideas that can work for any type of function.

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