The 10 Best Event Photographers in Philadelphia

Philly is home to some of the country’s biggest personalities. It’s got the best fans, party-goers, food — and just lots to celebrate. The best parties and events deserve to be remembered forever, and these photographers have made a career out of ensuring those epic memories stand the test of time. These creatives work with parents throwing kids’ birthday parties, corporations putting on trade shows and networking events, big-time speakers at conferences, benefits, Church spaghetti dinners, mitzvahs, and everything in between. They’ve all built a reputation as being the most talented Philadelphia event photographers. Check them out!

1. David DiRentis

With his deep, textured photographs, as well as his meticulous attention to detail and gesture, David DiRentis is a true artist. He’s trusted by entertainment venues, other artists, and all sorts of Philadelphians to capture breathtaking portraits and photojournalistic event photos. His skill with the camera seems effortless and yet loving, as though he’s able to get to know his subject by the way he composes their photograph. He’s probably the most skilled candid photographer on this list.

2. Jackie Bayne of Love Shack Photo

Jackie Bayne specializes in mitzvah photography, and her photos are joyous celebrations of young people coming of age, of family, and of tradition — combinations of the new and the old. She also has a thriving business in wedding photography. In everything that she does, she manages to provide so much coverage that you’d think she has a clone hidden away somewhere. She takes creatively composed photographs from unique perspectives, which truly helps make the people she’s photographing seem like stars on their big days. 

3. J&J Studios

John Ryan, the owner of J&J Studios, has shot photographs for most of his adult life. It was love for John the instant he picked up a camera for the first time. And art is a huge part of John’s life. In addition to being one of the best Philadelphia event photographers, he’s a classically trained pianist (and a licensed physical therapist, though we can’t imagine how he finds the time!). He is other-focused, constantly striving to help others and better himself. In recent years, he’s won numerous awards — for his wedding photography especially. He’s a do-it-all photographer with an active mind. We find that he excels in his corporate branding shots because of his gift for strategic thinking and ability to communicate clearly through his photos.

4. AMC Photography Studios

Photographing weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events in the Philadelphia and Main Line areas, AMC Photography Studios comprises photographers who are knowledgeable, generous, and detail-oriented. They are creatives who commemorate the monumental occasions that change people’s lives. Taking in every little detail that makes your event so special, AMC Photography Studios finds the love that you yourself put into every aspect of your event, as they understand that this is where the story of your event actually is. If you want to see your child look like a prince/princess or simply need shareable photographs of your corporate event, AMC Photography Studios always delivers. 

5. Zara Neifield

Zara Neifield takes gorgeous portraits, embodying the love, struggle, and humanity of the citizens of Philly. She uses the ability to connect and put people at ease to draw out their true self, which she has honed in her portraiture. As such, she captures some of the most dramatic storytelling event photography we’ve come across. Her photos have remarkable depth and are composed lovingly in a true-to-life manner that uses small elements of dramatic lighting and shadow to emphasize aspects of her subjects she finds evocative. Zara produces perhaps the most emotionally significant photographs on the list. 

6. Laura Eaton

Laura Eaton has built her name in the city by taking some of the best, most professional corporate headshots — the types of shots that help both businesses acquire new clients and people find new, better jobs. Every photographer has to have a niche. But the project management and planning that go into photographing a good event are clearly something Laura relishes. Succeeding at event photography requires great organizational chops and an ability to both stick to a plan and keep an eye on the event as it unfolds, making sure to capture all the important moments. 

7. Ellamarie Quimby Photography

Ellamarie Quimby is a devastatingly skilled documentary photographer. She connects so quickly and deeply with people, that she’s able to draw out shockingly intimate expressions and gestures in the people she photographs. When she turns that skill to event photography, something special happens: her photos don’t look anything like the the straight-forward photographs of amateur event photographers. Instead, Ellamarie’s practically explode with personality. She doesn’t just capture smiles, she captures belly laughs. She doesn’t just capture conversation, she captures understanding, curiosity, friendship, and wonder. She’s the type of photographer we’d hire ourselves.

8. Vintage Dope Studios

Vintage Dope Studios takes funky, flavorful photos — editorial portraits, event photos, contemporary fine-art pieces — both in studio and on location. In addition to being one of the best Philadelphia event photographers, the shutterbug behind Vintage Dope is one of the most gifted portrait artists we’ve seen, and the pieces she’s shot to help models build up their portfolios are quite frankly amazing. They’re colorful, mysterious, a little whimsical, and dripping with character. We imagine working with Vintage Dope would be a super-enjoyable way to spend a day. You need energy like hers on your side.

9. Tivern Turnbull

Philadelphia event photographer Tivern Turnbull is a do-it-all photographer who takes classy wedding photos, glamorous portraits, and engaging, narrative event photos for a diverse group of clients. Whether you’re putting on a benefit or throwing the party of the year, Tivern is a fun, upbeat photographer who’s eager to collaborate with you to plan the perfect shot list. He wants to tell your story, and his first order of business is to really dig in and understand what you think your story is. He’ll have you fully covered — and with his tremendous post-production ability and eye for details, even though what you get will be what you’ve asked for, it will nevertheless be far beyond what you expect.

10. J. Roberts

J. Roberts is a Philadelphia event photographer specializing in burlesque and cosplay photographs. J.’s photos are composed in a fairly classical style, with the perspective and framing you would expect in portraiture. However, they have kinetic energy, unique lighting, and dramatic coloring that allows J. Roberts’s portfolio to stand out from the crowd. If you’re having a costume party or a burlesque charity benefit, we’d highly recommend working with J. 

Bottom line: you can’t go wrong hiring any of these photographers for your event — they’re the very best Philadelphia event photographers. They’re all experienced, organized, and constantly chasing great photos. Composing works of art is their obsession, and this is why they’re able to consistently deliver such crisp, accomplished work. You also can’t go wrong finding a great party venue here on Peerspace. It’s our obsession to provide the coolest locations in town at the best prices with the most convenient booking processes. And we’re always getting better and better at what we do. Come see us.

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