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The 9 Best Fall Photoshoot Ideas Near New York City

In one of the most beautiful and photographed cities in the world, you’ll find no shortage of locations in New York City that are great for photoshoots. One of the best times to shoot in NYC is the fall, when the weather cools down and the trees start to change colors. Fall beauty makes an excellent backdrop for any kind of photo session. And fall has its own kind of charm in NYC — the crowds start to dwindle, it becomes nicer to stroll outside among the falling leaves, and people are all cozy in their new sweaters. Whether you’re looking to embrace the urban jungle or find some breathing room that feels a world’s away from the city, you’ll find something on this list of the nine best fall photoshoot ideas near New York City.

1. Take rustic outdoor portraits in this Hoboken Oasis

duplex and garden new jersey rental
Source: Peerspace

Just over the river, this mid-century modern duplex and outdoor garden makes a great setting for a fall photoshoot. A tasteful indoor space gives you several portrait backgrounds, but it’s the outdoor area that really makes this location stand out. You’ll find a rustic wooden fence, plenty of beautiful plants, and lovely outdoor decoration. If you need a space that will give you plenty of fall colors to work with but need the added privacy of a fenced-in space, then this is a fine option.

2. Crunch some leaves in this outdoor space and garden

nyc garden and outdoor space new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

This unique garden space in Clinton Hill offers another good secluded area for fall photos. The charming landscaping and covered terrace are fantastic features for photos, and plenty of seating gives you room to spread out if you have a larger production. This venue also provides outdoor heaters if you happen to be shooting for an extended period outside on a cooler day. The sound system and available private WiFi are a nice touch as well.

3. Capture fantastic photos in this zen-inspired garden

zen garden nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

A ground-level garden, enclosed by a rustic wooden fence, makes a great location for a fall photoshoot. Tall grass throughout, as well as vines and ferns, give you some greenery to complement the background, and the paving stones throughout the patio add charm to the space. With the fence, you have an intimate outdoor space that gives you and your clients privacy, while also ensuring no pedestrian walks through the background of your shot.

4. Enjoy fall photos in the classic NYC setting of Central Park

nyc central park new york city
Source: Pixabay

As the most visited and filmed park in the United States, Central Park is definitely on the list of the best fall photoshoot ideas near New York City; after all, a list would not be complete without it. Established in 1857, the iconic park makes an excellent backdrop for fall photos. Trees with fall foliage look great in photos, as well as bridges and water features; you’re guaranteed to find a great setting. Just keep in mind the park is frequently crowded during good weather, so you’ll likely need to work around visitors.

5. Get tangled in the ivy at this 19th-century townhouse and garden

townhouse and garden nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Architecture like this is increasingly less common today, making this townhouse and garden a real find. The indoor area is classically furnished and a beautiful space for a photoshoot in its own right, but the outdoor garden is where this venue really stands out. Worn brick walls covered in ivy make a great backdrop, and the benches and chairs throughout the garden give you a lot of options for posing subjects.

6. Capture the fall riverside at Battery Park

battery park new york city
Source: Flickr / Marco Verch

Commonly referred to as Battery Park, the Battery is at the southern tip of Manhattan and gives you some unique photo backgrounds. There are plenty of trees if you’re looking for green space, and the views of the water look great all year round. Castle Clinton also makes for a good background, and lets you mix up your photoshoot with its weathered exterior stonework. 

7. Watch the leaves change in this 100-year-old firehouse-turned-apartment

bright loft nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

This charming domicile stays Pinterest-worthy year-round, but what makes it a solid pick for the fall months is the presence of those large windows. The windows are situated nicely at tree-level and, in the fall months, once those trees have turned, the natural light backdrop just outside the apartment sets the tone for contemplative autumn shots.

8. Admire relaxed portraits in this cozy garden space

cozy outdoor garden nyc new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Posting up on a bench in this intimate garden space makes for a perfectly framed photo no matter the season. But in the fall, when the foliage has turned and a few leaves appear scattered around, the scene takes on a particularly romantic and dramatic tone.

9. Go big during fall in Brooklyn Bridge Park

brooklyn bridge park nyc new york city
Source: Flickr / Mr Seb

Eighty-five acres of space along the East River make this park an excellent stop for fall photos. Across the water, you have the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop, and don’t forget to take advantage of the expansive green space that’s filled with trees. In addition to the shoreline, six piers give you plenty of spots to spread out. Toward the north end of the park, you’ll also have some great views of the Brooklyn Bridge.

No matter what your shooting needs are, you’re sure to find the perfect space in New York City. If you need a private space for a shoot, Peerspace can connect you with some wonderful short-term rentals. And, if you want to be outdoors in a public space, New York is home to the most beautiful parks in the world. All of these spaces look great in the fall, so you’ll be able to take full advantage of the autumn color and excellent weather. Work your way through our list of the nine best fall photoshoot ideas near New York City, and you’ll have some great work to show for it.

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