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The 9 Best Family Photographers in Kansas City

A great photograph is composed of various elements. It can convey the unvarnished truth or the whimsy of the photographer, but above all, a great photograph touches the heart. Each and every one of the Kansas City, MO family photographers on this list excels in making great photographs — trust us, we looked at a lot of portfolios to curate this list! Ranging from maternity portraits to newborn studio sessions to outdoor milestone sessions with extended families, we saw it all and chose some of our favorites — whatever your ideal style, there is sure to be someone for you here.

1. Colleen Christi Photography

Colleen Christi is a published Kansas City family photographer. Her award-winning work is shot on elaborate sets and edited to make your child’s fantasies of being a superhero or mermaid come to life! Perfectly designed and lit, her studio portraits are whimsical and fun — complete with dinosaur costumes, fairytale sets, and even Santa Claus! All of her portraits are vibrant: bright colors, a happy tumble of toys, and joyful smiles. For a special photo session that will delight and fit your desire for the unique, check out Colleen’s portfolio.

2. Helen Ransom of Faces You Love

Helen Ransom is the shutterbug behind Faces You Love Photography and the name says it all — her work preserves the faces you love in print. Both her studio work and her outdoor sessions create heirlooms, using a time-honored combination of posing and lighting to produce images that will be treasured for generations to come. Blending talent and expertise, Helen designs family portraits that truly do stand the test of time.

3. MIKE + JULIE | storytellers

This fun-loving husband and wife duo are masters of capturing authentic moments — there is not a single fake smile or posed shot in their portfolio. Wherever and whomever they have in front of their cameras, they are sure to click the shutter only when the emotion is real. Their playfulness and joy behind the camera comes through and creates their unique style — a silly face, an up-close and personal angle, a quirky crop — all genuine and lovely. Mike and Julie will make you and your family comfortable in front of the lens, and there is nothing more beautiful than that!

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4. Rebecca Clair Photography

Rebecca Clair is the Kansas City family photographer for you if you desire real portraits of your loved ones. Her sessions are laid back, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxed and happy smiles. She plays with the surroundings to draw the viewer into the frame: shallow depth of field keeps the focus on the subject, blurred foreground objects create depth, and through it all? Beautiful lighting. We’re big fans of Rebecca’s work.

5. Rebecca Lassiter Photography

Drawing inspiration from all those that she photographs, Rebecca Lassiter has a diverse portfolio and style, but the unifying themes we see time and time again are beauty and fun. Her experience working with models means that her posing and styling is spot-on with everything she captures on film. Her experience shooting weddings has helped her hone an ability to document the truth of the moment. Rebecca brings a multi-faceted skillset to each shoot and the result is authentic art.

6. Allison Marie Photography

The color white is a classic for a reason — it is elegant, simple, and clean. And these three words totally define Allison Marie’s photography. Her minimalist style is complemented by natural light, creating glowing portraits, perfect for a family that wants the focus to be on them. Indoors or out, the same high-key reigns — beautiful for its softness and ethereal feel. There are no jarring colors in her work, contributing to the feather-light feeling of each of her portraits. Wherever Allison directs her lens, the result is nothing short of angelic. Scroll through her Instagram and just feel the airiness. Such a gorgeous body of work!

7. Melissa Rieke Photography

With a true love for capturing newborns in all their new beauty, Melissa Rieke is the perfect Kansas City, Missouri family photographer. Her studio is light, bright, and cozy — exactly what is needed when photographing little ones. She creates unique portraits with her prop styling — some are creative and fun, others beautiful in their simplicity. Whatever your style, Melissa will showcase you and your little ones in the most glorious ways.

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8. Anna Marie Photography

Anna Marie McGhee creates studio sets that are stand-alone works of art — incredibly detailed and delightful scenes that are made all the more adorable with the addition of a tiny bundle of baby. Her work is perfect. From the lighting, to the angles, to the poses — there are just too many cute details!

9. Melissa of Captures in Time Photography

Melissa is a lifelong local resident and a proud (and experienced) Kansas City family photographer. Working out of her beautiful studio, she produces portraits of your loved ones that capture fleeting moments. Traditional, but with a twist, her photographic style is best described as timeless. Implementing minimal editing, masterful yet classic posing, she will make each subject look their best now and forever. If your desire is photos that will still be appreciated and treasured decades from now, take a look at Melissa’s work.

When you’re on the lookout for great photographers in Kansas City, Missouri, the artists on this list will not disappoint.

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