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The 10 Best Family Photographers in Louisville

Derby City residents rejoice! While finding a talented photographer is always a challenge, we’ve decided to make it easier for you. Many of Louisville’s creatives can simply document and capture a smile — but we thought you might prefer to collab with the super-talented ones who make art instead! That’s why we’ve curated this list of the top Louisville family photographers for your consideration. Enjoy!

1. Amanda Graves Photography

If you’re looking for perfectly controlled lighting and some of the best props and newborn outfits we’ve seen, head on over to Amanda Graves’ studio in Louisville. She also works on location for family, newborn, children, and maternity photography in the area. Her warm style takes advantage of contrast without being too vivid in color, yet it’s not truly desaturated or matte. In addition, she has a distinct approach that shies away from common color casts we see in contemporary photography. Instead, Amanda brings a subtle touch that’s truly her own!

2. Julie Brock Photography

A talented photographer who specializes in taking maternity, newborn, and family pictures, Julie Brock approaches each shoot knowing she’s capturing one of the most meaningful moments in the lives of any couple: becoming parents and starting a family. Knowing that these portraits may be all that you have of such fleeting milestones, Julie employs a signature style that makes her clients simply glow. Softly lit, with warm highlights and a color tone ranging from pastel to desaturated, her work exudes lifestyle and contemporary elements.

3. Amy of Bluegrass Bebe Photography

If you’re looking for one of the top Louisville family photographers, Amy of Bluegrass Bebe Photography is waiting to hear from you! Her desaturated color palette takes away insistent color, allowing for composition, form, and emotion to play a stronger role. Combined with her love of flare-filled dramatic lighting, Amy is a pro when it comes to outdoor environmental shoots. Her heartwarming oeuvre is both sentimental and timeless, ensuring you’ll enjoy these pictures for decades to come.

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4. Kylene’s Photography

In her reflections on loss and family bonds, Kylene White is keenly aware that her work as a photographer is a sacred trust. She touches the lives of each of her clients in that moment, immortalizing form and emotion into images that will go on being appreciated for generations. This knowledge is evident in how Kylene always finds the decisive moment with a couple or family that truly tells us the story of their bonds. An embrace or smile, with punchy colors, tasteful vignetting, and creamy backgrounds are all hallmarks of her personal style! 

5. Haley & Alex Christiansen of Chandler Rose Photography

Haley and Alex are the photographer couple behind Chandler Rose Photography. In her own words, Haley describes her vision for family photography best, “It is not the posed family portraits that I get excited about. Instead it’s the images that give me a peek into their personalities, the candids, the ones that tell me a story.” As a result, they eschew perfection and portrait poses in favor of authentic family documentary photos taken while spending hours getting to know you and your loved ones. They find those shining moments of connection that go unnoticed throughout the day, for you to cherish forever!

6. Nicole Zirnheld Aldridge of nzaPhotography

Having studied advertising and graphic design at Western Kentucky University, Nicole found that photography was a natural, obvious extension of her learned skill set. With her refined eye for design, Nicole is rarely satisfied with simple documentation in her photography. Instead, she uses a fine-art style that showcases both her view of families, maternities, and newborns, as well as her own artistic vision. Her work is warm in tone with punchy, vivid colors that really make a canvas out of life!

7. Stephanie Viricki Photography

Stephanie’s maternity photography style has the soft background, attention to color matching, and vignetting of classic heirloom portraiture. This, combined with her careful consideration of background composition in the outdoors, gives her work a polished quality that’s rare among professional photographers. In addition, her newborn images are artfully arranged, with every detail well attended to. Best of all, she uses a natural color palette that’s neither vivid or desaturated. The realistic tone paired with her eye for composition is why she’s one of the top Louisville family photographers!

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8. Megan Hile Photography

Megan Hile has been proudly photographing Louisville newborns since 2010! While newborn photography remains her focus, she also artfully covers families and children’s photography in the area. We’re constantly delighted by her expertise in finding compositions both whimsical and natural for newborns and children. Megan’s infant images often emphasize the features we love most in babies; for example, chubby cheeks and tiny toes are all well displayed against soft, swaddling blankets and soft lighting. Pinks, whites, and blues are traditional colors that also show up regularly with her kiddos.

9. Morgan Berry Gould of BGPhotoLouisville

Few photographers showcase connection so fluently as Morgan Berry Gould. She’s one of our favorite Louisville family photographers, and her breathtaking portfolio is an intimate series of held hands, laughter under the sun, and warm gazes. Her newborn photography is especially creative in taking a more photojournalistic approach. Instead of the tailored outfits and natural poses with sleeping infants, we often see the simple beauty of a yawn or scrunched feet. Morgan’s photography is both playful and real in its depiction of love and family bonds!

10. Khara O’Neil Photography

Situated a stone’s throw from Louisville in neighboring Jeffersonville, IN, Khara O’Neil produces jaw-dropping photography full of dramatic lighting and warm sunset highlights. She has a preference for earth tones that creates a delightfully relaxed mood. Her images embrace natural guided poses as needed, but also show us plenty of spontaneous, candid moments where we really get to see and appreciate her subjects as they are. Khara uses shadows on occasion to create a somber mood that works well with vignetting for a classic photography approach. She’s undoubtedly the real deal as far as family photography is concerned.

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