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The 11 Best Family Photographers in Orlando

From theme parks to beaches and beautiful natural scenery, there are plenty of reasons why raising a family in Orlando is great. In a city with a thriving culture, it’s no surprise there are some amazing family photographers working in Orlando. Each has a unique style and approach to capturing families, and this creativity combined with professionalism and strong people skills mean you’ve got some incredible choices when planning your next family photo session. Take a look at the best Orlando family photographers and see whose style is the best fit for you.

1. Kristin Richelle

Kristin is a down-to-Earth photographer, creating an atmosphere during her shoots that let her clients feel completely at ease. Her goal is to capture authentic moments of families who aren’t trying to impress anyone—they’re just there to be with each other and enjoy their day. Capturing the connections between family members is Kristin’s speciality, and her work is filled with tender emotions and happiness. Her images are richly colored and will look great in an album or printed and framed.

2. Rose Reid

Rose loves meeting new clients and forming long term friendships with them, especially as their families grow. With fun photo shoots that keep everyone relaxed, Rose is able to immediately put people at ease. Her family portraits are lightly posed, but never stiff or unnatural. Brightly lit with vibrant colors, Rose has a great talent for finding the best natural light around. Her work does a great job of showing families spending time together, enjoying their day, and having a ton of fun.

3. Simply Shelby Photography

Shelby approaches photography by putting the authenticity of her clients first. She strives to capture real moments of expression, totally unprompted. This documentary approach pays off—many of the images in her portfolio show great moments between families, like a burst of laughter or an unexpected kiss. While she also takes more posed portraits of her families, it’s her candid work that makes her stand out as one of the best Orlando family photographers.

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4. Joanna Moore

Joanna is incredibly talented and easy to work with. By coming to each photoshoot relaxed, her clients immediately begin having fun. Her work with families is light and airy, often featuring unscripted moments with her families. With her muted color palettes and soft, natural light, Joanna’s work stands out, thanks to its balanced toning and close framing. Her work is highly narrative-driven, with each frame telling its own story about the day.

5. Kayleen Kelsey

Kayleen is a passionate photographer whose roots in photography go back to her childhood. Her family portraits reflect her love for photography—each one is precisely crafted with careful attention to detail. Working outdoors, Kayleen has a knack for finding amazing natural light that creates great colors and even skin tones. Strong backlight makes her subjects stand out, without ever overexposing the frame. The families she photographs are relaxed and enjoying themselves, happy to make memories of what are clearly fun photo shoots.

6. Jen Stevenson

Jen loves to build relationships with her clients, photographing them over the course of several years as their families grow and change. In business since 2010, Jen has plenty of experience working in the industry. Her professionalism is only matched by her talent—her images are expertly crafted and take advantage of the amazing landscapes central Florida has to offer. Beautiful colors and excellent natural light help her subjects stand out, and she has mastered the art of catching candid expressions during her shoots.

7. Rebecca Jill

Rebecca first turned to photography as a way to fulfill a need to create, and she hasn’t looked back since. With her strong people skills, Rebecca can easily put families at ease, engage kids, and make sure everyone is having fun. Her natural approach to composition and framing results in authentic images of families interacting. She has a real talent in getting people to come out of their shells and enjoy being photographed. This, combined with her great framing and incredible light, results in emotive images that you’re sure to love.

8. Kate Mclean

An adventurous photographer with deep roots in Florida, Kate’s work is clearly influenced by her relationship with the land around her. She offers two packages for families—one is more traditionally structured. These images consist of a combination of natural poses and candid moments. They’re bright and expressive images that would be completely at home framed and hung. She also offers a pure documentary package that captures a day in the life of your family.  In these images, Kate is only an observer, doing no coaching or posing at all—it’s purely journalistic. Her mastery of these two distinct styles makes her one of the best Orlando family photographers working today.

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9. Erika Hopkins

Erika’s first job was in photography and has worked in the industry ever since. When she captures families, she’s primarily focused on conveying the love people feel for each other. Each of her frames has an amazing color palette, and she has a great eye for soft, natural light. But the images also go beyond great composition—each one is emotive, part of your family’s story. These moments, beautifully framed, are a great way to document your family and look back on fond memories for years to come.

10. Michelle Ann

Michelle started her photography business in 2011 and has gained a ton of experience since. Working primarily in natural light, she makes incredible images of families and has an especially tuned eye when working with newborns. Her images are warm and bright, not just because of their lighting, but also because of the expressiveness of the families Michelle works with. Each image captures genuine emotions and will certainly be images you fondly look back on decades from now. Her consistency and creativity make her one of the best Orlando family photographers available.

11. Melissa T Photography

Melissa treats each photoshoot like a celebration—they’re fun and filled with laughter. Working on location and in natural light, Melissa’s images are colorful and perfectly lit. The vibrance of each image makes them stand out, while her eye for natural expressions make each image feel unique and joyful. Her posing is never stiff, and she captures plenty of spontaneous moments throughout each shoot. She’s especially adept at coaxing great expressions from kids, so anyone with a young family should take a close look at her work.

You all realize that Florida has some of the best natural light for photography in the country, right? There’s really no excuse not to soak it all in, take the family out for a photoshoot, and smile your very biggest smiles. The best Orlando family photographers know how to capture your family’s love in every frame, and they’ll give you a memento that will last for many summers to come.

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