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The 11 Best Family Photographers in Sacramento

What separates the best family photographers from the mere good ones? Who can say? But we are always looking and scouring the work of photographers, appreciating the work they do. And, on occasion, we find artists who are so good we feel it’s our duty to spread the word. And today we’d like to show you 11 such individuals that are among the best Sacramento family photographers. Each of them has a unique style and approach to their work, yet they all share the same fierce dedication to capturing the truth. 

1. Kris Holland

Northern California photographer Kris Holland is one of the premier wedding photographers in the area, as well as a prodigiously talented family photographer. He does everything with style and grace, as he’s a profound believer in love and the importance of capturing candid, intimate moments. Kris understands these pictures will have tremendous value for you and your family as the years go on.

2. Amy Schuff

Sacramento family photographer Amy Schuff loves her job, and it shows in the joy, sly humor, and the magic of her photography. Her lifestyle and candid work truly shines, and her fine-art photography, especially her black-and-white work, is gorgeous. As far as sheer skill and talent, there’s no way you’re going to find a better photographer then Amy. Look up her photos and see if they inspire you, and when they do, give her a call. 

3. Kim J Martin

Kim J Martin is a kind, talented photographer, and a big-hearted extrovert who is so amazingly adept at capturing families and couples having a good time. Some photographers shine by “disappearing” and becoming a sort of fly on the wall — capturing moments as if they weren’t there — while other photographers are that missing element. Kim has this skill down pat. The joy, humor, and comfort that Kim brings are important aspects of the work she does. Everyone loves working with her!

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4. Katherine Vess

Katherine Vess is a portrait photographer in Sacramento specializing in maternity and newborn photography. Like a lot of photographers, she’s been fascinated by the art since she was a child, viewing it as having the power to freeze time and trigger memories that might otherwise be forgotten — in the same way that smelling a particular spice might be able to transport you back to your grandmother’s kitchen. She’s long been considered one of the premier Sacramento family photographers and loves to spread joy one photoshoot at a time. 

5. Milou & Olin

The talented editorial family photographers behind Milou and Olin Photography take some of the most evocative, humorous, and precious family photographs around. Though their style is edgy and somewhat experimental, the result — in their family photography at least — is just this tremendous sense of honesty. If you love to laugh and want to work with photographers you can share a fun afternoon with, check out Milou and Olin. They also offer boudoir photography, as well as pet photography.

6. Jill Carmel

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A portrait photographer who takes cinematic, impeccably balanced family portraits, Jill Carmel is one of the most talented Sacramento family photographers we’ve seen. Her photos are extremely organic, with very few tricks of post-production and color manipulation. She allows the uniqueness of the moments that she captures do the emotional work of her photos. She possesses a special skill to put families at ease, allowing everyone to just be themselves. 

7. Lisa Smiley

Detail-oriented, highly disciplined, and with an open and generous heart, Lisa Smiley is a passionate storytelling photographer. She loves that she gets to be included in the lives of families who are marking the most important milestones in their lives, and she takes that responsibility very seriously. With every job, she taps into her countless hours of experience to create some of the most perfectly composed family photos of anyone around.

8. Jessica Giblin

Jessica Giblin is a photographer dedicated to the fundamentals. She still loves composing with light, color, and clear emotions. Best of all, she often still gets the same rush that she got when she first started photographing. Jessica knows that the best photos are often the simplest and purest, as these are the photos that build the most immediate connections. And that’s what she’s after. We’re not saying that she’s not out to make art — because she absolutely is — but her first desire is to capture something that makes you take a sharp intake of breath. 

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9. Shan Cait

Shan Cait is a kind and talented photographer who’s always chasing the moments of tenderness that make family life so important. She has an impeccable reputation in Sacramento as a fine-art portrait artist who takes beautiful and creative portraits that ride the line between fine art and documentary photography. We love her light-filled style, which genuinely captures all that is angelic in your little ones. Give her portfolio a look, and we’re positive you’ll be just as in love with her work as we are.

10. Stephanie Tetreault of Sweet Beginnings by Stephanie Photography

Stephanie Tetreault, owner of Sweet Beginnings by Stephanie Photography, is an educator, mentor, and tremendous Sacramento family photographer. Her style is warm, retro, and yet extremely modern. She loves to capture the moments where your family is interacting naturally. Her photos are filled with laughter, embracing the sweet little dramas that make family life so special. She creates gorgeous pieces of art that people treasure for a lifetime.

11. Jeanie Hanson-Lapenna of Sweet Jean Photography

Jeanie Hanson-Lapenna, owner of Roseville’s Sweet Jean Photography, creates organic, lovely, minimalistic portraits of expectant mothers, newborns, and families. Her portfolio brims with a purity and liveliness that reminds us of the magic of our own childhoods. It calls back to those days when we could rely on our parents to simply kiss away our pain. She is a prodigiously talented photographer, doing some of the most important work in the Sacramento area, and we could not recommend her enough.

Sacramento is a wonderful place to raise a family with its abundant resources, gorgeous surroundings, and lovely people. Commemorate the magic of your children’s youth by hiring one of these 11 amazing Sacramento family photographers. We promise you won’t regret it. 

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