The 12 Best Family Photographers in Vancouver

On the hunt for the most talented Vancouver family photographers to help your family capture amazing memories? At Peerspace, we get it! What better city for a family photo than this diverse city in British Columbia? From Stanley Park to Granville Island, the scenic spots in Vancouver are nearly endless. When you’re looking for one of the most talented Vancouver family photographers to capture milestones, show your connections, and just make pretty pictures with, check out these talents — they’re all amazing! See for yourself with our list below.

1. Anna Alexander Photography

Voted best Vancouver baby photographer for five years in a row (from 2018 to 2022), Anna Alexander charmed us with her portraits. Specializing in maternity and newborns, she works mainly in studio with complete lighting control for the best studio portraits. Working in a studio also ensures that you and your little ones are cozy, no matter the weather. Draped in diffused light, the outlines of little fingers and toes are imprinted in your memory forever and imparts everyone with a beautiful glow. 

Along with experience and talent, Anna is clearly inspired by the love her clients share, too. In her own words: “My passion is capturing the connection, the emotion, and love. My style is soulful, natural, and warm. The dearest thing to me is to walk through the amazing stages of life with my clients: from belly to baby, from maternity photoshoots to newborn ones. Meeting my maternity clients for their newborn photography is almost like meeting old friends.”

2. Erica Matewish of Pure and Sweet Photography

Marking all of your family’s milestones, Erica Matewish has a light style, perfectly suited for newborn and maternity portraits. Her love of her work is evident in each shot — in her creativity, in the emotion she captures, and in the sense of play in her portraits of kids.

She is also the perfect all-around Vancouver family photographer as she showcases the bonds between parents, designs fun sets for milestone sessions, and sweetly styles newborns in all of their ethereal glory. No matter what you envision for your family portraits, Erica is the creative who can make it happen and likely exceed your expectations in the process.

3. Jayme Lang

An acclaimed Vancouver family photographer with over a decade of experience behind the lens, Jayme Lang has a documentary style that is perfect for family portraits. There are layers of authenticity to her photos — no one is perfectly made up yet they are perfect as themselves. In the coming decades, you will look back on your photos captured by Jayme and remember exactly how the moment felt. Her work is ideal for those who want to remember the nuance of family bonds and capture reality, without gloss or artifice. 

We also love how Jayme describes her process: “I don’t tell people how to pose or smile. I create environments where people can simply be themselves and express the way they truly feel.  I document the beauty in the lives people are leading, so they can see it for themselves—and never forget it.”

4. Rebecca Sehn

Rebecca Sehn has a self-proclaimed directed candid approach, which is why her photos all look both perfectly charming and completely natural. Her family portraits are also completely current — bright and fresh — no portraits of a staid family in a line like in days gone by. Her work has an earthy palette of sand, sky, and subtle tans. It lends an airiness to her style, adding an impressionistic pastoral vibe.

Rebecca also travels seasonally for her portrait work across Canada, Europe, and even Hong Kong, which speaks to the timeless and sophisticated nature of her work. If you want your photographs to reflect who you really are, in a gorgeous palette of colors, Rebecca is the one for you. 

5. Kindred Photography by Kelly

Kelly has an intimacy to her work that makes the viewer believe the subjects had no idea there was a camera pointed at them — she was trained as a photojournalist, so that probably explains it! Her family portraits are not about presenting you in a plastic way, as they are shot with the emotion of the moment in mind. Equal parts raw, real, and beautifully edited, Kelly’s photos tell a story — the story of you and your family. She’s the perfect choice if you would like your portraits done in your home to more fully showcase your unique personalities.

Kelly also has tons of glowing reviews from families on her website. Like this one: “Our newborn shoot was such a blessing. As a new Mom of two, it felt hard just to ensure I could make time to get myself ready. Kelly brought so much ease to make our photos feel natural yet stunning. I was worried about the unpredictable nature of my newborn and especially my toddler, Kelly encouraged the authenticity of whatever happened and was prepared to capture it in a way that looked beautiful.”

6. Karen Ley of Sweet Dreams Photo Studio

Warm, glowing, magical — three words to describe the work of Vancouver family photographer Karen Ley. Her style lends itself perfectly to maternity photos, capturing the famous pregnancy glow and adding to it with her golden-hour portraits. Her style is also perfect for portraits of children, with cake smashes and newborn portraits brimming with innocence and whimsy.

But in fact, it was her quirky and cute outdoor sessions with the whole family that really caught our eye. With her lens, she can pinpoint love — there is just so much sweetness in her work, and we can’t recommend her highly enough. 

7. Eve’s Photo Creations

Eve Dubelt has a minimalist style that keeps the focus on what matters — the joy and love you share with your family. It is also ideally suited to newborn and maternity photography, especially emphasizing the shape of an expectant mother and the angelic faces of little ones.

She’s the perfect Vancouver family photographer for yearly holiday cards and for capturing milestones. In fact, her whimsical styling adds something different to the tradition. It’s where classic meets modern, and we can’t get enough!

8. Laura-Lee of My City Photos

Possessing a style completely of her own devising, Laura-Lee creates continuously beautiful photographs. Her work flawlessly captures the fanciful nature of childhood, replete with playful props and silly moments. Laura-Lee also has an eye for all the times her subjects’ personalities truly shine through, adding authenticity to her prolific portfolio. 

We also appreciate that her website’s blog is packed with useful information. For anyone unused to being in front of the camera, it’s a lifesaver. It’s no surprise she’s among our favorite Vancouver family photographers!

9. Perlla Faschoway Photography

Perlla is a Vancouver family photographer who captures the small moments that make up your life and does it in a way you will treasure for years to come. She’s a hardworking lifestyle photographer who covers life’s milestone moments. This includes crucial events, such as births, as well as the tiny, in-between moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.

In addition to her documentary nature, she has a strong artistic streak running through her work. She even sometimes uses color or creative techniques to give your shoot a little something extra. It’s this special touch that makes her work stand out from the pack.

10. Danielle Gwilliam Cinema & Photography

Danielle Gwilliam is a storyteller. Although she has dabbled in other arts, including writing, storytelling with photos is her passion. She became enamored with the few family photos from her own family and wanted to help ensure the families who work wth her have tons of beautiful photos to cherish through the ages. In terms of style, Danielle wowed us with the tiny details — a newborn’s eyelashes, icing-covered fingers during a baking session, tender moments between mama and babe.

We especially love her natural editing style and the fact that she keeps her framing relatively simple. In fact, Danielle keeps just enough background to give a sense of place. In doing so, she keeps the focus on what really matters — the love you and your family share. 

11. Rochelle Elise Photography

Rochelle Pianalto specializes in natural light photographs, both outdoors and in her well-appointed studio. She’s always chasing the golden light that makes family portraits oh-so-magical. Plus, she knows some of Vancouver’s best outdoor shooting locations.

Her studio has a boho vibe to it, with bright white, wood, and lots of textures. In fact, it lends itself perfectly to charming newborn portraits and cake smash sessions. If you want a photographer who will document all of the moments in your family’s life, indoors or out, she’s a great choice.

12. Ghia Marie Photography

If you love emotive black-and-white imagery, Ghia Marie is the photographer for you. Her work is classic and timeless but with a modern documentary style that preserves the most beautiful moments forever.

Flipping through her work is like reading a love poem — it hits you right in the center of your chest. Her work is sweet without being saccharine and real in all of the right ways — she’s a true artist.

Bonus: Mengatto Photography

Cris Mengatto is the much-celebrated photographer and owner of Mengatto Photography. Her studio is one of the most unique on our list, considering all the genres she works in and the distinct styles she embraces. To illustrate what we mean, we’ll take a closer look at her family photography. She creates whimsical newborn portraits in studio, beachside maternity shoots, and families with older children enjoying a Vancouver park.

Clearly, she tailors her shoots to you and your needs. And considering the beautiful results, it’s a style that’s working for her!

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