The 10 Best Family Photoshoot Ideas Near Austin

It’s easy to make great work when you have the right location, and thankfully, Austin is filled with both beautiful public places and private venues that you can rent for a couple of hours. Whether you’re looking for a full photo studio for formal portraits or a chic, modern house for images that stand out, there’s something unique for your needs. We dare you to try out one of these 10 best family photoshoot ideas near Austin and tell us it didn’t go swimmingly.

1. Take modern portraits in a mid-century home

mid-century home austin rental
Source: Peerspace

This mid-century home is a stunning place to have a family photoshoot. Inside, you’ll find modern furniture and decorations, as well as large windows to make the space bright. There’s plenty of natural light in each room, but outside’s a real attention-grabber: a white cone-shaped tent, which would make for an especially fun family image. If naturally lit photography isn’t your style, you’ll want to bring in your own lighting equipment.

2. Pose at the famous “Greetings from Austin” mural

greetings from austin mural
Source: Flickr / Sean O’Neill

It’s “the postcard” and, at this point, it’s pretty much a tradition to get your picture taken here. Sometimes doing the touristy thing with your family is the best way you can possibly spend time together. It’s a touch cheesy, but there’s nothing at all wrong with that, especially if it gets the whole family smiling.

3. Plan portraits in this outdoor sanctuary

beautifully landscaped sanctuary austin rental
Source: Peerspace

This picturesque property overlooks Barton Creek Valley. Immaculate outdoor landscaping throughout offers a variety of nature-themed backgrounds to choose from, and the outdoor water features enhance the scene. From the overlook, you get a beautiful sunset — a great background for evening low-light portraits. For clients wanting their photo session outdoors, this is a great option.

4. Book this downtown loft for urban portraits

downtown loft austin rental
Source: Peerspace

For images with a bit of edge, consider having a photoshoot in this downtown loft. Aged, exposed brick brings a grittier feel to your images, and the large windows let in ample natural light. Using the greenery wall as a backdrop is a smart move. The right furniture and minimalist decor complements the urban ambiance, giving this space a character all its own. No lighting equipment is provided, so bring your own strobes and reflectors if you’ll be needing them.

5. Take classic shots in this Hill Country home

hill country home austin rental
Source: Peerspace

This rustic country home is a great option for families that want a mix of indoor and outdoor-themed photos. Indoors, you’ll find large windows, white walls, and contemporary furniture that’ll look great in images. Other walls throughout the home offer unique backdrop opportunities. Take advantage of the home’s extraordinary view.

6. Plan bright portraits in this stunning modern home

gorgeous light filled house austin rental
Source: Peerspace

A classy, large home makes a great stage for a variety of portraits. Inside you’ll be able to work with tasteful furniture, minimalist decoration, and ample natural light. A large backyard with plenty of seating areas lets you stage excellent outdoor shots as well. The variety makes this venue a good choice for working with families, but you’ll need to bring your own lighting equipment if you need it.

7. Take enchanting portraits in this historic home

historic house with secret gardens austin rental
Source: Peerspace

In a quiet neighborhood, this historic home sits on one acre of land. The house is beautifully decorated and whimsical — perfect for families. Large windows supply plenty of natural light. Outside, you’ll find the house surrounded by gardens, which make for a great outdoor setting. There are iron gates, fountains, and stonework accenting various portions of the garden. This is a fabulous venue if you’re looking for a lot of charm.

8. Enjoy the lovely Lady Bird Lake

lady bird lake austin
Source: Pixabay

Lady Bird Lake is in the city, sure, but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s full of those quiet oasis spots every city-dweller knows and loves. The whole area is devoted to enjoying the outdoors, from trails to bike paths. Getting active recreational shots or ones set in patches of natural beauty should be completely doable here, making it a perfect fit for outdoorsy, active families.

9. Book this modern loft for portraits

chic modern loft austin rental
Source: Peerspace

This is a good space to bring a modern touch to your family photo session. The loft-style house is roomy and open on the interior, as well as decorated eclectically throughout. The combination of colorful and muted furniture makes this space visually very interesting. This venue won’t be the best fit for some customers, but for anyone looking for their images to pop, this is a good option.

10. Take portraits in this sweet, sunny home

modern boho house austin rental
Source: Peerspace

The centerpiece of this lovely home is a beautiful living room with a vintage leather couch and tons of light — it’s a great space for portraits. Minimalist and tasteful decoration will look good in any photograph. Outside, there is a lot of green space and seating, so you’ll be able to stage some of your portraits here as well.

Consider how each of these places could work with your personal style — not to mention family — and choose a venue that will give clients something they’ll love, but that will also stand out from other family photos. Austinites have a reputation for creativity and individuality, so run-of-the-mill, department-store photos aren’t going to cut it for folks here. Talk with the family, get to know them, and see what kind of fantastic ideas come to mind. Family photoshoots should be fun. They’re slices of a particular moment in time, a time that family wants to preserve. So, make sure to pull out all the stops to capture that love when given the opportunity.

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