10 Sweet Family Photoshoot Ideas in Toronto

Toronto consistently ranks as one of the most livable cities in the world, and it’s no wonder why. With tons of entertainment options, rich arts and culture, and elite schools, the city is a well-balanced place to be and a very popular location to raise a family. So, if you and yours need to have a family photo session in the area, we’ve got you covered. Look forward to funky furnishings and fabulous patios all within the city limits among this list of the top family photoshoot ideas in Toronto!

1. Bring your A-game to a vibrant space in the Entertainment District

eclectic venue for film and photo production toronto rental
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We’re kicking off our list of the best family photoshoot ideas in Toronto with a truly one-of-a-kind space. This eclectic venue has unique, bright furnishings and a funky hand-painted pool table. If your family are the artsy types, this is the location for you. Plus, since it’s conveniently located in the Entertainment District downtown, there are tons of family-friendly activities to do after the photoshoot like visiting the aquarium or seeing the spectacular view from the CN Tower.

2. Appreciate the simplicity of a New York City-inspired loft

New York-Style Loft Gallery for Photoshoots toronto rental
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Next up we have a New York-style loft, and it is gorgeous. The space is a functioning art gallery located in the heart of Queen West. With huge French arch windows and exposed beam ceilings, this space is everything a great loft should be.

There’s a generous amount of natural light for daytime shoots, or if you bring your own equipment you can capture the lights of the city just outside. However you choose to arrange your shoot, it’s sure to look great in an environment as picturesque as this.

3. Snap serious pictures at a bright, fully equipped photo studio

Fully Equipped Natural Light Toronto Photo Studio rental
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Let’s say you take family photos very seriously and want professionalism and versatility in your location. If that’s you, we’ve found the perfect space. This huge, open-plan photo studio has multiple patterns and textures for backgrounds as well as seamless paper backdrops available. It also includes posing blocks and stools if you want seated poses.

If you’re going to be bringing in a professional makeup artist to be sure everyone has that airbrushed to perfection look, there’s a 12,000-lumen makeup mirror frame with white balanced light in an area big enough for two people plus the makeup artist and or hairstylist.

4. Soak up the moody vibes of the Sunrise Studio Loft

Sunrise Studio Loft toronto rental
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The Sunrise Studio Loft is a warm and inviting home that is absolutely perfect for bringing to life your family photoshoot ideas in Toronto. The apartment has huge windows with southern/eastern exposures. Rich dark wood furniture is complemented by the exposed timber beams, all lightened by the bright windows. What’s even better is that this beautiful apartment is available at an affordable rate. This cozy space is best for smaller families.

5. Get creative in a very versatile studio

five different sets toronto rental
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Coming in at 1,800 square feet, this photo studio has plenty of room for families of any size. The aesthetic is vintage-eclectic and not surprisingly, it’s just picture-perfect. Our favorite vignette in the studio is one with gold and brass vintage picture frames hanging above a velvet tufted couch. Overall, the space has 13-foot ceilings, textured backgrounds, and five different seating spaces. The hosts invite you to move props as you see fit, so make the space your own and take great family photos.

6. Admire the sunset at a natural light-flushed warehouse

Natural Light Flushed Warehouse - Toronto rental
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You’ve seen lofts with natural light, but you’ve never seen anything quite like this. The studio is a converted warehouse-style space with stunning 72-foot wall-to-wall industrial windows. Pair that with the high ceilings and rustic wood floors, and you’ve got a truly gorgeous photo studio space. There are seating options as well as the open space near those fabulous windows. For that ethereal glowing look, consider booking during golden hour!

7. Flex your imagination at a film production studio

Flexible & Convenient Film Production Studio toronto rental
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Our next pick is a bit more niche. Toronto may be a gorgeous city, but what if your family photoshoot ideas actually call for a different backdrop? Perhaps you want a picture of the kids in Tokyo and the grown-ups in Rome, or maybe a family trip to the moon! You can do it all in this studio. This film and photo studio is fitted with a cyclorama green screen for seamless edges. If you have the editing skills or know someone who does, this could blow any other family photoshoots out of the water.

8. Live it up in a charming daylight loft studio

Green and Gold Daylight Loft Studio toronto rental
Source: Peerspace

This is a truly beautiful petite studio. At 650 square feet, this space is perfect for smaller families looking for a cozier shoot. The huge northerly-facing windows let in diffused sunlight throughout the day, illuminating the hand-selected furniture pieces and clean white walls. The stylish and airy design is ideal for calm family photoshoot ideas in Toronto.

9. Make magic happen in a stunning garden studio

Toronto Garden Studio rental
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Located in York University Heights, this studio is like no other in the city. Best for small families, this “hallway-sized garden” is as photogenic as it gets. The little corridor with a cute hanging swing is covered wall-to-wall with artificial ivy and lights. It creates an atmosphere that’s warm and inviting, but also fun and unique. Because of how special this space is it’s definitely one of our favorite family photoshoot ideas in Toronto.

10. Achieve perfect shots indoors and out at a Victorian duplex residence

Victorian Duplex House In Downtown Right On The Park toronto rental
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Our last pick is one of the most beautiful in the city and definitely among the most versatile. This is a Victorian duplex decorated with modern finishes. It has an open-concept lower floor, a contemporary fireplace, and great lighting. If all that wasn’t enough, if you’ll be taking your family photos during the warmer months, this home has a fantastic outdoor space with plentiful seating and beautiful greenery surrounding the area.

Look forward to the beauty of Toronto!

You know you’ve been wanting to do a family photoshoot, but it can be frustrating to know where to start looking for locations. We’ve shown you the best interiors Toronto has to offer, from an indoor faux garden to an industrial converted warehouse. No matter your family’s size or style there’s something in this city for you. We hope you’ve enjoyed our count of these beautiful family photoshoot ideas in Toronto!

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