The 8 Best Fashion Photographers in Orange County

Curious to see who made our list of the top Orange County fashion photographers? At Peerspace, we get it! Nestled right below Los Angeles, Orange County is full of talented artists, as well as an amazing selection of locations for photoshoots. From the beaches of Newport Beach to the historic aesthetic of downtown Santa Ana, there’s no shortage of photogenic destinations in OC. Peerspace can connect you with even more amazing OC photoshoot locations. As the largest online marketplace for hourly venue rentals, our platform features spaces owned and operated by locals who want to share their cool, professional venues with creatives like you.

But for now, let’s get back to our list. Whether you are a model looking to break into the industry, an influencer in the market for branding shots, or a commercial client aiming to hire professional Orange County fashion photographers, this list has you covered. Let’s check out the work of these exceptional shutterbugs!

1. Lauren Scott Studios

Lauren Scott is a multi-talented photographer who collaborates with editorial clients, families, and even brides. She thoughtfully incorporates elements of fashion work into her bridal portraits, possessing an editor’s direction for storytelling.

A large part of her work has a fine art minimalism — just gorgeous humans, chic clothing, and stark landscapes, both natural and urban. She is equally at ease working with models as well as everyday clients, so whatever your project or event, Lauren has you covered.

2. Tony Florez Photography

Tony has worked with celebrities, including George Lopez, Nicolas Cage, and Johnny Carson, among many others. He blends fashion photography and photojournalism to create a truly unique and dynamic body of work. A much sought-after photographer, he has garnered international acclaim for his refreshing signature style.

Whatever and whoever you need to be photographed, you can trust Tony to bring his expertise and creativity to the shoot. And in this way, you can come away with stunning photographs he completely tailors to you. 

3. Kelsey Christine

Kelsey Christine combines a warm, almost vintage vibe into her fashion work, giving it a sun-kissed feel. It tempts you to step into the photo and inhabit the scenery and clothing. She is wildly creative — using props or settings to set off the subject and, of course, their garments in unique ways.

Luckily for anyone who wants a fashion-forward branding shoot or gorgeous portraits of their fashionista selves, she works with all kinds of clients, not just models. Take a look at her portfolio and see if you love her vibe as much as we do.

4. Sid Rane Photography

Sid Rane produces world-class photos both in and out of his Mission Viejo studio, making him one of our favorite Orange Country fashion photographers. He began his photographic journey many years back, being mentored by some of the best commercial fashion photographers in the area. Turns out Sid is a natural talent behind the camera. So much so that he quickly gained expertise and recognition for his work, winning an International Photography Award in 2019.

He places his focus equally on the fashion and the people he photographs. In his words: “The idea is for people to fall in love with these characters being portrayed in the photographs. The images highlight the fashion but also develop a relationship between the viewer and the photo by having a strong character presence in the photographs. My forte is making anything look fashionable, be it portraits of artists or editorials for top fashion magazines”. We couldn’t agree more

5. Jake Choi Photography

Bringing his expertise stateside after spending over a decade in the Seoul fashion industry, Jake continues his notable career in Southern California. His robust experience shows up in the polished professionalism of his work.

Jake’s signature touches include high-definition portraits with his intrinsic understanding of light and shadow prominent throughout. His fashion photography is modern and minimalist throughout — keeping the limelight on the beautiful people he collabs with. 

6. Kara Nixon Photography

Kara Nixon brings a lifestyle vibe to her fashion shots. According to her, “I don’t direct much because I love getting those candid shots and seeing you in your typical day to day element. I just want you to do you”. This belief is perfect for those who want commercial or branding shots with a fashion-forward focus.

Kara is equally at home shooting sun-drenched surfers and edgy NYC dwellers due to her travel schedule, so whichever coast you’re on, check her out.

7. Trynh Photo

Trynh Kraj is an Orange County-based portrait photographer with an artistic, fashion-forward sensibility. In fact, all of her images look perfect enough to grace the cover of Vogue.

Weddings, couples, and family shoots are where Trynh excels, capturing the heartfelt bonds between people while also highlighting what looks like effortlessly cool wardrobe and styling. It’s hard not to look through her portfolio and want to be her subjects! It’s easy to see why she is equally in demand by people and brands for her amazing eye.

8. Michael Easley of Vital Excess

Michael Easley’s portfolio embodies what fashion editorial magazines are made of — beautiful people in interesting settings and enviable clothing. Vital Excess has been in business for more than 30 years, so he has more than enough experience to work with a diverse set of clients.

According to Michael, “At Vital Excess we strive to raise the bar for each of our clients to enable them to achieve their goals, whether it be a new direction in branding or maintaining consistency with their current brand”. With his hybrid fashion and portrait aesthetic, we’d trust him to take chic photos of anyone in front of his camera.

Bonus: Tamara Sanner

Tamara Sanner is one of the standout additions to this list of the top Orange County fashion photographers, thanks to her love of natural light. You won’t find dark, moody, too-cool-for-school images in her portfolio. Instead, she and her models embrace sunlight. Tamara molds the light in a way that allows shadow and light to hide and reveal areas of her subjects and their clothing in a dramatic, provocative style.

We love her refreshing and intriguing style and can bet it will appeal to brands and magazines alike as she continues her journey.

Orange County fashion photographers: conclusion

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Source: Peerspace

There is a lot of talent in Southern California, as evidenced by these Orange County fashion photographers! If you’re looking for a photog who can capture fashion-forward editorials, this list details the cream of the crop.

Contact your favorites and start discussing your project. Then, come back here to Peerspace and book a killer location that brings your fashion shoot to life.

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