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10 Best Fashion Photoshoot Ideas in New York City

NYC fashion photoshoots can feel like a dime a dozen. Whether you’re adding to your lookbook or upping your Instagram game — finding unique locations and perspectives can be a challenge. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that this city always has something up its sleeve. So, we’ve scoured the Big Apple and found some killer fashion photoshoot ideas in New York City to help you get those creative juices flowing. Read on to learn more!

1. Climb through the looking glass in this little Brooklyn palace

little palace brooklyn peerspace
Source: Peerspace

Add a spark of madness to your photo session in this opulent Brooklyn loft, available to rent on Peerspace. Art deco and Victorian styles combine to create a whimsical backdrop that is perfect for lounging in your most extravagant Saturday morning garb — as one does. Ample seating gives you plenty of opportunities for multiple subjects to cuddle, have tea, or simply stare each other down with an intense, editorial flair in a space that is nothing short of marvelous.

2. Drape yourself in dramatic lighting at RE:GEN:CY

re:gen:cy peerspace
Source: Peerspace

RE:GEN:CY’s large skylights transform daytime photoshoots into striking, editorial-worthy shots. Sprawl out over these lavish, tufted black leather sofas for exotic, moody portraits. Or opt to move the sofas altogether and simply bask your subject in their own natural spotlight. Vibrant accent lighting gives the dark brick walls a metropolitan flare — perfect for balancing out traditional attire or accentuating your most avant-garde looks. Oh, and there’s a fog machine. Need we say more?

3. Get physical in this sunny loft gym in Chelsea

chelsea gym photo shoot peerspace
Source: Peerspace

That high-cut leotard might be too racy for your neighborhood gym, but in this gym, available to rent on Peerspace, we stunt. Hard. So pop on something scandalous and show the world what you’ve been working on in this delightfully quirky workout room. Complete with colorful wall art and astroturf, this 2,000-square-foot loft-turned-gym is somehow modern and retro at the same time. You can break a sweat, pose on machinery, or even capture a fun jumping shot thanks to these generous 15-foot-high ceilings. Make use of the ample natural window light, or change the LED lighting system to any color that inspires you.

4. Embody resilience at Oculus station house

Oculus Station House new york city
Source: Pixabay

Indulge your “Westworld” fantasies with a photoshoot at the Oculus transportation hub at the World Trade Center complex. Built as an ode to American resilience, the Oculus’ exterior features sharp angles and rib-like beams that compliment dramatic, futuristic compositions and fashions. Meanwhile the all-white interior resembles something straight out of “Star Wars.” Although you won’t find much privacy here, the hustle and bustle of the crowd allows small productions to take place in relative anonymity.

5. Play with shadows in a modern luxury loft

modern luxury loft williamsburg peerspace
Source: Peerspace

What do you get when you turn an old textile factory into a private sanctuary? Oh, just one of the most stylish, light-filled lofts in New York City. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this luxury space features exposed wooden beams and whitewashed brick along with sumptuous fabrics and metallic details. Use the oversized windows to capture beautiful silhouettes, or let the natural light sweep across your subject on a jewel-toned sofa. Feeling domestic? Prop yourself behind (or on top of) the counter in the full-sized kitchen. The lighting is fantastic in there as well.

6. Side saddle on the Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge fashion photoshoot
Source: Pixabay

The Brooklyn Bridge is a New York City staple that should never be overlooked, even in the pursuit of originality. It’s all in how you approach it. Find your own take on this classic location by playing around with extravagant wardrobe options and themes. We’re thinking Disney-esque tentacles and gowns. A storybook romance. A tragic existence. A day in the life of someone absolutely interesting. What does the Brooklyn Bridge mean in the life of your subject?

7. Have a dainty date in this rooftop garden with an Empire view

rooftop garden new york city
Source: Peerspace

While nothing can ever replace a sunny day in Central Park, this rooftop garden, available to rent on Peerspace, provides a lush and tranquil alternative to typical outdoor photoshoots in New York City. It is typically used for small dinners and events but can easily be transformed into a fashion-forward, flowery oasis by rearranging or removing the furniture. Shoot your subject against a private view of the Empire skyline, or in tucked away corners. The different eye-levels of greenery allow for plenty of peek-a-boo framing opportunities.

8. Take New York by storm on a private city rooftop

rooftop new york city rental
Source: Peerspace

Sure, you can snap a selfie on top of the Empire State Building and be done with it. But if you really want to wow your followers, rent your very own city rooftop from this Peerspace Power Host. The sense of privacy will help you feel more at ease — allowing your most confident and experimental self to shine through. And the 360-degree views provide a never-ending wealth of angles to choose from. Try including some of the foreground for an edgy, urban feel. Or point your lens upward for that powerhouse, king-of-the-world effect.

9. Play with props in a set design studio in SoHo

soho design studio rental
Source: Peerspace

This 1,200-square-foot studio will give you what your high school drama department never could — free time with tons of vintage props (and wine). Use the large empty white space for classic portraits, or switch to colored paper backdrops for something more striking. Add in any of the props to create a set that speaks to you. From antique furniture to buck heads to mannequins, this Soho studio is the perfect place to experiment with your own unique fashion photoshoot ideas in New York City.

10. Get back to basics in Brooklyn

dumbo brooklyn photoshoot
Source: Pixabay

Views of the Manhattan Bridge as seen from Brooklyn are perfect for playing with symmetry. Place your subject square beneath the arches of the bridge to highlight their confidence within the world around them. Or, mix it up and place your model as an observer in one of the frame’s side corners for an introspective look at society. Either way, this is a free and striking location that screams NYC. The only thing that’s missing is you and your subject. And a fog machine — obviously.

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